Eight Sleep [The Innovative Sleep Fitness Technology]


It is important to get enough sleep, and modern technology has made it easier for people to fall asleep in ideal circumstances. The American company Eight Sleep, which manufactures amazing mattresses and sleep aids, has created a high-tech foam that enhances the quality of sleep. We have created a thorough evaluation of the Eight Sleep Mattress that includes everything you need to know after extensive study and analysis. The internal organs of the human body, which never stop working, as well as the fact that humans rarely stay still and are constantly engaged in some activity, all attest to the fact that the human body is an ever-functioning system from the moment we are born until the day we pass away. In light of this, the body has developed a mechanism of sleep to make sure that we replenish ourselves and that our bodies don’t break out on us from over-exhaustion. This Eight Sleep mattress review will walk you through everything you need to know about the high-quality pod so that you can feel rejuvenated. An innovative company called Eight Sleep produces and distributes technologically advanced mattresses and other sleep-related devices. The business is one of the top mattress manufacturers in America and has produced a variety of mattress types and models. One of their best-selling items is the Eight Sleep Pod mattress.


Eight Sleep takes a restful night’s sleep to a whole new level by fusing amazing technology with thorough study on the best comfort layout. The Eight Sleep mattresses are made with features that will help you get the most out of the time you spend in bed for better overall health, vitality, and productivity. Smart mattresses are made by Eight Sleep. They use cutting-edge technology to create sleep-tracking devices that guarantee customers have the best possible night’s sleep, regardless of their requirements or preferences. These sleep monitoring features provide the sleeper with warmth and cooling while also assisting in increasing the quality of their sleep. American technology business Eight Sleep, based in New York, creates and produces smart mattresses using cutting-edge technology. Eight Sleep creates innovative mattresses that let customers track their sleeping habits, adjust the temperature of their beds, and set built-in alarms. In 2014, Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreassi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini, and Alexandra Zatarain founded Eight Sleep. Through a crowdfunding campaign, the company’s initial initiatives were funded in 2015. The company used more conventional methods to raise money from 2016 to 2021, including a Series B deal in 2018 and a Series C round in 2021. The main goal of Eight Sleep is to offer cutting-edge cooling technology in luxurious pillows and mattresses for your bed. Three foam layers make up these mattresses, which offer the sleeper both excellent comfort and a cooling effect. A company called Eight Sleep makes mattresses online and focuses on developing innovative technology-enhanced sleep aids. This is achieved using a hub that pumps water to heat or cool the bed to a set temperature, a foam blend that conforms to your body, and a cover grid that tracks your heart rate, breathing patterns, and sleep patterns. This is a well-rounded bed company that emphasizes regulating your body temperature while you sleep. Choosing the ideal mattress is never simple due to the various temperature requirements and odd sleeping habits. By adjusting the temperature of the bed and delivering feedback through sleep tracking, Eight Sleep says it can help people sleep better. Given that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, we wanted to make sure the sleep system provided us with the excellent sleep we were hoping for. The purpose of Eight Sleep is to maximize human potential through restful sleep. For this reason, they create incredible, prize-winning solutions that go beyond data to aid in your quest for the ideal slumber, night after night.

Who Should Use Eight Sleep?

  • Approximately 10–40% of people have “hot slumber.” As a result, individuals may experience anything from night sweats to a dislike of sleeping with their covers on.
  • This could happen for a variety of reasons, but it does indicate that a sizable portion of the populace could gain from Eight Sleep’s temperature-controlled mattress and pillow. People who love statistics and want to improve their sleep patterns are the other group of people who can profit from Eight Sleep. You may get a great notion of when you pop out of REM sleep cycles and what might be the issue with the native Eight Sleep application and smart grid.
  • The sleep mattress’ softness and tailored fit can benefit people who flip and turn a lot while they sleep. This mattress is ideal for mixed sleepers who want to turn around during the night.
  • Products from Eight Sleeps might be a fantastic choice for you to think about if you experience back pain.
  • Back sleepers, lastly. Despite having a three-layered mattress, the Eight Sleep is firm enough to provide the pressure relief and support required for deep sleep.

Is Eight Sleep worth it? 

  • To help individuals get the sleep of their dreams, Eight Sleep sells a variety of smart beds, blankets, and sleep accessories. We think the brand is worth a try in light of the many excellent customer reviews, wonderful and distinctive functionalities, and several awards.
  • Some of the company’s features will undoubtedly be of interest to anyone who enjoys data, technology, and biohacking. Investing in a bed can help you unwind, relax, and sleep better if you battle with back or joint discomfort, insomnia, or other sleep disorders. 
  • Sleep is more crucial than most people realize, and chronically poor sleep can have detrimental effects on one’s health. Accordingly, depending on your values and lifestyle, investing in things that have been scientifically proven to improve sleep may be a worthwhile investment.


Motion isolation 

Motion isolation is perfect for pod 3  mattresses While getting on and off the bed causes a modest bounce on the surface, the top polyfoam layer also significantly absorbs movement. Very little surface transfer will be felt by both of you while you sleep. The Pod 3 is completely silent when transporting weight.

The Pod 3 can make you sleep even better than before if you frequently wake up because your co-sleeper moves around in bed. The best motion isolation in mattresses is typically found in the comfort layers made of memory foam. Even though polyfoam mattresses, like the Pod 3, absorb motion to a lesser extent than most latex, hybrid, and innerspring models, they nevertheless significantly lessen motion transmission.

Relieving pain

Many people have pain in many areas, including their hips, lower back, and shoulders. The 12-inch Pod 3’s medium firm texture provides a strong, pressure-relieving blend of body contouring and support. The mattress is suitable for many side and back sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds as a result. Although they’ll notice some body sculpting, they shouldn’t delve too far. This can be as a result of your mattress not providing enough support in some areas, which can affect your spine’s posture and lead to pressure buildup. As a result, the amount of support needed for your body type determines how well or how poorly a mattress relieves pressure.

Temperature Control

As is typical with all-foam products, the top foam layers of the Pod 3 do absorb some heat, but unless you sleep really hot, this shouldn’t effect the personalised temperature settings. Almost everyone should be able to find a comfortable temperature in the Pod because to its wide temperature range. One of the few mattresses on the market right now that offers active heating and cooling is the Pod 3. The tubes installed in the cover are connected to the external Hub. You may customise the mattress’ temperature to be between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit with the Eight Sleep app (12.8 to 43.3 degrees Celsius).

Easy Movement

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is very portable because of its polyfoam composition. When getting in and out of bed, mattresses made entirely of memory foam frequently sink deeply, making you feel as though you are stuck to the surface. The Pod 3 sinks less because of its top polyfoam layer, which is semi-responsive. However, this mattress would probably cause problems for anybody who weigh more over 230 pounds. If your weight falls within this range, you should pick an innerspring or hybrid mattress with a stronger support system.

Edge Support

For an all-foam kind, the Pod 3’s edge support is superior. Eight inches of high-density polyfoam make up the mattress, which has a solid perimeter. You will experience some sinkage if you weigh less than 230 pounds, but not enough to make getting in and out of bed challenging. All-foam mattresses frequently receive complaints concerning edge support. No matter how dense it is, polyfoam cannot withstand compression as well as the coils or latex layers found in other types of mattresses. As a result, getting on and off an all-foam bed will likely cause some sinkage around the edge, and you may find it uncomfortable to lie too close to the edge.

Off gassing

The initial smells from Pod 3 should go in a week or less. Before sleeping on the mattress, place it in a well-ventilated room for at least one day; this will greatly speed up the process. When new, mattresses with foam layers release tiny particles called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Although they have an offensive chemical smell that people associate with plastic, these particles are essentially harmless. Pod 3 is not an exception when it comes to off-gassing smells. You’ll probably detect a distinct odor after unboxing the mattress, which will progressively fade over the next few days.

Pods Biometric 

Through the use of the Pod cover, Eight Sleep combines biometric tracking that can reveal everything from your heart rate variability and breathing rate to the times you sleep the soundest. This helps you determine whether you have particular requirements or difficulties to overcome in order to enhance the quality of your sleep. We are all data nerds at the organization and value a tool that can provide us a lot of information about our sleep. The sensors on the Pod picked up on a lot of behaviors that most people don’t notice since they sleep through them.

POD Alarm

Our favorite feature of the Pod was the alarm setting, which effectively converts the entire device into a vibration setting. The alarm is set via the Pod app, and to wake you up, the entire mattress layer gently vibrates. Always keep in mind that the Pod is only a mattress cover and not a full mattress. That means any other bed that satisfies the requirements is acceptable for use with the Pod.


The most crucial mattress feature is undoubtedly its firmness, as this will most likely decide how comfortable a person will feel while they sleep. The scale of stiffness ranges from 1 to 10. In other words, extra-firm mattresses are those with scores around 10, and extra-plush mattresses are those with ratings between 1 and 3. The Sleep Pod falls into the medium score category, somewhere between medium-plush and medium-firm, with a firmness rating of 5.5. Because the top comfort layer mimics latex in some way, it feels more springy than sinking, thus lighter to medium-weight sleepers might benefit from its firmness.



One benefit of Eight Sleep is cooling. Unsurprisingly, the mattress received a flawless rating for cooling. Eight Sleep is also great for people who like a warmer sleeping environment.


The 2″ layer of polyfoam that conforms to your body while you toss and turn helped the Eight Sleep Pod 3 score an 8 on our responsiveness test.


Without a wearable device, you can assess the quality of your sleep. Your respiratory rate, sleep phases, sleep duration, resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and other data are measured by sensors on the Pod 3. The Pod 3 mattress evaluates your quality of sleep using key inputs and offers a daily Sleep Fitness Score on the Eight Sleep app. You can use this Score to identify patterns in your sleeping health over time. Without having to remember to charge any additional devices, you can quickly record your sleep without having to wear any gadgets to bed. Even better, the application keeps track of two distinct sleep histories, allowing two people to share a bed.

Personalized Tips

You will receive individualized sleep-improvement advice. The Pod 3 mattresses offer special insights on your recovery in addition to measuring your sleep. You will get alerts and recommendations if your HRV falls outside of the normal range or if you sleep less than usual. While learning more about your sleep health, you may use the connected app to find techniques like meditations and wind-down activities to help you fall asleep more quickly and reduce stress.


Sexual preferences differ from pair to couple, although most prefer to have passionate encounters on a supportive mattress. Slow-reacting and deeply sinking beds may give you and your partner the impression that you are struggling against the mattress, which might restrict movement. The Pod 3’s top polyfoam layer is fairly responsive, so most passengers do not sink too deeply. Additionally, the snug layers provide adequate grip. You should have no trouble shifting positions or moving to a different portion of the mattress as needed. You and your lover can stay in one area of the bed and won’t slip over the surface. Additionally, the Pod 3’s superior edge support ensures that you may use the majority of the bed’s surface area.


Unlike any other cooling mattress on the market, the Pod 3 has heating and cooling technologies. Five layers of customizable foam that are CertiPur-certified merge invisibly with the Active Grid technology. As a smart mattress must first be a comfortable bed, this technical layer includes sensors as well as a layer of invisible water-based cooling and heating channels. For everyone who prefers to sleep on their back, this innovative blend of support, technology, and temperature control was created to be the most comfortable bed. Anyone looking for a medium-firm mattress will find this one-of-a-kind blend of support, technology, and temperature control to be the most comfortable bed. Additionally, the Pod 3 has extra bounce and a 10-year warranty thanks to the changeable foams.

Technology and Temperature

The same sleep smart technology found in the Pod cover is also present in the Pod Mattress, along with temperature controls that are linked to a central hub. The main difference is that the cover is included with the mattress rather than being bought separately. The mattress’ tubing and foam are replicated in the Pod active grid cover, which zips over the mattress and provides the same softness and pressure relief.


Mattress heights for innerspring and hybrid models can range from 12 to 14 inches. For foam mattresses, however, any stiffness greater than 6 inches is acceptable. The Sleep Pod review unit, however, has an incredible 11 inches, which is more than enough for someone who is lightweight or average weight. 

The base of this model is 5 inches, while the comfort layers together measure 6 inches, which makes it very unique. Other models typically don’t have that feature, giving those who prefer to sleep on their sides and away from the middle of the bed additional edge support. 

Comfort Layers

The comfort layers are those that contribute to a conforming feeling as you sleep and are primarily made of memory foam. They release the pressure and weight of your body as they conform to the contours of your body. Three comfort layers totaling 2 inches of unique, high-quality foam make up this model. One layer is composed of Luracor foam, a synthetic material intended to resemble latex and used for the first layer. For individuals who want to use the mattress, it is what makes it more responsive and springy. In contrast to all-natural latex, it is less effective in regulating temperature and breathability. Polyfoam and medium-density memory foam are featured in the other two layers. However, they are all mixed together to create a cradling experience that relieves pressure and enables you to fall asleep quickly without experiencing pain or pressure. Due to the medium-density of the memory foam, you won’t completely sink into the mattress but rather achieve a neutral position that is better for your spine and joints.

Support Layers

A 5-inch support layer serves as the bed’s core and is located beneath the comfort layers that make it easy for you to go off to sleep. The majority of mattresses with foam structure use high density foam, which is also used in the 5-inch core. It increases durability while assisting with mattress stability. Given that coils are unable to provide stronger edge support, it also ensures that support. However, the robust edge support on this smart mattress is overstated given that it is also made of polyfoam. Surface Feeling When you sleep on a smart mattress cover, you can’t really feel it, but it does make you feel like you’re floating in a pool. Then again, you might quickly get used to this or even love it, so it’s not a deal-breaker.



Due to the addition of extra features like The Hub and the Eight Sleep app, setup is more difficult than with a typical bed-in-a-box mattress. Eight Sleep also does not offer white glove delivery.


Since the Pod 3 cannot be purchased via independent retailers or internet marketplaces, customers must place their orders directly with Eight Sleep. On the Eight Sleep website, you may buy the mattress. One of the company’s actual venues, like Showfields in New York City or b8ta in San Francisco, also sells the Pod 3.

Weight restriction

Weight restrictions apply to the Eight Sleep mattress. Couples weighing roughly 250 pounds may not be able to use the Pod mattress, which has a weight limit of 500 pounds.

Pets are not permitted.

Since Pod 3 mattresses are said to track your sleep, sleeping with dogs may cause the data to be altered, hence pets are not allowed on the bed. Longer claws could hurt or pierce the water mat and other technological components of the bed.

Options for foundation and size are limited.

Eight Sleep mattresses are only available in full, queen, king, and California king sizes, which also limits base possibilities. You will need to modify your frame if you currently sleep in a twin or twin XL bed. You can use a box spring or a slatted foundation to support your mattress, however the firm does not advise doing so.

There are a few good choices.

Given that the mattresses are medium-firm in stiffness, there aren’t many good options. The Pod 3 mattress has an additional foam layer for added comfort, thus these mattresses might feel a little softer.

It needs to be maintained frequently.

Because the water-powered heating and cooling system in Eight Sleep mattresses need a new tank every few months, regular maintenance is necessary.


Eight Sleep’s full-size Pod models start at $2,295; monthly payments for financing begin at $64. For about $3295 the new Pod 3 mattress provides all-in-one performance.



The mattress is exclusively delivered by Eight Sleep to the 48 states. All orders are shipped for free on the ground. A tracking number will be provided to you when your order has been placed. After placing their order, the majority of customers receive their Pod 3 within one business week. The Pod 3 will be compressed, wrapped in plastic, and vacuum-sealed before being shipped. The cover and the Hub come in different packages. Once they come, carry both boxes to the room where you plan to use the mattress. First, remove the mattress’ plastic wrap and throw it away. The Hub can be opened and covered as the mattress expands.

For more information on how to attach the Hub and cover, go to the boxes. Contact Eight Sleep’s customer care team if you experience any issues. Eight Sleep does not offer old mattress removal, White Glove Delivery, or expedited shipping with any order.


The Pod 3 is being tested by Eight Sleep for 100 nights. You are free to return the Pod 3 at any moment during the 100-night trial period because there is no required break-in period. Eight Sleep will fully refund any returns made throughout the 100-night term. The company will also make arrangements for couriers to pick up the mattress from your home and deliver it to a recycling facility or a charity.


The Pod 3 comes with a 2-year warranty on The Hub and the sleep-tracking cover in addition to a 10-year mattress warranty. There is no extension of this warranty. This means that if a problem occurs, you won’t have to pay to have the mattress mended or replaced; nevertheless, you will be responsible for paying the transportation costs to and from the mattress. This guarantee covers issues including 1-inch or deeper body impressions on the surface, structural flaws in the mattress that cause the materials to age prematurely despite regular use and maintenance, and technology-related issues with the cover assembly. The warranty may not apply to other faults.

Overview of the Pod Series

The  POD 2 Pro cover

The Pod 2 Pro Cover, which is the only technological component of the Pod 2 Pro Mattress, retrofits your current mattress with advanced sleep tracking metrics and dual-zoned heating and cooling. The mattress encasement and the technology bundle (cover and hub) are shipped in separate parcels. 

The Pod 3 Cover

The Pod 3 Cover, which is the only technological component of the Pod 3 Mattress, retrofits your current mattress with advanced sleep tracking metrics and dual-zoned heating and cooling. It comes in two packages: one for the mattress encasement and the other for the technology bundle (cover and hub).


The sole customizable technology component of the Pod 3 Mattress, the Pod 3 Cover With PerfectFit retrofits your current mattress to offer sophisticated sleep tracking metrics and dual-zoned heating and cooling. It is more comfortable and has better sensor tracking than the Pod 2 Pro Cover. It comes in two packages: one for the mattress encasement and the other for the technology bundle (cover and hub).


This four layer smart bed adds Room Climate and Weather Response, a Comfort Blend Integrated Topper, GentleRise Wake Up Technology, Heart Rate Variability tracking, and a Daily Health Check report while maintaining key features of the original and award-winning Pod. It comes in two packages: one for the mattress and the other for the technology package (cover and hub). Premium 11-inch mattress with four layers (including a 1-inch ComfortBlend Topper), 11 inches deep for the best support possible!

THE POD 3: The Pod 3 has all the same capabilities as the Pod 2 Pro, but is more comfortable and has better sensor tracking. It comes in two packages: one for the mattress and the other for the technology package (cover and hub). premium 12-inch mattress with five layers, including a 1-inch ComfortBlend top layer, for the best support possible!

THE POD 3 MAX: The Pod 3 Max has a MaxChillTMfoam mattress layer in addition to everything else included in the Pod 3. To provide optimal heat dissipation and antibacterial properties that further improve the Pod 3’s temperature regulation technology and assist you in maintaining a thermoneutral environment while you sleep, this layer is infused with silver, graphite, and copper. It comes in two packages: one for the mattress and the other for the technology package (cover and hub). Premium 12-inch mattress with five layers, including a 1-inch ComfortBlend top layer, for the best support possible!

What is required for the Pod to function?

1. Smartphone or tablet: In order to download and use the Eight Sleep app, you will need a smartphone or tablet. The iPhone 4s and later, iPad Pro, Air, and Mini, and Android smartphones running version 4.3 Jelly Bean or later are all compatible with our app.

2. Power Outlet: It’s best if there is an outlet in the bedroom or close to the bed. Six feet total length is provided by the Eight Sleep cables. Eight Sleep uses 18V, which converts easily to 110V and 220V standards in the majority of other nations. Depending on where you reside, you might need an adaptor for your native country.

3. Wi-Fi Network: 2.4 Ghz for older versions of the Pod (Pod, Pod Pro, Pod 2 Pro). Both 2.4 GHz and 5G networks are compatible with Pod 

How do the Active Grid and the Hub function?

  • Through an app on your smartphone or tablet and a WiFi connection, you may operate the Pod. As a reminder, older Pod models (Pod, Pod Pro, and Pod 2 Pro) cannot currently use 5G networks and require a 2.4Gz WiFi connection. Both 2.4Gz and 5G networks are compatible with the Pod 3. 
  • They  pump water through tubes in the active grid, in a layer just below the plush surface, using liquid technology.  They place it as close to the user as possible to get the best heating and cooling results. The cord at the head of the bed, which controls the water temperature, connects the water mat to the hub. 
  • They  use a proprietary solid-state heating and cooling system in the hub, which is different from the technology used in window air conditioners. This enables us to have a temperature control system that is significantly quieter and more effective.

What is The Pod made of?

  • A premium 4-Layer 12″ mattress, the Pod 2 Pro (inclusive of 1″ ComfortBlend Topper). A two-piece bundle package with a hub unit that drives the technology section and consists of the three polyfoam layers, one technology layer (made of a polyester and cotton blend), and three layers of polyfoam overall.
  • Premium five-layer 12″ Mattress called “The Pod 3″ (inclusive of 1” ComfortBlend Topper). a two-piece bundle product with a hub unit that powers the technology section and four polyfoam layers, one of which is a technology layer made of a polyester and cotton blend.
  • A six-layer, luxury 13″ mattress, the Pod 3 Max (inclusive of 1″ ComfortBlend Topper). A two-piece bundle product with one technology layer made of a polyester and cotton blend, five polyfoam layers, including the new MaxChillTM layer infused with silver, graphite, and copper for maximum heat dissipation and antibacterial characteristics, and a hub unit that powers the technology section.
  • The soft, specially made, hand-sewn fabric that surrounds the foam layers ensures flexibility and moisture evaporation. Since all of our foams have received CertiPUR-US® approval, they are:
    • Free of ozone-depleting substances
    • Made without TCEP (“Tris”), TDCPP, or PBDEs as a flame retardant
    • Made without harmful metals including lead, mercury, and other
    • Free of formaldehyde
    • Made in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s phthalate-free standards.
    • Reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for improved indoor air quality
  • Their foam layers have successfully undergone the necessary flame tests and regulations, which satisfies all industry standards for your safety without contaminating your mattress with hazardous substances.
  • The CertiPUR-US® programme has granted certification to the foams used in the products, ensuring that they were produced without any potentially dangerous substances, such as PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, or formaldehyde, and with minimal negative effects on indoor air quality. 
  • Since the flame-retardant sock is made up primarily of silica and modacrylic (around 62% and 38%, respectively), they do not use any flame-retardants in our foam. By causing a layer of char to form, the fire sock works to smother and dampen flames by preventing oxygen from fuelling the fire and, as a result, preventing the flames from reaching the foam and spreading. 
  • The technology layer allows you to connect your mattress to other smart home devices in your home and provides dynamic dual-zone heating and cooling. It also remembers your sleep patterns to wake you up at the perfect time every morning. Your smartphone can be used to operate the bed (iOS and Android). The technological layer has obtained the certifications needed to produce consumer electronics.

What is the Pod Series’ trial and warranty policy?


Cover and Accessories: 30 Nights for The Pod 2 Pro Cover and The Pod 3 Cover with PerfectFit, 

Mattress: 100 Nights for the complete Pod 2 Pro, Pod 3, and Pod 3 Max systems 

*The trial period begins on the day of delivery, not the first day of use.


  • The technology package has a two-year warranty, while the foam mattress has a ten-year warranty.
  • Your original order information from Eight Sleep must be provided in order to verify your product’s warranty.

The trial and warranty coverage only applies to the original shipment location; if the product leaves our approved shipping zones (since we do not provide service outside of these areas), the coverage will no longer be valid.

If obtained from a reseller, the sale is not sanctioned by Eight Sleep and is not consequently covered by the conditions of the warranty.

Does The Pod make noise or produce heat?

  • When cooling is employed, some heat is produced by the device. The Pod, on the other hand, uses the same idea as a refrigerator to generate a microclimate in a small area to cool off what matters most you! As the gadget may hardly raise the room’s temperature, it has the ability to lower the temperature of your bed, which is what your body will be resting against while you sleep, by over 10C.
  • The Pod’s noise level is predicted to fall between extremely low white noise and zero. The gadget will go through a process known as priming as part of setup. 
  • During this procedure, pure water is pumped into the Active Grid, pushing any air bubbles out of the system. The unit will be fully filled in a couple of hours and should continue to run at a noise level similar to a fan set to Low.

How do I clean or wash the Pod? What maintenance is required?



The cover section is neither water-resistant nor waterproof. We advise using a waterproof mattress protector as a covering. We advise dabbing with a cloth and soapy water to spot clean any stains since the cover cannot be washed or dry cleaned.

Foam part:

  • Avoid using commercial items that include harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. These substances are not only too abrasive, but they will also damage the fabric and the foam’s inner.
  • A light detergent, like dishwashing liquid soap, combined with water until it forms bubbles is a popular method for cleaning the foam. Then, using a clean sponge, dip it into the bubbles and clean the stain in a circular manner from the outside of it inward. A sponge should not be dipped into the solution; simply use the bubbles to remove the discoloration.
  • You can also use a solution of water and vinegar if you don’t have a mild detergent on hand. Spray the mattress lightly with the liquid after mixing it, then quickly cleanse the soiled area with a clean, absorbent towel. The vinegar will aid in fading the stain and absorb any offensive odor.


  • Water and stain resistance notwithstanding, the encasement is not waterproof. For spot treatments, use a wet towel! Please refrain from attempting to wash the encasement in the washing machine since it cannot be done. 
  • The encasement can dry by being hung. Simply use a blow dryer to finish the drying process if it is still damp. The blow dryer shouldn’t be used on its hottest setting because it could damage something. To ensure that the encasement is totally dry, only use it on the coldest or least warm setting.


Technology part: 

  • The setup instructions for the Eight Sleep app are provided in the onboarding guide. You will be instructed to add roughly 2L of distilled water to the Water Reservoir at this point, filling it to about an inch below the top, and to mix 16 oz of home 34% hydrogen peroxide into the water. The priming procedure will keep The Pod operating properly by pushing any air bubbles out of the water mat and filling it with water.
  • The priming procedure is divided into two stages, the first of which lasts for 10 minutes and the second for 90. The Water Reservoir will be filled once more in the second step, but you won’t need to add any more hydrogen peroxide.
  • To maintain your Pod tidy and functional, we advise using hydrogen peroxide and pure water. Please use both distilled water and hydrogen peroxide on your subsequent refill if you didn’t have either during the initial priming session.
  • You can use the temperature features and sleep on the bed while the priming procedure is going on. Remember that the thermometer won’t work at its best until the priming process is finished.
  • The only approved cleaning agent that can be used in the gadget is hydrogen peroxide. It is not advised to use chlorine or other chemicals because of compatibility difficulties with the materials used in the Pod. Your Pod’s guarantee is invalid if other cleaning products are used. 
  • The Water Reservoir only requires occasional filling with around 2L of distilled water and 16oz of hydrogen peroxide when instructed to do so. This is the only routine maintenance required. Our app will alert you each time this is necessary, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it. This will need to be done every two to three months, depending on how often the heating/cooling system is used.

*Remember that the manual and Eight Sleep app will both provide the safety and maintenance instructions.

How do I install the Pod and set it up?

  • Through the Eight Sleep app on your smartphone or tablet and a WiFi connection, pods can be managed. You will be guided through each stage of the onboarding process via the app. It’s so simple that you won’t want to lose any sleep over it!

Before beginning, please sure to review the following:

Two boxes have been sent to you:

  • One Mattress box and one tech bundle box will be sent with a Pod Mattress order (Cover and Hub) 
  • One Encasement box and one tech bundle box will be shipped with every Pod Cover order (Cover and Hub)

Make sure you have 2L of distilled water and 48 oz of hydrogen peroxide on hand (if possible). Your neighborhood market or convenience store should carry both.

Keep in mind that Pod, Pod Pro, and Pod 2 Pro connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. Both 2.4Ghz and 5G networks are compatible with the Pod 3.

Prepared to set up?

You can use the installation video to assist you get ready for setup. To help you along the road, this video is also included in the Eight Sleep app.

How can I go about canceling, returning, or exchanging something?

Process for canceling:

  • Requests for cancellation must be made within 24 hours of the order. Otherwise, we might not be able to reroute back to the warehouse at this time if the products have already been sent. 
  • Please do not open the parcels if the items arrive so that they may make arrangements to give you pre-paid return labels and arrange for a carrier pickup.


  • To request a return, send us an email at [email protected] no later than the trial period, which begins on the day of delivery. Within seven days of the initial request or by the trial date, the return must be received. Eight Sleep does not re-use or provide refurbished Pods in order to maintain the integrity and sanitary level of our goods.
  • If you were still in the original shipping area at the time of the order, their staff will instead work with you to recycle or discard the item. You can be liable for fees related to the cost of a return if you 
  • used a forwarding agency.
  • Depending on the conditions of the deal, promotional items might need to be returned in order to be fully refunded. Following the completion of returns using the aforementioned processes, refunds are processed, and it normally takes 3–10 business days for the credit to appear on your original form of payment.


  • To request an exchange, send us an email at [email protected] up until the trial deadline, starting from the date of delivery.

*A single exchange is allowed.

What Is Special About the Eight Sleep Pod?

This isn’t just a mattress, either. The integrated technology will change the way you think about sleep. According to their website, the mattress now has the following capabilities:

Dynamic temperature control: The Pod enables you to choose the coolest setting for a deeper, longer, and more restful sleep by letting you change the temperature on each side of the Pod. The temperature controls have a range of 55 to 115 F. This is particularly helpful during the summer when you need to stay cool at night without turning on the air conditioning.

Smart temperature 

The app’s smart temperature mode uses machine learning and biofeedback to automatically alter your bed’s temperature throughout the night to promote restful sleep. Within the app, Eight Sleep members can activate smart temperature mode. These sleep metrics will completely affect the way you stay asleep.

Thermo alarm: 

Use a thermo alarm that gradually cools the bed minutes before the scheduled wake-up time to use temperature to get up more naturally and without waking up a sleeping companion. As part of your Smart Temp profile, you may specify the precise temperature at which you want your thermo alarm to wake you up in order to provide a more seamless temperature transition from night to morning. To ensure consistency for a good morning start, schedule Wake Up temperature sensations to recur on any day of the week. You not only get a restful night’s sleep, but the temperature also aids in a smooth awakening.


If users notice large decreases in this parameter, they can use HRV changes to monitor their health and detect impending illness or weariness. Along with other biometrics like Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time, the Pod now makes it possible to continuously monitor HRV.

Biometric tracking: 

The Pod continuously tracks more than a dozen physiological and environmental variables, including the amount of time spent sleeping, the time it takes to fall asleep, the time it takes to wake up, the temperature of the bed, the temperature of the room, the number of sleep breaks, the depth and quality of sleep, and the REM cycle.

Sleep score: 

Eight Sleep’s AI-engine determines your sleep fitness score, tracks your sleeping habits, suggests Pod adjustments, and lets you compare your results to those of your friends and other users.

Smart Home Integrations: 

The Pod is compatible with any other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as your Wemo coffee maker, Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue lights, etc.


How does the mattress from Eight Sleep Pod function?

In order to automatically adjust its temperature as you sleep, the Eight Sleep Pod mattress incorporates a technology layer that records and transmits biometric data. The heating and cooling system uses cooling fans and a separate water hub to pump water through the mattress to regulate the temperature.

Is it worth to purchase the eightsleep Mattress? 

Customers who want the comfort of memory foam but not the heat can use Eight Sleep’s Pod 3. The additional benefit of biometric tracking might help people with sleeping problems establish healthy sleeping habits, however the water hub that comes with the bed may be uncomfortable if you don’t have much space in your home. If you’re looking for a novel sleep experience and a way to leverage biometric technologies to enhance your sleep, they recommend Eight Sleep. You will have plenty of time to decide if it’s the best fit for you during the 100-night risk-free trial period.


An established American company called Eight Sleep produces a variety of sleep-related products, including smart pods, pillows, and more. A mattress company called Eight Sleep offers products that have cutting-edge technology and sleep coaching. This is done by using a hub that pumps water to heat or cool the bed to a set temperature, a foam blend that conforms to your body, and a cover grid that tracks your heart rate, breathing patterns, and sleep patterns. Delivering cutting-edge cooling technology in stylish mattresses and pillows for your bed is Eight Sleep’s primary objective. Three foam layers in these mattresses provide the best comfort while also keeping the sleeper cool. This is a well-rounded bed company that emphasises maintaining a constant body temperature while you sleep. We wholeheartedly endorse it. We hope you found this article helpful in determining whether or not the Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress meets all of your expectations because it has covered all you need to know about it.