Raymour & Flanigan [A High-end American Furniture Retail Chain]


High-end furniture at reasonable prices is a specialty of the Raymour and Flanigan network of furniture retailers. Stephen and William Raymour, two brothers, launched the business in 1974, and it has since developed into one of the top furniture merchants in the country. Every room in your house can be furnished with a choice of furniture from Raymour and Flanigan, including mattresses, sofas, dining room sets, and bedroom sets. The business streamlines the process of buying the furniture you require by allowing customers to browse in-person or online and by offering financing options. A network of furniture retailers called Raymour and Flanigan is dedicated to providing high-end furniture at affordable costs. After being founded in 1974 by two brothers, Stephen and William Raymour, the company has grown to become one of the leading furniture retailers in the nation. Raymour and Flanigan offer a variety of furnishings, including mattresses, sofas, dining room sets, and bedroom sets, to outfit any room in your home. The company makes it simple to buy the furniture you need by giving clients the option to shop in-person or online and by offering financing options. Among the leading furniture retailers in the US are Raymour and Flanigan. The living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and other spaces of your home can all be furnished with a variety of items. Furniture emporium Raymour & Flanigan provides cozy and fashionable home and business furniture. A wide variety of mattresses are included in the mix, including well-known names like Sealy, Casper, King Koil, and Serta. From soft memory foam mattresses to extremely firm, plush, and pillow tops, Raymour & Flanigan offers mattresses in a range of firmness levels and styles. They received the Great Place to Work designation in 2018. Their success is partly a result of their steadfast commitment to giving customers the greatest shopping and delivery experience. One of the largest and most well-known furniture merchants in the US today, Raymour & Flanigan has more than 150 retail showroom locations. Additionally, they offer discounts to military and first responder families. Check out Raymour and Flanigan for affordable, high-quality furnishings. You won’t be let down!


High-end furniture at reasonable prices is a specialty of the Raymour and Flanigan network of furniture retailers. Stephen and William Raymour, brothers, launched the business in 1974, and it has since expanded to rank among the top furniture retailers in the country. Every room in your house can be furnished with a choice of furniture from Raymour and Flanigan, including mattresses, sofas, dining room sets, and bedroom sets. The company makes it simple for customers to get the furniture they require by allowing them to browse in-person or online and by providing financing alternatives. They started in the center of Syracuse, New York, and have since expanded to over 130 locations around the Northeast, but their main goal has remained the same: to improve the shopping experience for customers. Since 1947, they have improved their customers’ purchasing experiences. They place high importance on maintaining happy consumers. Every employee at Raymour & Flanigan is a member of the business, from shopping to delivery to customer service. To go above and beyond what customers anticipate, the crew works very hard. If you want to know why customers adore Raymour & Flanigan so much, check their reviews rather than just take their word for it. An encouraging network and a culture of cooperation can be found at Raymour & Flanigan. With more than 100 locations scattered over 11 states, Raymour and Flanigan are today one of the biggest furniture dealers in the country. A crucial component of the company’s success is its dedication to customer satisfaction. If you discover a similar product for less money within 120 days of your purchase, Raymour and Flanigan will refund the difference. Their 120-day price protection policy covers this. Additionally, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee, during which time you can replace or return a product for a full refund. Raymour and Flanigan are dedicated to providing for their consumers and supporting the community. The business has given millions of dollars to organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you want a variety of options for your new mattress, Raymour & Flanigan is a fantastic place to start. Raymour & Flanigan offers a wide variety of brands and mattress models to suit every price range, sleeping preference, and level of comfort. Initially, Raymour & Flanigan was only a little furniture store in New York. However, it has subsequently expanded to over 140 locations and has a significant internet presence. The organization bases its operations on three fundamental pillars of excellence: assuring customer pleasure, honoring and valuing employee contributions, and improving the world. To preserve the beauty of this planet, Raymour & Flanigan recycles 99% of the materials used in its packaging and takes part in numerous other eco-friendly projects.

History of Raymour and Flanigan’s past

Arnold and Bernard Goldberg, brothers, founded The Raymour and Flanigan in 1947. A little furniture store in Syracuse, New York, served as the company’s first location. With over 100 stores across 11 states, Raymour and Flanigan are currently among the biggest furniture merchants in the country. The company’s dedication to client satisfaction is a major factor in its success in the world. If you locate an identical product for less money within 120 days of your purchase, Raymour and Flanigan will refund you the difference under their 120-day price protection clause. Additionally, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee that entitles you to an exchange or full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Raymour and Flanigan are dedicated to both serving their clients and giving back to the community. Millions of dollars have been contributed by the corporation to organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Additionally, they provide military families and first responders a discount. Check out Raymour and Flanigan if you’re looking for high-quality furniture at a reasonable price. You won’t be let down!

How To Use Raymour and Flanigan

Raymour and Flanigan are one of the top furniture shops in the US. It offers a variety of furnishings for your home’s living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and other areas. You may buy furniture both offline and online. Visit the store’s website to browse the inventory and see what’s offered there. Price, furniture kind, style, and other factors are additional search parameters. Once you’ve put something in your shopping basket that you like, you can check it out. In-person shopping is a little different. You must speak with a salesperson at one of the neighboring Raymour and Flanigan stores about your requirements.  They could give you a tour of the store and help you choose the best piece of furniture for your home.

How Does It work?

  • Both offline and online furniture shopping is possible. To view the inventory and what is provided, go to the store’s website.
  • Additional search criteria include price, furniture type, style, and various other elements. Once you’ve added something you like to your shopping cart, you can check it out.
  • Shopping in person is a little different. You must discuss your needs with a salesperson at one of the nearby Raymour and Flanigan stores. They can demonstrate this.
  • Raymour & Flanigan is an online store with physical showrooms all across the country. As a result, you can choose to buy your mattress online or in person at a store.
  • If you’re looking for ease, go with the online option. If you must see something in person before buying it, go to a store and try a couple of mattresses on. 
  • The one of the clients’ favorite aspects of Raymour & Flanigan is how simple it is to shop online.
  • The store is carefully organized into clear and straightforward sections. Best sellers, price, and other characteristics are among the other sorting choices for search results. 
  • The best characteristic is that Raymour & Flanigan offers high-quality filters. As a consequence, you can rapidly filter the results to locate the type of mattress you’re looking for.
  • Finally, finding exactly what you’re seeking is quite simple. After you’ve decided on a mattress, you can either pick it up in-store or have it delivered.
  • If your order is $500 or more, you will receive free next-day delivery. Raymour & Flanigan also offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. This suggests that you can return the mattress and obtain a new one if you’re not satisfied with it after 45 days.
  • This warranty is not as comprehensive as those provided by the majority of mattress producers, who typically provide money-back guarantees. But it is something.
  • The Platinum Protection Plan customers are also qualified for a 5-year warranty. The plan’s coverage is fairly comprehensive despite being an add-on. Raymour & Flanigan will take care of all your mattress’s cleaning, preservation, and repair needs.
  • You can also choose a performance protector, a basic protector, a premium protector, or a hypoallergenic protector when you acquire the purchase protection.

Designs for furniture from Raymour and Flanigan

Raymour and Flanigan have benefited greatly throughout the years from their versatility. This company sells excellent furniture at reasonable costs in modern, contemporary, and rustic styles. A wide variety of furniture styles are available from this manufacturer. In general, we can divide them into beds, bedroom furniture, couches and sectionals, and recliners.

Raymour & Flanigan sofas

From Raymour and Flanigan, a variety of sectionals and sofas are offered. According to data, this brand provides more than 3,000 possibilities in this niche. Customers may often discover a stylish selection of over 2750 comfy options in a variety of sizes, from leather to microfiber upholstery. Customers prefer the leather substitutes offered by Raymour & Flanigan even though they are at the higher end of their price range. However, the most well-liked sectionals have microfiber upholstery and are more expensive. Customers appreciate the variety of selections and the helpful store staff, but there are some questions about durability, with some citing a quicker-than-normal decline in comfort. They come in a variety of designs, from pure leather to microfiber cloth. Compared to leather refurbishing alternatives, microfiber refinishing options are less expensive.

Bedroom furniture and beds from Raymour and Flanigan

This brand offers more than a thousand fascinating solutions in this category. Various classic and modern artifacts can be found in this collection. I also enjoy the natural wood furnishings from Raymour and Flanigan. The importance of a strong, well-built bed frame cannot be overstated. With over 1000 varieties, beds and bedroom furniture by Raymour & Flanigan are available in both conventional and contemporary forms. Favorite styles include affordable upholstered ones and rustic wood ones. The majority of customers can discover something to fit their living spaces thanks to the wide range of options, and they show happiness after using their purchases for the first time. However, some consumers have reported dissatisfaction with high-gloss furniture and questions about the materials’ durability.

Raymour and Flanigan sofas

The enormous selection of recliners offered by this manufacturer is often overwhelming. About 400 stain-resistant patterns are offered by Raymour and Flanigan. As a result, ready-made fabric refinishing recliners become more affordable than more expensive recliners with quality soft leather decoration.

Mattresses by Raymour and Flanigan

These mattresses offer unmatched comfort they guarantee it. Additionally, well-known mattress manufacturers like Beautyrest, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic are offered by Raymour and Flanigan. Among the most amazing technological advancements featured in these mattresses are Beautyrest’s BlackICETM 4.0 Technology and Purple Mattress’ patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer gel technology. The latter is currently one of the most cutting-edge cooling systems available for mattresses. In the past five years, the mattress business has undergone a revolution, with lower-priced options dislodging more well-known name brands and internet options growing in popularity. Raymour & Flanigan carries well-known names including Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, and Sealy in addition to well-known internet businesses like Casper and Purple. Despite some wonderful discoveries in its selection, it can be challenging to find the ideal mattress for your unique body type, and several models have been condemned for sagging and short lifespans. Additionally, there may be a case to be made for making a purchase directly from a company as opposed to a merchant, particularly when it comes to sleep trial periods and added benefits.

Recliners by Raymour and Flanigan

The mattress industry has altered over the past five years, with online options becoming more and more popular and less expensive options replacing more well-known name brands. Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, and Sealy are just a few of the well-known brands that Raymour & Flanigan carries in addition to well-known internet startups like Casper and Purple. Despite some fantastic bargains in their collection, it can be difficult to locate the right mattress for your body shape, and several models have received complaints for sagging and poor durability. Additionally, there is a case to be made for working with a company as opposed to a merchant, especially when it comes to free trial offers and other incentives.

Raymour and Flanigan Outlet & Clearance

Regular discounts are offered on Raymour & Flanigan’s clearance items, and they also provide outlet shopping options for overstocked items. These products include some of their best-selling items, such as couches, sectionals, bedroom sets, mattresses, and more. Because the costs are so low, buying on clearance can help you save money if you know exactly what you want. For some of these items, there are some limitations on returns. Although many customers valued the reductions, several voiced concern over the perceived low quality.

How Does the Price Matching Policy at Raymour & Flanigan Operate?

A significant furniture retailer with an online presence is Raymour and Flanigan. It works with all types of furniture.  Customers can use Raymour and Flanigan’s price matching service to identify competitors with lower prices and purchase the desired item at those prices. It is more difficult than it seems for Raymour and Flanigan to match prices. You must compare Raymour and Flanigan prices and browse through many internet retailers for the product you want to purchase.

This process might be time-consuming and demanding. Fortunately, DoNotPay’s Price Match service will look for the lowest price for the items you choose, helping you to pay the same amount at Raymour and Flanigan.

Paying Your Bills Online at Raymour and Flanigan

  • A house with fresh furniture is cozy and gives you the tranquil environment you deserve.
  • Unfortunately, tension can soon rise if you don’t correctly handle your Raymour and Flanigan debts. It might be challenging to keep track of regular bills. Every business has its payment policies, due dates, and conditions.
  • You can make all of your payments online with DoNotPay’s automatic service. For rent, utility payments, insurance, subscription services, retail sales, and many other things, they can accept one-time and recurring payments. You can set up an unlimited number of payments, and the procedure is easy and quick.
  • As you sit back and unwind in your favorite new chair, let us demonstrate how easy it is to let DoNotPay handle your Raymour and Flanigan charge. Knowing you won’t miss another payment will make you feel better.

How Do I Use the Bill Payment Service at Raymour and Flanigan?

  • Once the mattress or furniture has been delivered to your home, you should anticipate receiving your first bill. To be very honest, the Raymour and Flanigan payment process is confusing and difficult. For furniture that has not yet been delivered, Raymour and Flanigan accept full or partial payment. 
  • The payment is processed over a secure payment channel after creating an account. You can finance furniture using the Internet, phones, and email.

What is Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card

  • The management and distribution of Raymour and Flanigan credit cards is the responsibility of TD Bank.
  • There are no yearly costs.
  • You may pay for everything you purchase from Raymour and Flanigan with a 0% APR over time.
  • It is excellent that there is no minimum purchase requirement if you make a transaction for less than $500. The Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card may allow you to buy the furniture of your dreams because there is no minimum purchase amount, no needed down payment, and more than two years to pay off your purchase.
  • Using a variety of financing options, you can modify your payments to meet your financial situation.

How can I apply for a credit card from Raymour and Flanigan? 

  • Visit the page where you may apply for a Raymour and Flanigan credit card. Select “Apply Now” on the newly created website by clicking the link to the right. To demonstrate that you have read and accepted the Card Member Agreement, check the relevant box.
  • Put the following information in the “personal information” field: birthdate, last name, middle initial, and first name The list is completed with the home phone number and driver’s license number. The list is completed with the license’s state, Social Security number, email address, and email address confirmation.
  • The Address & Housing Details section must contain the following details: the city, state, zip code, street location, housing status, and the monthly mortgage or rent payment
  • Your employment status, place of employment, position, and work phone number should be listed in the following section. The start date of employment and gross yearly income are further considerations.
  • Choose the store you want to list from the drop-down menu in the Showroom details section after choosing the location where you want to shop. Click “Yes” if you want to add a co-applicant; otherwise, select “No” below.
  • Fill in the blanks with your first and last names exactly as they appear above after reading the financing terms. Then select the option to have your digital signature recognized using that data in the box to the right.
  • Within 7 to 10 days of pressing the “Submit” button, your credit card will be delivered.

Raymour and Flanigan benefits

  • There are benefits to using Raymour and Flanigan. In the US, Raymour and Flanigan is a well-known furniture retailer. For each space in your house, the company offers a broad selection of furnishings. Everybody may find something at Raymour and Flanigan, from sofas to bedroom furniture. The selection at Raymour and Flanigan is extensive, and they also provide affordable prices and financing alternatives.

Some advantages of shopping at Raymour and Flanigan include the following:

1.  A large assortment of furniture

Every room in your house can be furnished with Raymour and Flanigan furniture. Raymour and Flanigan have everything you need, whether you’re looking for a new sofa or a bedroom set. The business also offers outdoor furnishings for sale.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Raymour and Flanigan’s furniture is both diversified and reasonably priced. Raymour and Flanigan have everything you need, whether you’re on a tight budget or prepared to pay full price.

3. Financing Alternatives

If you can’t afford to pay for your furniture in full right away, don’t worry; Raymour and Flanigan offer financing to make your purchase more affordable. You can obtain the furniture you desire right now if you use financing and stretch your payments out over time.

4. Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service is one of the best aspects of buying at Raymour and Flanigan. Finding the ideal piece of furniture or creating a payment plan that works for you are just two of the numerous possibilities available from expert salesmen.

5. Shipping 

Raymour & Flanigan provides service using white gloves. If you live in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania, your mattress will be delivered three days after you place your order. In other states, depending on where you live, it can take anywhere from two to five weeks. The good news is that you may get free next-day shipping if you spend $500 or more on a mattress. What a huge benefit! The delivery team will carefully unpack and set up your mattress when it arrives. In addition, they will evaluate the merchandise and remove the wrapping. As a result, delivery is complete. That’s something we like. Another benefit that Raymour & Flanigan provides is free mattress removal.

6. High-quality

The following is the solution to the furniture dilemma. Choosing well-known, high-end brands will set you back a lot of money. Choosing less expensive furniture companies, on the other hand, risks making your wonderful home look melancholy. Is it possible to have a company that precisely combines budget and quality? Yes, Raymour & Flanigan furniture meets both requirements. Raymour and Flanigan have some of the most affordable furnishings, as well as appealing discounts. This company’s product line includes sectionals and couches, mattresses, dining sets, recliners, ottomans, rugs, and beds. The brand’s devotion to longevity is demonstrated by the use of kiln-dried hardwood, precisely built wood frames, solid frame joinery, and 100% polyester upholstery.

How Can I Log Into My Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card Account?

Let’s begin this session by looking at the Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card Login methods available online. These are the ones mentioned below. When signing onto your Sephora Credit Card, never skip a step; simply follow the procedures below:

Step 1: Go to https://onlineaccessplus.com/TDBank/webapp/ to access the Raymour and Flanigan credit card login website.

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password. Select the “Sign in” button to receive access to your Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card account.

Don’t these procedures appear to be simple? Simply click it to access your account!

How Can You Get Your Raymour & Flanigan Credit Username Back?

If you can’t remember your Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card login username, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card login page.

Step 2: To proceed to the Forgot Username page, click the “Forgot Username” button.

Step 3: Enter your 16-digit Account Number on this screen and then click “Next” to go to the next page.

Step 4: On the following screen, provide the essential information, including your SSN and date of birth.

Click “Next” and follow the on-screen steps to obtain your Raymour and Flanigan Credit Username.

How Do You Change the Password on Your Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card?

Simply follow the steps below to reset your Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card password if you have forgotten it:

Step 1: Use the link provided to navigate to the Raymour and Flanigan Credit Card login page.

Step 2: Go to the Set your password page by clicking the “Forgot Password” link.

Step 3: Enter your Username on this screen and click “Continue” to advance to the next page.

Step 4: On the next page, enter your Social Security Number (9 digits) and Date of Birth.

Then press the “Next” button. 

Step 5: Make a new password and use it to log in to your Raymour and Flanigan Credit account.

Process of Ramyur and Flanigan delivery

  • Delivery is done with white gloves at Raymour & Flanigan. If you live in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania, your mattress will typically be delivered three days after you place your order. Depending on where you live, other states can take anywhere between two and five weeks. The good news is that you’ll be eligible for free next-day shipping if you spend $500 or more on a mattress. What a significant benefit!
  • The delivery team will properly unpack and set up your mattress when it is delivered. Additionally, they will inspect the goods and take the packaging off. So, delivery is full-service. We enjoy that. Another benefit provided by Raymour & Flanigan is free old mattress removal.

What is the return policy at Raymour and Flanigan?

  • When the furniture is delivered, Raymour and Flanigan make sure that each item is flawless. The furniture cannot be delivered and accepted again once it has been picked up. After being delivered to your house, items may be returned to Raymour & Flanigan. However, it is typically essential to return things to this business in like-new condition.
  • Each item is carefully inspected by Raymour & Flanigan before being delivered to a customer’s house. Therefore, it is uncommon for goods purchased from this merchant to arrive damaged.
  • You must notify the company right away if you receive a damaged item so that it can be replaced. 
  • Items must also be in their original packaging when being returned to Raymour & Flanigan. Try to repackage an item so that it appears exactly as it did when it was delivered to your home if you wish to return something to Raymour & Flanigan.
  • The return window ought to be regarded as one of the most crucial elements. Normally, you have 72 hours from the time an item is delivered to your home to seek a return. You might not be entitled to a refund if you hold out for longer than 72 hours.
  • When returning an item, if any of these requirements are not completed, you can always phone Raymour & Flanigan and explain the situation.
  • You should be aware that Raymour & Flanigan charges a restocking fee when you return something. 
  • Furniture returns come with a 15% restocking fee, which will be subtracted from your refund even though you can return things for a refund. A 10% restocking fee will be subtracted from your refund if you return an area rug.
  • The organization strongly advises you to get in touch with customer service as soon as you suspect you have received defective goods to have the issue fixed. A repairman will replace or fix your furniture there and then.
  • You can return your purchase or the free item if you’re not happy with it. When an item breaks, the manufacturer will replace any missing or damaged components for nothing, or, if necessary, the complete item.

The goals of Raymour & Flanigan

The leading furniture retailer in the US is Raymour and Flanigan. The business has expanded to rank among the top furniture merchants in the nation since it was founded in 1945. Raymour and Flanigan have been putting in a lot of effort lately to keep ahead of the curve by creating new products and growing their company to accommodate shifting customer expectations. The following four strategies are how Raymour and Flanigan are preparing for the future of its company:

1. Increasing the range of products available: Raymour and Flanigan now offer a variety of home furnishings in addition to typical furniture, such as mattresses, rugs, lamps, and home décor items. This enables the business to provide better customer service and appeal to a wider spectrum of clients.

2. Simplifying the furniture-buying process: Raymour and Flanigan’s new “Shop by Room” feature makes it simpler than ever to buy furniture. Furniture shopping may be difficult. Customers can use this option to purchase furnishings for a certain room in their home. Customers can also receive assistance from qualified design consultants who can offer suggestions on how to design their room to look its best.

3. Strengthening its online presence: Today’s businesses need to have a significant online presence. In light of this, Raymour and Flanigan have been working hard to increase the number of products available online. Customers can now browse products, hear about specials, and even order furniture online thanks to the company’s comprehensive website.

4. Investing in technology: Raymour and Flanigan are making significant investments in this field as technology assumes an ever-increasing role in the furniture industry. Customers can examine 3D models of furniture on the new corporate app before making a purchase. Before making a purchase, customers can now envision various items in their homes, which improves the entire buying experience.

Are Raymour and Flanigan furniture durable? 

At the very least, every homeowner who has invested money in furniture acknowledges the importance of durability. Despite being reasonably priced, Raymond and Flanigan’s products demonstrate the company’s obsession with durability. When we discuss durability, two Raymour and Flanigan models come to mind: the Tatum Dining Chair and the Sea Drift Wicker, and the Teak 4-pc. Outdoor furniture set. Upholstery made of 100 percent stain-resistant polyester strengthens the Tatum dining chair. This chair’s robust timber frames are further strengthened with hardwood veneers and kiln-dried hardwood. One of the most durable dining chairs money can buy is created when you combine these with the mortise-and-tenon frame construction of the Tatum dining chair (which is additionally decorated with corner blocks). Moving on, we don’t mince words when we state Raymour and Flanigan’s Sea Drift Wicker and Teak 4-pc. One of the most resilient items we have ever seen is the outdoor seating set. This item was created by the maker using superior HDPE all-weather wicker and a combination of protective resin footpads, strong stainless steel, and high-end Olefin performance textiles. Outdoor lovers adore olefin performance textiles for their weather resistance, as well as how well they withstand mildew and moisture. Additionally, this Sea Drift 4-piece Wicker and Teak Set. The outdoor seating set is strengthened with powder-coated aluminum frame construction and stainless steel fittings to ensure longevity.

What Is Raymour and Flanigan’s Best Mattress?

It is challenging to ascertain the answer to this query because it heavily depends on individual preferences. We can, however, provide some general advice to assist you in selecting the ideal mattress for your requirements. Think about the kind of mattress you want first. Mattresses come in four different basic varieties: innerspring, memory foam, latex, and air. The most common kind of mattress has an innerspring, which is typically a suitable option for persons with back discomfort. Since memory foam mattresses conform to your body and offer great support, they are growing in popularity. Memory foam and latex mattresses are comparable, however, latex mattresses are typically more expensive. As they are hypoallergenic, air mattresses are excellent for those who have allergies. Second, consider the mattress’s suppleness. Again, this is a matter of taste, but it’s crucial to pick a mattress that will provide your body with the support it needs. A firmer mattress can be better for you if you have back discomfort. You could prefer a softer mattress if you prefer to sleep on your side. Third, think about the mattress size. Make sure the mattress is spacious enough for both you and your partner to sleep comfortably. You might want to get a king-size mattress if you are tall. A queen-size mattress can be better for you if your body is larger. Fourth, consider the mattress’s cost. The cost of mattresses can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Finding a mattress that meets your budget is crucial. Finally, before you purchase a mattress, be sure to check the reviews. This will enable you to learn what other people believe about the mattress you’re thinking about. When you’re prepared to purchase a mattress, keep these suggestions in mind to aid in making the greatest decision possible.


How do I clean the furniture’s upholstery?

We advise the following to keep your new upholstered furniture looking brand-new:

  • Regularly vacuum your upholstered furniture using the wand attachment.
  • If at all feasible, turn and rotate your pillows once a month. This will guarantee even fading of the fabric and wear of the foam core.
  • If the arms or backs of your furniture have zippers, don’t be afraid to unzip them so you can reach inside and fluff the stuffing.
  • To clean your upholstered furniture, contract with a qualified, insured professional. Your furniture will look better and last longer with this small investment.

Can I return an opened mattress? 

If you’ve ever questioned if opened mattresses could be returned, the answer is YES! Within 30 days after purchase, you are free to return an opened mattress, no questions asked. Before returning an unwrapped mattress, there are a few things to remember. Make sure the mattress is first and foremost spotless and unblemished. Second, save the packaging materials and the original receipt. When returning the mattress to the retailer, these will be required. Last but not least, be aware that certain retailers may impose a restocking fee on returned mattresses.

It’s always preferable to sleep on a comfy mattress than one that isn’t suited for you, so don’t allow that to stop you from returning an opened mattress if you’re not satisfied with it. In addition, you have 30 to 100 days to return a mattress if it is still in its packaging after purchase. You can only return a mattress within 30 days after purchase if it has been unpacked.

Can Raymour & Flanigan still service my furniture if I move?

We will continue to service your furniture if you move to a place that is still in their seven-state service area. You might be given the name of a reliable nearby furniture repair expert if you relocate outside of their seven-state service area.

They will be happy to help you resolve your issue by getting in touch with the manufacturer. Additionally, keep in mind that if you move or if your furniture is damaged while being transported from your old home to your new one, many manufacturer’s warranties become useless. If you merely need a part, we can typically have it shipped right to your new address. If you require any extra support, do get in touch with them.

Can I see the furniture before making an online purchase?

You can see the bulk of the furniture and mattresses we sell at your neighborhood store, except branded items that are only available online. Please be aware that not all showrooms may carry every product.  Furniture with an “online only” designation cannot be seen in a showroom. Before coming to the showroom, please phone 866.383.4484 to check the inventory in a particular area.

On the product page, you may enter your zip code to see which showrooms have the item in stock.

How do the delivery processes for the Extended-Local Zone and the 7 Days a Week Zone work?

To ensure a smooth and simple delivery to your house, they first open, inspect, and arrange your new furniture for delivery within these two zones. One to two days before your delivery date, they will get in touch with you to confirm any pertinent information and provide you with a delivery window

Your furniture will be placed in your room exactly where you want it after any final assembly is finished.

Which bank do Raymour and Flanigan use?

Bank of America meets the financial requirements of Raymour and Flanigan. Being one of the biggest banks in the US, Raymour and Flanigan believe they can count on this bank to provide great service and products. Considering that Bank of America has a long history of providing outstanding customer care to its clients, Raymour and Flanigan are certain that they can rely on the bank for all of their financial requirements.

Do you have any extra fabric finishes or colors?

To accommodate requests for different fabric colors or finishes, they do allow special orders for the majority of furniture and upholstery. The option to request a special fabric or set of colors will be indicated on the product page if it applies to the item. Some products can also be bought online with personalized fabric or color swatches.

Which Mattress Type Is Ideal For Back Pain?

There is no conclusive answer to this question as everyone’s experience with back pain is different. However, there are a few considerations to explore while selecting a mattress that could aid with back pain relief. Think about the mattress’s firmness first. 

A mattress that is too firm might not be pleasant, while a mattress that is too soft might not offer enough support. Second, think about the mattress’s size. A mattress that is too big could be uncomfortable to move around on, while a mattress that is too little might not offer enough support. Thirdly, think about the mattress’s construction. A memory foam mattress might offer superior support to a conventional spring mattress. Finally, seek advice from a physician or physical therapist regarding the mattress that will work best for you.

Is there a warranty on Raymour and Flanigan furniture?

Yes, a 5-year platinum protection package is frequently used to provide security for Raymour and Flanigan furniture. Your furniture is covered by this plan against aesthetic stains, wounds, tears, bleach, food, drinks, ink, and dyes. For their mattresses, Raymor and Flanigan also provide a special 45-Day Comfort Guarantee program. If you are not satisfied with the purchased item, Raymor and Flanigan will replace your mattress within 45 days of your purchase.

How can I get in touch with the Loss Prevention branch?

To ensure the security of our clients’ money and personal information, they take several safeguards. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact their Loss Prevention Department at 1.800.836.9633 or [email protected]. Please simply send your name, address, home phone number (with area code), transaction amount, and date to them through email; do not include any sensitive personal information (such as your account number or social security number).

What Requirements Must Be Met for Raymour and Flanigan to Buy Back Furniture?

The furniture buyback program at Raymour and Flanigan is rather simple: you can exchange your old furniture for a store credit that can be applied to the cost of new furniture. Almost any type of furniture in good condition is accepted by the shop, including couches, chairs, tables, beds, and dressers. Simply bring your old furniture to the store, and you’ll receive store credit that may be applied to your new furniture purchase.

How Do I Submit A Raymour & Flanigan Warranty Claim?

You must get in touch with Raymour & Flanigan directly if you need to file a warranty claim. Call 1-866-436-7362 to speak with customer support, or go to the customer service section of the business website. Be sure to have your order number and the purchase date on hand when you speak with customer support. The customer support agent will also need to know what the problem is and what kind of warranty you have. Raymour & Flanigan will send a repair professional to your house to rectify the problem if it is covered by the warranty. Raymour & Flanigan will send you a replacement piece of furniture if the problem cannot be resolved.


This Raymour and Flanigan review contends that the company is worthwhile given its over 4,000 pieces of furniture, reasonable prices, and superior customer support. The business not only receives accolades, but it also takes part in campaigns to protect the environment. By making recycling one of its guiding principles, the company has saved almost 200 million pounds of packaging since 2002. They emphasized effective distribution to cut back on fossil fuel emissions. With enticing discounts, Raymour and Flanigan offer some of the most reasonably priced furniture. This company has a wide range of products to choose from, including sectionals and sofas, mattresses, dining sets, recliners, ottomans, rugs, and beds. The emphasis on durability that this brand places on its goods are evidenced by the kiln-dried hardwood, precisely constructed wood frames, robust frame joinery, and 100% polyester upholstery that they use. It’s likely that if you were looking for furniture in New York you would have walked into a Raymour and Flanigan store. You might not be as familiar with Raymour and Flanigan as some people who live outside of the American Northeast.