Borrowell [Credit Report Made Easy]


One of Canada’s largest providers of financial technology, Borrowell serves more than a million customers. The business has been in operation since 2014, and Toronto serves as the location of its headquarters. With the help of a collaboration with Equifax, it now provides credit score coaching and monitoring services. One of Borrowell’s innovations was the first-ever free credit rating service for Canadians. It also debuted Molly, the first Credit Coach powered by AI, who offered guidance to customers. By implementing these recommendations, they can improve their credit. The way Borrowell manages borrowing money is governed by the following idea. Equifax offers a free credit score as one of the extra perks when you sign up with Borrowell. Additionally, it helps you decide whether you want a credit card or a mortgage when borrowing money. Borrowell, which was founded in 2014, came to Canada to foster wise financial management. The goal of this Toronto-based business, created by Andrew Graham and Eva Wong, is success for everyone. To that end, money management has been broken down into digestible portions. Because it was acknowledged that finances are one of life’s more perplexing parts, Borrowell was established to inform the public on how to manage money, credit, and loans. By employing digital tools to personalize the process, this company focuses on comparing and matching possibilities to guide the consumer through each choice and assist them in understanding why some solutions are preferable to others. By providing all users with a free credit score and monitoring, Borrowell takes advantage of its partnerships across the country. Because of his expertise working with Equifax on the score and numerous banks and brokers on cards and loans, Borrowell is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each business partner and knows how to use them to the benefit of the customer.


Before Borrowell, getting your credit score in Canada involved paying around $20 for each credit check. However, Canadian consumers now have access to free credit reports because of the expansion of this fintech startup and its partnership with Equifax. The company now provides access to a variety of financial products, banking services, and credit-building tools as a result of the success of its credit score project. In conclusion, Borrowell is a fantastic fintech platform for residents of Canada and the northern United States. This page contains all the information you need about Borrowell, plus more! As of 2021, Borrowell, one of the largest Canadian fintech businesses, had two million customers and was expanding. They share the stage with companies like Nesto, Bitbuy, and KOHO Financial that don’t compete. However, because they offer a greater selection of financial services and products, Borrowell stands out for this. They partnered with Equifax Canada in 2016 to provide Canadians with the first opportunity to receive a free credit report without it affecting their score. They offer a wide range of other financial services, including credit building and monitoring, despite the fact that that is their main business. Based on your credit information, the site may also help you identify the best mortgage, personal loan, credit card, banking, and insurance alternatives. The company’s major goal, according to its website, is “to empower everyone to enjoy financial prosperity. In addition to the free credit report, they also provide Molly, an AI-powered Credit Coach. Customers can get help from the bot to better understand and manage their credit ratings. At the top of their game, Borrowell is run by an elite team of finance professionals with years of experience. The company is also supported by significant financial organizations such as Capital One, American Express, BMO, Scotiabank, EQ Bank, National Bank, and since. The company acquired Refresh Financial in 2021 to give underserved Canadians access to secured credit cards and credit-building loans.

How to Register with Borrowell?

  • All you need to create a Borrowell account is an email address and a password of your choosing. You are presumed to have agreed to their terms of service and privacy statement by doing so (both of which can be viewed before signing up if you wish). However, a basic user account will only provide you access to services that may have been used by visitors. Even if you use their free credit score monitoring service, you must provide more personal information.
  • If you wish to apply for any of the other financial products that are offered on their website, you must give the required degree of information. The relevant records are also included in this. 
  • You’ll need to present proof of your legal income if you’re applying for a personal loan, for instance. The standard legal paperwork for mortgages is required. But there are several advantages to using Borrowell to manage your finances.
  • First of all, you won’t have to continually enter necessary data (such as your name and address) every time you apply for a financial product. Second, because it is cognizant of your credit rating, it will never provide recommendations until you have a strong chance of being accepted.

What is the Borrowell Process?

  • The major service provided by Borrowell is a free Equifax Canada credit report, which is the first thing any user of the platform receives. You must register for your credit report to use the platform and its AI financial tool Molly.
  • After that, the Borrowell platform will direct you in the right direction so that you may either improve or keep your credit score. Users can choose from a variety of financial solutions based on their needs (see the following section).
  • Users can frequently check the website to view their credit ratings and get new credit-building tips. Borrowell also offers comparison tools for banking, personal loans, and insurance to assist you in locating the cheapest rates and conditions. However, using these products is not necessary to benefit from their tools and services for credit building.
  • To help underserved clients improve their credit, the platform’s developers created each of the tools, services, and products available there.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan Using Borrowell?

Step 1:

Go to, scroll down to the “Loans” area, and click the “Get a Loan Now” option in the yellow box. You must enter your email address and password throughout the website registration process.

Step 2:

Create a user profile with your name, last name, home or work address, phone number, annual income, and financial objectives as the second step.

Step 3: 

Once your credit score has been determined to be appropriate, decide whether you wish to apply for loans, credit cards, or mortgages. Fill out the required fields after that, then submit your application.

Features of Borrowell

  • Regardless of your financial needs, Borrowell always starts with a free credit score 
  • This free service is the organization’s unique offering. You can register to get your free report even if you never visit the website.

New credit card finder

When you sign up and receive your free credit score, the Credit Cards section of Borrowell can assist you in finding a credit card that suits your needs. To match you with the best card and provide you access to the benefits that are most important to you, such as low-interest rates, cash back, incentives, and travel perks, the program uses your credit information.

Mortgage location point

Once more, if your credit score is saved in their system, you can compare mortgage rates for several financial products, including refinance, reduction, and new mortgages. The portal allows you to calculate your likelihood of approval and provides you with access to calculators and a wealth of information to help you better understand several mortgage-related topics.

Personal Loan Finder

Similar to their credit card tool, the Borrowell personal loans function allows you to compare loan rates and terms from more than 75 financial partners on the platform. It also tells you your chances of getting approved.

Enhance Your Financial Future

Your financial future can be improved by the platform in areas other than your credit score. As was already said, their solutions are primarily targeted toward underdeveloped areas of the Canadian banking sector. They offer credit monitoring and credit-building services through credit cards and even your rent.

User Experience

Molly, their AI Credit Coach, complements the credit monitoring and building features and assists in teaching people who lack financial literacy without passing judgment or making pretenses. The user interface is sleek, organized, and simple to use both online and on mobile devices. Anyone with any level of technical expertise can utilize their whole array of goods since there is no learning curve. There is also access to a comprehensive help and support center and the Credit Coach. In addition to offering credit services, Borrowell also offers a wide range of financial products, which are discussed in more detail in the sections below.

Banking Activity

To establish credit, a bank account must be opened. With the help of your financial profile, you can find and compare the best checking and savings accounts on Borrowell for your needs. Large Canadian banking institutions commonly offer transient discounts.

Insurance Finder

Think of their insurance finder as a banking service that only works with the top Canadian insurance providers. Rent payments can be used with this tool for $5 per month to help build credit. You only need to connect your bank account and make your payments; Borrowell will take care of everything else. Additionally, establishing credit does not require a hard inquiry.

Which age group can use BORROWELL?

The objective of the company is to “make financial prosperity accessible for everyone,” according to the “About Borrowell” page. The company Borrowell is based in Canada. Borrowell should be used by anyone who wants to effectively monitor and improve their credit score. However, certain financial profiles benefit the most from the organization’s platform and services. I’ll be honest; not everyone finds overseeing and arranging finances to be pleasant. The confusion of numbers, services, and other aspects can easily overwhelm people who are new to the world of banking. 

  • I understand not everyone will find this appealing. But I think Borrowell is a dream for anyone wanting to understand, manage, or learn about their finances. In addition to offering free credit ratings and tracking, this brand’s matching programs are what make it appealing.
  • The complexity of the financial world is reduced and made easier to understand by finding mortgages, loans, banks, credit cards, and other financial products that match spending and saving habits. These people can use Borrowell: 

Younger people

People in their late teens and early twenties should start working as soon as they can in the modern world to create and build credit. This group will benefit from Borrowell’s resources and services in getting off to a strong start and staying on top of things.


Moving to a foreign country may be difficult. However, creating a bank account and establishing credit are two factors that can facilitate the transfer. No matter what your credit history is, you can use Borrowell.

Those having a poor credit history

We don’t always make the best decisions when we’re young, and luck isn’t always on our side either. But the world does not come to an end! Borrowell is a great choice for those of us with bad credit. Their main service, which can help you recover, is credit development and monitoring.

Small businesses

One of the most challenging stages of building a new firm is developing a good line of credit. SMBs can use Borrowell to establish and maintain their credit, as well as to compare loan rates until they are ready to advance to the next phase.


  • Borrowell offers both online and mobile solutions to help consumers develop and manage their credit. No matter your degree of technological proficiency, both systems are easy to use, and don’t require any kind of training.
  • You’re not obligated to take their word for it. There are thousands of web evaluations that numerous back their exams. Your credit score can be obtained in three minutes.
  • The software then uses data from your profile to compare rates for the financial product you choose.
  • They also have a quick and easy mechanism for comparing pricing. You can specify the features you want when applying for credit cards, and the AI will take over and match you with the best options based on your profile and preferences. Financial product analyses in this vein are successful.
  • They also offer a weekly credit notification service by email so you may stay updated on your credit score and avoid fraud issues. You can set and forget this platform.

What advantages do users of Borrowell have over those of other credit score services?

  • The biggest advantage of Borrowell is without a doubt that it appears to be free. When you sign up for their services, they will ask if you require a credit score instantly.
  •  Although you have the option to reply “no,” most people will select “yes” to get a score right away. They neglect to reveal the fact that you must provide them with your email address and provide your permission to receive marketing emails from them.
  • They won’t be able to email you your score if you don’t do either of these; they’ll have to mail it to you instead.
  • If you need your credit score immediately away, why not just submit your information because this isn’t always a bad thing? But what about people who want to monitor their development over time? Do they have to divulge all of their data to receive recurring updates on the status of their FICO score?
  • It seems at best improbable. In actuality, numerous online reviews stated that Borrowell had been sending clients spam emails after they signed up for the service. 
  • One user said that they were receiving hundreds of spam emails every day ever since signing up with Borrowell.
  • We found no examples of customers obtaining appropriate updates on their credit ratings who had chosen not to receive marketing correspondence from Borrowell.


  • While perusing Borrowell’s website, I found that there isn’t an obvious way to contact a customer service agent. They don’t provide any contact information for their clients, including phone numbers or email addresses.
  • This is a feature that I previously discussed in a review of Borrowell and which is absent at this otherwise excellent company. However, they make up for it by providing appropriate assistance, which offsets the absence of direct client care.
  • Borrowell’s support system is adequate for what it provides. You can browse their platform and financial product portfolio with the help of their in-depth help center, blog, and articles on a range of topics.
  • They request that you fill out a support form if you have a problem with their goods or services, and a representative will get in touch with you within one or two business days. Although it isn’t really essential, Borrowell does not currently provide live phone assistance.
  • The platform only provides rate comparisons; it does not directly provide loans, credit cards, mortgages, bank accounts, or insurance goods. Therefore, you should contact the financial institution that sold you the product and not Borrowell if you need support for any purchases you made through Borrowell.
  • You may find answers to any inquiries you might have concerning your credit score through the help area on their website. Because the information is arranged, you can find anything you’re looking for, from general queries to bill tracking.
  • They also run the blog “The Well.” Along with blogs on credit ratings, you may discover blogs here about budgets and mortgages.
  • Their blog posts are useful if you want to brush up on your financial expertise. You might learn a strategy or procedure to use regularly that will help your complete financial position.
  • Last but not least, you wouldn’t contact Borrowell if you needed to dispute your credit score. Contact Equifax instead. Borrowell provides detailed instructions for doing such in a blog post.

How Reliable and Secure Is Borrowell?

  • Borrowell will have your personal information, thus reliability and security are important considerations. So, in this section of my assessment of Borrowell, I’ll give you a summary of the elements linked to their safety and legitimacy.
  • To assist millions of Canadians in enhancing their credit standing, Borrowell was founded in 2014
  • They are a multi-award-winning company with a team of tech and financial experts. Because of their relationships with some of the top names in a range of industries, from banking to insurance, many of their clients have improved their credit. Borrowell implements security measures that are comparable to those used by Canada’s top institutions to protect your personal information. According to their website, they employ 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Additionally, they never rent, sell, or share your information with third parties unless you permit them to do so. Only the service you have requested will be provided using your information. Borrowell is recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Additionally, after certification, they now have an A+ rating.
  • These rankings are based on certain criteria, including the number of complaints a company receives and how they respond to them. In the next section of this review, I’ll go into more depth on how to get in touch with Borrowell and the quality of the customer service they offer to customers.


Free Credit Score from Borrowell

  • Eliminate the crushing anxiety related to credit with the simple help of the Borrowell Free Credit Score. Everyone is aware of the stress involving credit scores. A ball of mystery is surrounded by a globe of dread after learning that score-checking reduces them. 
  • Since many significant purchases and life decisions are predicated on that number, the popular are left in a precarious position, waiting to hear back on rejection for having a score that is too low. Fortunately, Borrowell clears up the misunderstanding. Together with Equifax, this software provides free, quick credit scores and also allows for continuous monitoring. Customers can choose to get a weekly report on their credit score and how it has evolved. By doing so, they may monitor the range without lowering their overall score and get ready for any sizable upcoming purchases or card upgrades. As the name indicates, this service is free. Exploiting it takes no time at all.

Utilizing Borrowell to Track Free Bills

  • Life’s instability may soon get the better of us. When balancing a job, school, family, friends, and other commitments, it’s easy to forget the necessities. For this reason, the Borrowell Free Bill Tracking was developed. Customers can use this function to track up to 15 to 20 bills on their phones.
  •  By keeping track of businesses, costs, and due dates, this service provides clients with an easy reminder to pay their payments on time. Nothing is past due or turned off owing to poor memory—just a straightforward method of handling your finances. This function leverages past payments to predict future payments and may be connected to any bank app. While predicting upcoming invoices, it highlights upcoming payments for the user and records payment trends.
  • To show customers what will be available to them in the future, this program may estimate bank balance after payments depending on the predicted charges.

Credit Card Borrowell

  • Well, Are you thinking of getting yourself a new credit card? It could be difficult to choose without Borrowell Credit Cards. Let’s face it, there are now a wide variety of credit cards available. 
  • The advantages are now more significant than just the pay. What services does each credit card offer? Borrowell collaborates with them to select the best card and its attributes to give their users the best experience possible. 
  • This company, which collaborates with CapitalOne, BMO, Scotiabank, and other financial institutions, carefully reviews the credit reports of customers to determine their spending and payment habits.
  • Following that, they offer descriptions and advice for more than 60 different credit cards, focusing on those that will enhance consumers’ spending and lifestyles. Before applying for the card that best suits your needs, use the Borrowell profiles to compare the features of each card. Increased income and less stress are both free.

Borrowell’s loans

  • Lives are expensive. It cannot be avoided. We all occasionally need support, which is why we turn to Borrowell Personal Loans to get us off to a good start. To be clear, the loan is not provided by Borrowell. If anything, this business provides a matching service.
  • Through the free credit check offered to all users by Borrowell, consumers may learn about their chances of receiving loans, which will streamline and speed up the procedure.
  • By reducing application and notification delays, this organization can deliver odds in just a few minutes. With access to more than 50 financial partners across the country, Borrowell searches through all potential matches to provide customers with a range of loans that might fit their needs, background, and background. Compare lenders and interest rates, investigate personalized loan options, and browse various loan types to concentrate on the offers. Contrary to popular belief, loans are feasible, especially with the assistance of this free service.

Mortgages Borrowell

  • Sometimes leaving your current residence and moving into a new one is vital to advance in life. Borrowell Mortgages should make it attainable for everyone, even though owning a home may not be for everyone. Dealing with loans and mortgages might be one of the homeownership’s scariest responsibilities. 
  • It is possible to rapidly become overwhelmed by numbers and payments when dealing with high-interest rates and the fear of being denied. Once the credit score is created, this organization can provide more specialized financial assistance, such as mortgage recommendations.
  •  Based on the answers to a few questions, this app builds a unique profile and compares the best deals and outcomes from more than 50 lenders.
  • Work through the app on your own, or schedule some time to speak with a mortgage master from Borrowell about your possibilities. The mortgage master will walk customers through their options and the steps they need to follow to find practical answers. Use this service without paying any additional fees.

Protection from Borrowell

  • One of the last but continuously important financial considerations in our evaluation of Borrowell is insurance. In our life, a lot of things need to be insured in cases the worst happens, such as lives, cars, homes, and other things. To have at least some security, many individuals pay the bare minimum, but how can we be sure that’s the best choice when high ratings may regularly impede the process? Borrowell Insurance works with a range of vendors to find the best fit for each client. 
  • Whether a customer is looking for a home, vehicle, or other insurance, this company evaluates brokers to see which one is the greatest financial fit for them. By keeping a check on their credit scores, people can acquire lower borrowing rates and premiums for better pricing and products. 

How Do the Borrowell dashboard and mobile app Work?

  • I had nothing but positive things to say about their dashboard and mobile app, so I had to include them in my review of Borrowell. The dashboard has simple navigation and is intuitive to use.
  • Its design is practical, clear-cut, easy, and uncomplicated. On the webpage, your credit score is visible. How your score has changed over time is shown in the handy graph that follows.
  • There are no problems or lengthy wait times when switching between tabs. The speed of your device and the internet does, however, affect this. The Borrowell mobile app is easy to use and has an excellent user interface.
  • I used it more than the desktop dashboard because it is so much more useful and reachable. Both your mobile app and dashboard offer sections where you may examine your credit report and browse suggestions.
  • You can also consult Molly, the Borrowell credit adviser, for guidance on how to improve your credit score. I think Borrowell’s credit score tracker is a lot more accurate than those of its closest competitors.
  • They also update your score once every one to two weeks, allowing you to keep track of any unexpected activity. You should be aware that the mobile app contains some advertising. Because there is a decent balance between instructive and promotional content, I didn’t think it to be invasive or unjust.

Borrowell’s Security & Privacy Policy

  • Borrowell is a lender that provides a high level of data security. Without your consent, neither your personal information nor the reports on your credit will be shared with third parties.
  • When you apply for a loan with Borrowell, you must give proof of income, details about a Canadian bank account, the reason for the loan, and information about your employment history, such as your occupation, former and current employers, etc.
  • You’ll also need to provide a transaction history, ensure that the documents you submitted are accurate, and decide whether you qualify for the loan. Before beginning the application process, Borrowell requires that you respond to personal questions as a part of the identity verification process.
  • You may access, update, or correct any inaccurate personal information that is in Borrowell’s possession or under their control. You can do this by emailing Borrowell or by updating the data on their website or application.

How reliable is the credit score from Borrowell?

  • The credit score provided by Borrowell is based on Equifax, the primary credit agency used in Canada. Therefore, it is a 100 percent accurate score. The other credit reporting agency in Canada, TransUnion, may record a different credit score for you than Equifax, so keep that in mind.
  • Three reasons account for this. To begin with, your score is determined by Equifax and TransUnion using slightly different methodologies. Second, they can be making use of different information. Some credit card firms just report to Equifax while others choose to report to both TransUnion and Equifax. The credit bureau uses the information provided to them to calculate your credit score.
  • Not to mention the possibility of different reporting dates. The continual changes to your credit data create frequent adjustments in your score. Small changes in your score or the discrepancy between the ratings issued by the two credit agencies are not causes for concern. The most important thing is to manage your credit responsibly, which means, among other things, keeping your credit utilization low and making on-time payments on your obligations.


You might be interested in learning more about the benefits they provide given their reputation. I’ll go through the advantages of using their services in more detail in this section 

Free Services and Resources

The fact that all of Borrowell’s services are free is its main selling point. They don’t charge you to check your credit score, in contrast to the two major credit bureaus. Additionally, you may do both a credit report check and a credit activity tracker for free. The blog’s financial education resources can also be used to brush up on your financial literacy. You can view these things whether or not you are a customer.

A very extensive network of financial product partners

Compared to other companies in its field, Borrowell has more partners in a variety of industries. More than 50 financial institutions, card issuers, credit reporting companies, and insurance work together. They work along with American Express, Scotiabank, Capital One, Equifax, and others.

Opportunities to Build Credit

The importance of your credit score is emphasized by Borrowell with every good and service they provide. As a result, they advise you on how to improve your credit score and recommend products to help you do so.

Computer Accessibility

You can access their web platform from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Their mobile application, which is accessible to Android and iOS users, allows you to monitor your credit while you’re on the go.

Artificial intelligence

Their Credit Coach, Molly, who is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), offers free, in-the-moment advice to help you improve your credit score. Another AI-powered product that Borrowell makes available to all of its customers without charge is Alex. 

Alex is a mortgage expert that can assist you in finding a home loan that best suits your needs and situation.

Dedicated Service Line to Consumers

To help people find mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans, Borrowell acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. They can help you find a new bank, insurance provider, or other investment opportunities. Furthermore, using any of the aforementioned services won’t cost you anything.

No-Obligation Recommendations

You will be given advice when using their service, but you are not obligated to take them. These recommendations deal with the types of credit cards, personal loans, or mortgages for which you might be qualified. Additionally, this lets you compare products without having to commit.

Higher Standards of Safety

On their website, all personally identifiable data is protected with bank-level security. They also employ 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

  • A simple dashboard with a mobile application
  • They offer a convenient way to check your credit score with a mobile app and an easy-to-use internet portal.
  • Credit report updates Frequently
  • They update your credit report once or twice a week.

This is fantastic, particularly in light of how sophisticated online fraud is becoming. You can assess the fraud indicators in your credit report. Find out whether there are any errors as well.

Borrowell is the focal hub of everything. 

You may learn how to manage your money, get useful financial tools, and buy essentials all from one location. Additionally, it functions equally effectively on a tablet or phone as it does on a desktop.

lessens the need for guesswork

The fact that Borrowell is built around your credit score may make your life much simpler. The amount of guesswork involved in applying for financial items is significantly reduced. The minimum requirements for credit score and credit history will be known to Borrowell. This gives it the ability to keep suggesting products that you might be qualified for.


This approach can assist in protecting your private data while also saving you time and averting any potential frustration. Simply, you endanger your personal information every time you share it even inadvertently with a third party. You can lower this danger by utilizing Borrowell as an intermediary and lowering the number of applications you must submit.


There are many advantages to Borrowell, but there are also some drawbacks to consider. Here in this section of my review of Borrowell, I’ll walk you through them.

Bill-tracking device limitations

Despite being a useful way to help you manage your finances, this tool is not available on your PC.  You will just need an Android or iOS smartphone to use it.

Inadequate client service

Since they don’t publish any contact information on their website, you’re out of luck if you want to speak with them over the phone. Although their blog and support center can be adequate, this provides a less individualized experience.

Excessive product recommendations from other sources

Despite their dedication to finding you the best things for your credit profile, the recommendations on their mobile app can be a little overwhelming.

No confirmation of approval

They offer you a tonne of individualized product recommendations, but acceptance is not guaranteed. Your credit score plays a big role in how they match you with things. Lenders, however, don’t just concentrate on that sum. They will consider your wages and any unpaid debt, among other things.

Possibly differing credit scores

When a lender conducts their credit check, your credit score may be marginally higher or worse. If TransUnion provides your credit score, the same holds. The use of quite diverse scoring algorithms and criteria can be blamed for the differences in credit scores between Equifax and TransUnion. The majority of institutions, including Scotiabank, BMO, and Capital One, use TransUnion’s credit score, thus a variance of 40 points could be problematic. Your Borrowell credit score may be high, but only one individual may think it’s good.

Lending Products from Borrowell

Although personal loans remain their main source of income, Borrowell’s focus has grown in recent years with the addition of their comparison shopping and credit monitoring products. Through Borrowell, unsecured loans up to $35,000 are accessible at rates that typically range from 11 to 12 percent APR (you are not required to furnish collateral).

The following personal loan types are available with three to five-year payback periods:

Consolidating debt

Your interest rates on debts from several credit cards with huge balances will be very high, frequently averaging about 19.99 percent. Consider consolidating your debt into a single, low-interest loan if you’re having difficulties making your interest payments and paying off your debts. Using Borrowell to consolidate your debt will only necessitate one payment per month and result in overall interest savings if the interest rate you receive from Borrowell is lower than the interest rates on your current credit cards.

Home Improvement

Owning a property costs money, and you might need to make repairs and modifications right quickly. You might be able to get the money you need from a home renovation loan to remodel your house right away while still having the option to pay it off over a three- or five-year period.

Car or Auto Loans

For Canadians who would rather not obtain a loan through dealer financing or a conventional bank, Borrowell also offers auto loans. You are not required to use your car as security for the loan since Borrowell’s auto loans fall within the category of personal loans. Most auto loan agreements demand that you use your car as collateral. The possibility of a higher interest rate than what you would receive from a car dealer is a drawback.

Business or Commercial Loans

One of your first needs, if you’re beginning a small business for the first time, will be start-up money. A Borrowell loan is a useful source of funding for anyone wishing to start a new business or grow an existing one. But keep in mind that since these are personal loans, you will still have to pay them back whether or not your business is profitable.


What is Borrowell?

The mission of Toronto-based fintech business Borrowell is to enable financial prosperity for all Canadians. They provide access to innovative credit score tools as well as online instruction and learning about credit scores. They were the first company in Canada to offer the online populace free credit report information and ratings from Equifax. With their Molly credit instructor offering, they also invented the idea of an AI-powered credit report training program. Based on each customer’s unique credit score record elements, Molly provides personalized advice 

Does My Credit Score Affect Whether A Loan Is Approved?

When requesting a typical bank or credit union loan, your credit score is important. Banks usually reject candidates with low credit ratings because of this. Simply put, your credit score demonstrates your ability to manage debt and payback. Alternative lenders, as opposed to traditional lenders, have more flexible requirements and take into account more than simply your credit score. To evaluate your eligibility, they typically look at your income, employment, debt-to-income ratio, and other variables.

What is The BORROWELL Boost Programme?

You can receive a personal loan and insurance coverage at the same time with Borrowell Boost. Each month, it costs $4.99 plus tax. With Borrowell, you can keep tabs on your checking account, plan out your expenses, and get alerts when your money is running low. If necessary, the $75 boost might give you a short-term lift. No matter what your credit history is, you can apply. The growth must be paid back within 15 days and may only be used once per individual. However, you can receive as many boosts as you’d want as long as you’re a program subscriber.

Is Borrowell Trustworthy & Safe?

Security is the most crucial component of online financing in general. According to Borrowell, “ensuring the security of user data is their top priority, and they spend a lot of money on it.” It uses cutting-edge 256-bit data encryption and technology identical to that used by established banks, so there is no dirty business going on here.

Which categories of borrowers does Borrowell accept?

Being a member of Borrowell is simple, but if your financial situation isn’t ideal, you can have trouble getting authorized for the most affordable loans. Your chances of getting approved when applying are increased if you have strong credit, little debt, and a minimum yearly salary of $20,000.


The fact that understanding your credit score can help you avoid getting bad press from lenders may have become clear to you after reading this Borrowell review. If your credit is bad, you might not be able to buy the house of your dreams or buy an automobile that will cut your journey short. By preventing these situations, Borrowell has helped millions of Canadians. Additionally, their free credit monitoring software is a helpful resource. Additionally, one of the numerous things you can do in one place is monitored your credit score. You can compare suggestions for credit cards or insurance. Additionally, you can use Borrowell’s brokerage service to locate a mortgage that satisfies your needs. 

Another advantage of using Borrowell is that only one individual will have access to your confidential information. This somewhat minimizes the risks associated with disclosing your personal information to numerous others. Even if you decide not to subscribe to their service, you should still use their educational resources. You may learn more about managing your finances. As a result, you might be able to make wiser financial decisions. To end my evaluation, I had to give Borrowell my wishes. I suggest using their services and products if you want to take control of your money and save time and effort. Although this is the case, I still suggest that you routinely purchase your credit report from Equifax or TransUnion.To validate your stance, this would be done. Borrowell offers free credit scores, but it’s best to sometimes confirm their accuracy with your credit bureau.