HubSpot (The Leading Platform for Best Free CRM Software for Businesses)


By coordinating the efforts of each member of your team, Hubspot streamlines the process across marketing, sales, and services, making the experience simpler and more enjoyable for both customers and staff. HubSpot takes pride in its capacity to serve companies of various shapes and sizes, from microbusinesses to huge corporations. It’s up to you whether to construct your full business website on HubSpot or start the software on your present website. When it comes to using the platform, HubSpot gives businesses a lot of control. HubSpot’s suitability for your company will, however, rely on your unique requirements and corporate objectives. The amount you wish to spend on your marketing, sales, and service initiatives will also depend on your budget. The HubSpot ecosystem is extremely important because it includes HubSpot CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is an inbound marketing SaaS platform that seeks to assist companies of all kinds in attracting customers, turning those customers into paying clients, generating more leads, and closing more sales. The emphasis is on inbound, which is essential to understanding how and why the business functions. It’s the idea that individuals don’t want to constantly be disturbed and barraged by marketing-related emails and phone calls. They would prefer to be understood and supported. A change is apparent: a change from interfering with customers to assisting them. The Hubspot CRM software excels at bringing the customer back into focus. HubSpot CRM can be a top choice for all of those target groups, as startups, small to midsize businesses, and single entrepreneurs are all keen to improve their business faster, smoother, and more cost-effective.


With the help of HubSpot CRM, you can combine marketing activities with data from sales and other areas of your company, like email. It keeps all the data and sales tools you require in one location, making it easier to manage marketing campaigns. We’ll do away with the boring work so you can concentrate on the human side of your enterprise. HubSpot is an all-inclusive CRM system that has all of the tools you need to construct a potent website, produce high-conversion landing pages, send targeted emails, increase sales, or improve customer support. The opened/unopened mail states, click-through rate, A/B testing, and meeting schedules are just a few of the potent marketing capabilities provided by this CRM package. The main functionality of the CRMS is free, and there is an option to expand the program with a variety of expensive add-ons, making it an appealing and affordable choice for small- to medium-sized organizations. The platform’s robust tools, user-friendliness, and affordable monthly subscriptions appear to be loved by thousands of clients worldwide. Its largest supporters are small- to medium-sized businesses and people who have never used a CRM. HubSpot is a user-friendly option for beginners because of how simple it is to use and find their way around the user interface. The primary navigation buttons, through which you can obtain the most recent information about your leads, are visible and easy to use. Additionally, you may educate yourself on all of the features the platform offers and the best methods to use them thanks to the wealth of online resources. The HubSpot Academy, which provides free online training courses, is one special resource. The CRM might not be suitable for everyone, though. Organizations with extensive sales teams, for instance, can discover that CRM isn’t quite developed enough yet. Small enterprises in specialized industries could also struggle with restricted customization choices.


You can assure recurring business from clients who appreciate your efforts by investing in giving them a fantastic experience. You can accomplish this with HubSpot. HubSpot features everything you need to market, sell, and provide services all in one location, making it well-equipped for business growth. Simply said, HubSpot is a piece of software made up of two distinct platforms: a marketing (CMS) platform and a sales (SMS) platform (CRM). These two platforms make use of inbound marketing strategies to support firms in bringing in customers, nurturing leads, and closing sales. 


This hub offers all the resources you require to increase website traffic and convert it into quality leads. You can make and distribute helpful material, design customized advertising campaigns, and communicate with leads using personalized messages.

The free edition could have features like contact management, traffic and conversion metrics, contact insights & activity, and email marketing. In contrast, premium services include marketing automation, SEO tools, blog and content production tools, analytics dashboards, social media tools, etc.


You have all the features required for your sales staff to market in a more pertinent and customized way with the Sales Hub. HubSpot can automate the processes you detest because it understands the issues sales professionals frequently face with software (such as filling out the contact information for you). This enables you to spend more time getting in-depth insights into leads and concentrating on closing business rather than doing tedious administrative work.

Features like contact management, traffic and conversion data, contact insights & activity, and email marketing might be available in the free version. Premium services, on the other hand, come with marketing automation, SEO tools, blog and content generation tools, analytics dashboards, social media tools, etc.


A sanctuary for anything customer service-related is The Service Hub. The program offers a wide range of tools to assist your customer care personnel in engaging with consumers, assisting them in finding effective solutions to their problems, and converting them into brand ambassadors through word-of-mouth and customer evaluations. While each of these three centers is great on its own, working together is even more effective. Fortunately, you can use them all right away in HubSpot’s free CRM, and the pricier packages allow for much more optimization. With HubSpot, your growth goes beyond mere size.

The free model includes features like reporting, ticket generation bots, team email, phone, email and chat to tickets, and ticketing. In contrast, the premium model offers features like automated customer assistance, a knowledge base, numerous ticket pipelines, customer feedback forms, customized support form fields, and video production, among others.


The purpose of the content management system, or CMS, is to provide clients with greater flexibility and a more tailored experience. It is truly made to be helpful to everyone, offering scalability to marketers, designability, themes, and a safe and personalized experience to customers. Simply said, the purpose of the CMS Hub is to design and maintain web pages that are specifically personalized for each visitor. HubSpot CMS gives you quick editing capabilities without the need for programming knowledge, which is especially useful if you are a non-techie and have no background in design or coding. Yes, CMS Hub is ready for your business, but at a price.

Its extensive feature set includes content creation in many languages, drag-and-drop editing, adaptive testing (testing up to five variants of a single page), content attribution and reporting, and many more features.

Operations Hub for Hubspot

The Operations Hub, the newest hub in the family, is data-centric and promotes automation. It enables you to link your apps, synchronize client data amongst teams, remove duplicate data, and automate procedures to eliminate “busy labor” from your daily routine. This hub is an excellent method to prevent having a patchwork of partially functional software solutions as your company grows.

What is included in the HubSpot Operations Hub? Avoid duplicate contacts and other problematic data practices using data deduplication. Real-time, two-way data synchronization to prevent team discrepancies. Field mappings—avoid manually entering contact information again on different platforms. Webhooks – exchange data across platforms when your custom events are triggered


  • To begin with, HubSpot genuinely establishes a connection between certain marketers and their prospective clients to not only sell but also develop a trustworthy long-term relationship.
  • Technically speaking, HubSpot leverages its hub’s marketing, sales, and services to draw in prospects, maintain their interest in your brand, qualify those leads, and turn them into promoters. In other words, HubSpot’s goal is to provide marketers with the greatest “inbound marketing” strategy to draw in the right clients and keep them interested with content that is specifically relevant to their needs.
  • Above all, the fact that it is cloud-based enables users to track results in real-time through analytics, customer success & support, feedback, and a variety of other CRM activities that support adhering to users’ requirements exactly as they are.
  • Additionally, its tools and technology portfolio supports businesses in the marketing area by tracking sales data and properly analyzing performance.
  • HubSpot is essentially an all-in-one business management tool that gives enterprises and companies 360-degree solutions to increase their revenue streams while facilitating communication, customer management, and customer base maintenance.


  • Business continuity has also grown to be one of the biggest problems that businesses and organizations are currently facing. The current business to-do list includes items like how to endure in COVID-19 times and how to prepare for life after COVID-19 times.
  • But what will HubSpot be doing in 2020? It genuinely adheres to the “flywheel” model of the consumer that describes the full customer/buyer journey and offers customers 360-degree solutions that are available 24 hours a day.

What is Inbound Marketing?

  • This flywheel operates from the beginning to the very end, when the visitor becomes your promoter. From inbound marketing to sales outreach to customer support, each stage is critical to the success of your customers and the expansion of your company.
  • Before delving further, HubSpot develops “buyer personas” for each of its clients. It is a digital representation of the intended clients. CEOs, marketing directors, sales directors, etc. are a few examples of customers. Additionally, they have diverse business objectives, specifications, and budgets. You may therefore refer to the process of classifying clients following these criteria as creating buyer personas. 
  • Simply conduct a thorough consumer analysis and develop a unique buyer persona.
  • Let’s now delve further to comprehend the buyer’s journey in detail and how HubSpot aids customers in achieving their objectives.

1. Attract

Your targets are the customers but not the ideal customers who are looking for “your type of service.” The inbound marketing methodology initial step is this. It also includes the development of content that should address the problems that customers are facing and the pertinent and appropriate solutions to those problems. After all, everyone is eager to find the answer. The complete content strategy here is designed to produce content in several formats, including blogs, infographics, videos, and audio; and disseminate it through social media channels to broaden its reach and make it accessible to your audience. The content plan is then SEO-optimized to raise your content’s position on the SERP (search engine result page).

2. Engage

The second phase is to establish enduring connections with the clients by maintaining their interest with a tailored encounter. CTAs, forms, and lead flows are introduced as conversion tools to gather prospect information when they come on your website. The gathered data is then used in the CRM application to tailor the user experience on the website by utilizing smart content, as well as the full buyer’s journey using email and workflows. Every stage is carried out to provide a singular experience that fully satisfies the client’s business needs.

3. Delight 

It combines interactions, email, and marketing automation to ensure that the appropriate message is sent to the appropriate buyer persona. Additionally, the sales, service, and marketing teams already have access to the same discussion box, ensuring that every step of the process is coordinated. Therefore, it is now necessary to develop and begin contextual interactions with clients to ultimately make them happy. Choose the material that appeals to your audience, and they’ll promote your brand for you.

Who should use the free CRM from HubSpot?

  • A CRM should be used by any company that wishes to keep up a relationship with its clients. It offers useful details about them, such as who they are, how to contact them, how they use your website, and how to attract new customers.
  • A central database that connects all of your departments is another feature of HubSpot’s CRM. Each member of your team can collaborate to better support your customers if they are aware of each client’s needs and circumstances. 
  • Customers should feel as though they are dealing with one organization, not a variety of individuals and divisions. This problem is addressed by a CRM, which offers a central location to compile all the information about your clients.

If you deal with any of the following problems, you need a CRM:

  • You have a core list of data on leads and customers, but the data is dispersed across numerous locations.
  • Various members of your staff communicate with your consumers.
  • Keeping track of where discussions are left off can be challenging.
  • There is no effective procedure or system in place that your staff can use to track progress and you have no clear way to gauge their productivity.
  • A CRM can boost earnings by encouraging customer loyalty and retention. In addition to managing contact information, it keeps track of all team members’ communications with prospects, including meetings, emails, voicemails, and phone conversations. You can also analyze client lifecycles and note the causes of both successful and unsuccessful sales.

Why use HubSpot?

So now you are aware of what HubSpot is. Why include it in your company tactics, then? Is it effective? Discuss the benefits of using it. 

  • First of all, HubSpot is a comprehensive solution that unifies marketing and sales operations, assisting in the achievement of the intended results.
  • Modern consumers are in tune with the HubSpot strategy in terms of both behavior and psychology.
  • The appropriate talk can be had at the right moment with the right people.
  • It promotes brand awareness and generates quality leads.
  • Inform your leads and prospects at every stage of the buying process.
  • It gives marketers the ability to interact with customers and engage them with your business whenever it suits them and wherever they are.
  • Teaching people or solving their problems in real-time, aids businesses in luring suitable clients.
  • HubSpot focuses on “growth content,” or material that is pertinent to what customers need and is original enough for visitors to find it relatable to their problems or needs.
  • With HubSpot, you can create a website that recognizes your visitors by name rather than by number.
  • Through their goal-oriented techniques, HubSpot assists in driving organic traffic (high-quality engagement) to your website and company.
  • By selecting the best judgment from many viewpoints held by your marketing, sales, and service teams, you can make more intelligent data-driven decisions.
  • HubSpot keeps clients interested after sealing the sale for them to become your brand’s champions.

Hubspot Can Benefit Your Business in 4 Ways

The following four features could help you expand your company.

Keyword analysis

  • Understand the importance of keywords in SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a technique for raising the position of your website in search results. Among the many services offered by this program that assists in enhancing your SEO campaign is keyword research. 
  • You’ll be able to choose the appropriate keywords to use for your campaign by conducting keyword research. Users frequently utilize keywords to build a list of search results that best match their search query while they conduct searches. 
  • To increase the value of your traffic, you must employ the right keywords in each of your campaigns. HubSpot makes it simple to choose the ideal keywords for campaigns. You may choose and manage useful keywords for your campaigns using this tool.
  •  HubSpot will track the performance of the keywords you add to campaigns to see whether they will produce results for your company. HubSpot allows you to compare your rating to that of your competitors when you both appear for the same keywords. 
  • You can use this to compare your performance to that of the opposition. Additionally, HubSpot assists you in modifying your keyword approach to help you rank higher than your rivals. Furthermore, HubSpot provides keyword suggestions tailored to your industry, ensuring that you’re employing more effective terms. 
  • Once more, HubSpot will provide you with useful information about potential on-page SEO adjustments that could improve the performance of your page.


  • This is one of the best strategies for obtaining worthwhile leads. To blog, you must produce informative content for your readers. By giving them material that appeals to them, you’ll do this to draw in leads.
  •  You can create and publish your blog content with HubSpot since it supports blogging. Additionally, it enables you to preview your content beforehand to ensure that it will look good on the page. This tool helps you optimize your content with the proper keywords so that you attract more interested leads and thus more valuable leads.
  • Additionally, HubSpot records data produced by the effectiveness of your blog. This enables you to gauge the impact of your material and determine whether your target audience will find it useful. This provides you with extensive insights into your campaigns and enables you to determine whether your blog content is beneficial to your audience.

Web design

  • Recognize that the foundation of your digital marketing efforts is your website. Therefore, having a well-designed website can greatly contribute to the success of your company. You can create your website design with HubSpot. 
  • Your company website may be created, designed, hosted, and modified using HubSpot’s platform. This means that since HubSpot includes a simple drag-and-drop website builder to help you build your website, you won’t require IT support or a website designer to create your website. 
  • The drag-and-drop functionality of Hubspot makes it easier to create a customized website for your targeted audience. Additionally, it enables you to create websites that draw in visitors. It’s important to note that your website is mobile-friendly as well.
  • This means that regardless of the device they’re using, your audience may always have a positive online experience. HubSpot makes it simple to correct errors on your website. With this tool, you can easily update pages and save them, giving you more control over the look and feel of your business website. 
  • Additionally, HubSpot aids with page optimization for improved performance on search engines. You’ll receive advice on how to make your page better, which will help you draw in more quality leads.

Landing pages

  • These particular sites subtle nudge your visitors to take action. Landing pages concentrate on a single service or good that your business offers. HubSpot enables you to create better landing pages as a result, increasing conversion rates. 
  • Additionally, it aids in choosing the appropriate CTAs (calls to action) for your campaign. You must pick the appropriate CTA because it motivates your visitors to take action. 
  • Your call to action (CTA) should be unambiguous and explain to your viewers what will happen if they click the button. 
  • Additionally, you can customize the landing pages with this tool. This implies that you can change them to make them better suit your audience. Additionally, it enables you to provide your visitors with a better customer experience
  • Using this tool will assist you in conducting A/B testing to determine the optimal landing pages for your campaign. Creating the most effective and engaging landing pages for your audience is ensured in this method. 
  • You can quickly test and modify your landing page thanks to their user-friendly drag-and-drop features. After launching your landing page, you’ll be able to track the traffic and conversions, making it easy to check how well it’s performing and make any necessary modifications. 
  • Since anything can now be measured, HubSpot makes it simple to get the data you require. To share dashboards across your company, you can modify your reports.


Contact management

A room without books is like a body without a soul, so the saying goes. In the absence of a sound contact management strategy, the same is true for a lengthy list of contacts. Your sales efforts will be greatly streamlined by HubSpot’s contact management solutions, which will also provide you with more time and freedom to close deals. The software enables you to construct up to 1,000,000 thorough contact and business records. Using a prospect’s email address, your inbox, or information from form submissions, you may rapidly manually add new contacts. Your contact records are automatically enhanced by the platform with information from over 20 million companies. The contact management function provides you with an overview of all of your interactions with prospects and then offers you the resources you need to create more effective campaigns and complete more sales.

Deal stages and pipelines

Deal pipelines can forecast income and spot obstacles in your selling process, so let’s simplify this for everyone to comprehend. Deal stages are the pipeline processes that show your sales team how a deal is developing and how near it is to closing. With this tool, you may move a deal from one stage of the sales process to the next as your sales increase. By default, the sales pipeline in HubSpot has seven transaction stages, but you can alter them to fit the needs of your particular company.

Sales targets

Managers can define goals for their organizations, teams, and employees using the sales goals function. Users can keep track of their personal goals by using individual sales goals. These kinds of objectives can boost motivation and make the team’s and the company’s goals seem more attainable. Individual sales goals can include things like how many tasks are accomplished, how much money is made, and how quickly tickets are resolved on average. Sales goals for the team aid in visualizing team objectives and tracking successful interactions. The number of deals closed, average ticket response time, and calls made are a few examples of team sales goals. Business sales targets can serve as a guide for group and personal objectives. The team or individual can gain a clearer understanding of the business’s objective and progress. The number of leads generated and the quantity of MQLs and SQLs generated are two instances of company sales objectives.

Task management

An efficient method for handling your daily tasks and ongoing obligations with the least amount of time and effort is task management. HubSpot CRM enables you to manage everything from a single location, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between numerous systems to view and execute your daily duties. Here is how HubSpot handles task management: In the CRM, navigate to a contact, business, or deal. Simply click Create Task to finish. You can set a due date, reminder, task type, task owner, and more after your task is created. You can launch a task queue once you’re prepared to start working. Task queues function similarly to a music playlist for salespeople. Simply establish a work queue depending on territory, priority, time zone, or any other criteria. Put tasks in the queue. Start the video and go through your tasks. I’m done now. Your activities are finished at the speed of light with a loud bang!

Template emails

A prospect deleting emails from their inbox without ever reading the content is every salesperson’s greatest fear. The main factor that causes people to delete their emails is that they don’t seem to be useful or relevant to them. With its selection of free, effective email templates, HubSpot CRM comes to the rescue. Additionally, you can share your team’s best emails with them and save and reuse them to engage with prospective clients more quickly and consistently.

Email Integration

You can link your Gmail or Microsoft Outlook mailbox to HubSpot’s CRM. You’ll be able to set up a shared team email account and send emails from the CRM once you’ve connected your network. Sending emails will automatically save them to the appropriate contact record.

Personalized email sequences 

The Sequences tool in HubSpot’s CRM is widely regarded as the one that may be used to save the most time. Using this tool, you may send email chains without having to schedule each message one by one.

You can send many kinds of sequences to interact with your prospects, such as:

  • Email nurturing series to introduce a potential customer to your business.
  • A series of engagement emails to establish rapport with prospects.
  • email conversion sequence asking a question of your prospect.
  • Following up with a prospect via email after they have finished a series.
  • Using customization tokens, you can go over each email in a sequence when scheduling it and make it more relevant to your prospects. Using personalization tokens, you can customize the emails by adding contact and business information for the CRM. 
  • In other words, you can include specific information about a contact or business to interact with them in a more personal way.

Meeting Scheduling

With its meeting scheduling feature, HubSpot has developed a solution that does away with the need to send those monotonous what time works best for your emails. Installing the meeting scheduling feature into your CRM can help you stop back and forth while scheduling meetings. Meetings integrate with your Google or Office 365 calendar so that potential customers may see your most recent availability and set up a phone conversation.

Live Talk

Having a conversation when you meet someone new is the courteous thing to do. When a new visitor arrives on your website, the same rules apply. Being able to contact customers as soon as they land on your website can make all the difference in whether they decide to remain or leave, especially in this day and age when customers demand quick information. Thanks to HubSpot, you can engage website visitors via live chat to start a conversation and forge stronger bonds. CRM makes it simple to build customized welcome messages for various web pages on your site and to design your chat widget to match your brand. Using Slack, the HubSpot mobile app or the Conversations inbox makes it simple to respond to talks. The free chatbot builder that is completely integrated with HubSpot’s live chat is available to you. Your customer service team’s workload can be reduced with chatbots, which can also help them qualify leads, schedule meetings, respond to inquiries, and more. The best part is that discussions are automatically preserved in your chat’s inbox so that everyone on your team can have a record of each exchange.

Integrations with App Stores

Utilizing a variety of software is necessary for running a modern organization. By enabling you to link your CRM with additional applications you like using, HubSpot unifies your tech stack. Over 200 potent integrations are available in the App Marketplace, and more partners are added monthly. Powerful applications like MailChimp, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Zoho CRM, Wistia, and many others are integrated with the CRM.


You could have hectic days when you’re constantly on the go, but HubSpot has also considered that. With the help of the mobile app, you can access your CRM from any location, whether you’re on the metro, strolling the dog, or eating lunch at your preferred eatery. Update contacts, creating reminders, sending emails, transcribing notes using your microphone, and getting real-time notifications are just a few of the features available. For iOS and Android, the mobile app is accessible.


Teamwide visibility

The CRM for your business is available to your entire staff. There is no restriction. Anyone may log in to see your leads’ specific origins, destinations, and how your efforts are affecting them, even interns and C-suite executives.

Surveys of client satisfaction

Anyone may purchase anything in the modern, digital age. Why would they pick you? mostly because your services are excellent. Ask your customers what they think and how you might improve to make sure you’re providing top-notch service.


HubSpot’s robust reporting tools provide you with complete access to your sales performance. You may access more than 90 crucial reports that can advance your career with the free account, including:

  • Contract Forecast Reporting that displays projected revenue amounts broken down by the deal stage.
  • Funnel Reports that show you how deals are developing and how your contacts are advancing through different phases.
  • Sales activity reports that track the success of sales representatives and the sales team.
  • By purchasing a premium subscription to the HubSpot Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise plans, you may access the power of completely customizable sales reports.

A Better CMS

One of the greatest and best advancements the business has achieved may be the HubSpot CMS. The CMS Hub, a full-service content management system, offers a platform that is risk-free, secure, quick, and incredibly simple to use.


One of the best lead generation techniques is the use of forms. You can quickly develop forms in HubSpot to add to your HubSpot pages or a third-party website. If you’re short on time or have run out of ideas, the CRM allows you to select a blank form or use a prepared design. Different formats, such as standalone, pop-up, embedded, and others, can be made. The HubSpot CRM will automatically add any prospect that fills out your form. After that, you can take further action by giving the new prospects a call, creating a reminder task, or writing them a personalized email.

If you’re not tech savvy, HubSpot CRM is a great option.

Reviews demonstrate that users who are unfamiliar with computer coding or web page maintenance find the HubSpot CRM to be very user-friendly. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of technology to navigate the platform’s features.


Absence of A/B testing capabilities.

You must purchase HubSpot’s Professional package in the Marketing Hub, which costs $800 per month if you want to use the A/B testing feature.

Look in

HubSpot is a tool manager with lock-in. Therefore, if you consider switching to a selling automation platform, you must learn how to migrate all of your contacts and firms, along with all of their pages, including landing, thank-you, analytics, timeline data, events, etc. That takes a lot of effort! Now include a complete website transfer in that list. Once you rely too heavily on one platform, you start to feel very apprehensive. This is among the main causes of everyone’s sparing use of the CMS for websites. Because you repurchase the software and once more become a new client for them, the HubSpot CMS for marketers and developers now costs an absurd amount of money. By hosting off-CMS, you may lessen the likelihood of your landing pages, emails, and workflows being impacted while keeping your primary site available and unaffected. This also reduces the need to switch CMSs.

The system with Limited Plugins & Theme

Be prepared to create your theme from the start if you plan to make a theme using the CMS. Although the industry has some tight happening page templates, it will be difficult to locate any whole site themes that are worthwhile. On the other hand, there are countless numbers of incredibly good WordPress themes available. Even if you need something specifically built, you can generally find a fantastic theme to use as a starting point.

The HubSpot eCMSystem is small compared to the WordPress eCMSystem in terms of plugins, but it is expanding. The CMS is at a disadvantage if additional plug-and-play functionality (membership, forums, checkout, analytics, etc.) is in your plans.

No control to regulate backup and recovery

From the CMS, you can manually export your content, which you can then use to rapidly restore a previous point-in-time version of your website. Although I have been using this for the past three years and have never had a backup or recovery issue if you want total control over your website’s backup and recovery plan and the CMS doesn’t provide you that, you can switch to another platform.


In general, 51% of businesses presently employ marketing automation tools, while 58% of B2B businesses intend to do so, according to EmailMonday. Because of this, the marketing automation technology industry is very cutthroat. Although HubSpot is one of the most popular pieces of software, there are a few other options you can utilize instead.


For B2B sales and marketing organizations, SalesForce’s Pardot marketing automation technology provides email automation, targeted email campaigns, and lead management. While Pardot is a fantastic tool, SalesForce also invested in HubSpot, which suggests that SalesForce is aware of HubSpot’s capabilities that its daughter firm lacks.


For small to medium-sized organizations, ActiveCampaign is a CRM platform that specializes in email marketing, sales automation, and marketing automation. Email marketing is its primary area of expertise, therefore its other functions, including social media and advertising, are somewhat constrained.


In addition to managing customer relations, SharpSpring automates web marketing to generate more leads and turn them into customers. Although the program has many useful capabilities, marketing agencies tend to favor it, which may be limiting if your company doesn’t fit this description.


Free CRM 

Free CRM prospects analysis from Hubspot You may find out who the lead is, where they work, and which pages they viewed when they share your email. Email Visitors to your website receive personalized follow-up emails automatically after actions like seeing offers or looking at your pricing. Analytics Find out what is and isn’t operating well by accessing analytics. Conversion-driving factors include content, traffic sources, offers, and advertisements. You can keep an eye on your sales team’s success and observe which initiatives and distribution methods are increasing engagement through one central portal. Forms Add pop-ups and contact forms without any code complexity. Database of Contacts to view and manage all contact interactions, your team has access to a single database. There are many excellent features available in HubSpot’s free version, but fewer than in the commercial versions. Additionally, as you can see above, some of the available tools are simply more constrained than those in paid accounts. This implies that while it might be sufficient for a small or moderate team that can work well with a straightforward process, a larger company may require more than what the free CRM provides.

HubSpot Starter

Each of the more expensive subscriptions comes with extra features to assist you in managing, contacting, and nurturing your leads. With HubSpot Starter, you can access a dashboard that tracks traffic, leads, and sales for $45 per month. The Starter subscription enables you to use live chat and conversational bots to generate communication with new leads and track their behavior on your website rather than just capturing leads with a free account.

Professional HubSpot

The fact that HubSpot Pro incorporates A/B testing sets it apart from the less-priced options. Using this, you can test your calls-to-action, emails, and landing pages, then refine them based on the feedback from your visitors. Additionally, HubSpot Pro provides automation, allowing you to start email workflows when a site visitor converts to a lead or takes certain actions like downloading offers or opening or not opening emails. 

This plan costs you around $150. Then, without your involvement, a series of emails can be automatically sent, assisting your team in connecting with potential customers and monitoring opportunities. You’ll be able to examine your ROI and determine whether you’d benefit from upgrading using the analytics included at this level. If your business is tiny and you only receive a small number of leads each month from your website, the Professional plan may allow you to nurture each one separately without the added automation that the Enterprise plan contains. Once established, your staff will be able to complete more work without exerting more effort thanks to these automated processes. Your leads will receive the attention they require, freeing up your staff to work on other areas of your company.

Hubspot Enterprise

HubSpot Enterprise is the most expensive and feature-rich subscription available, costing $1200 per month. The reporting and lead scoring features are where this plan and HubSpot Professional diverge most. You can make complex, personalized reports using this tool to monitor and evaluate your marketing efforts. Predictive Lead Scoring assigns leads scores depending on the activities they take, allowing your team to give the most priority to the leads that show the most promise.

HubSpot Enterprise could be the best option for you if you require a significant, potent digital strategy for a sizable or quickly expanding business. The number of contacts a firm can store is another factor that could influence their decision to select the largest package. Each HubSpot plan has a maximum number of contacts (Starter: 1,000, Pro: 1,000, Enterprise: 10,000), with additional costs for every extra 1,000 contacts. The Enterprise package can be the best option if your business has a sizable contact list.


Why does HubSpot cost so much?

Due to the fact that HubSpot takes pride in being the first all-in-one platform, many marketers may be put off by the company’s expensive plans. If you don’t use HubSpot, your marketing, customer support, and sales teams will need to use a variety of platforms. HubSpot enables you to get up and running quickly rather than spending time studying various tools, installing plugins, or custom coding forms to make them work for your organization. Not to mention that without HubSpot, your team(s) will be in charge of operating, overseeing, maintaining, and disclosing the efficiency of the independently operating platforms.

Is HubSpot CRM profitable?

The way that HubSpot generates revenue, like every other company, is through paid add-ons and monthly plans. In addition to its freemium strategy, HubSpot provides several functional add-ons. Additionally, there are three subscription plans: Sales Hub Starter (starting at $45/month and up), Professional (starting at $150/month and up), and Enterprise (starting at $1,200/month and up).

Is HubSpot always free?

Yes! The company does not provide a 14-day free trial. The main CRM platform from HubSpot is completely free to use for as long as you like without incurring any costs. The free plan has no expiration date. Just like that. Additionally, you may experiment with tools like email scheduling, live chat, projects and activities, ad management, and email templates. You can also add up to 1,000,000 contacts and an infinite number of users. However, bear in mind that the usefulness of these free tools is restricted. They might be adequate for managing a small company. However, if your business is bigger and requires more sophisticated tools, you might think about upgrading your plans with more features or getting a paid version.

What is the privacy policy of HubSpot?

HubSpot offers a strong privacy program that is made to fit the data hosting requirements of many different areas. The Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) of the European Commission are incorporated into HubSpot’s Data Processing Agreement as a means of transferring data from the EU to the US.


With the support of its numerous capabilities, HubSpot, a CRM platform, helps businesses succeed by utilizing inbound marketing. For several ompany, they are in a position where they cannot ignore digital marketing, so using HubSpot is the best option. Cloud computing is how HubSpot provides all the services required for a company’s digital marketing. We can assume, in this case, that HubSpot is a customer-centric platform that supports its users anyhow possible by fusing creativity, automation, scalability, and individualized experience. And we all agree that providing clients with personalized information about the things they have been looking for a long time is the best approach to inform, entice, engage, and please them.