Envato Elements [Millions of Creative Assets, at One Low Cost]

Envato Elements

Unlimited downloads of creative assets including graphics, WordPress templates, 

stock pictures, typefaces, films, sound effects, music, and more are available through the membership service Envato Elements. The platform can be used by designers and website owners that require frequent access to these kinds of creative assets for a cheap monthly subscription fee. You can use a variety of design elements through the membership service Envato Elements, including graphic assets, videos, music, templates for presentations and other types of templates, WordPress themes, and plugins. The service seeks to outsell the numerous other stock licensing providers available, including Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Getty, and others. Envato Elements’ ability to provide such a wide variety of asset types allows you to reduce the number of subscriptions required, which is one of its benefits. The service is useful for many different user types, such as web designers, graphic designers, videographers, and others. A single subscription, a team subscription, and a single subscription with a student discount are the three choices available for the subscription. Enterprise-level customers can get in touch with Envato for special pricing. As previously mentioned, one aspect that sets Envato Elements apart from many other stock websites is the extensive selection of creative assets on offer. On the site, you may find nearly anything, although many competitors tend to concentrate on only a few topics, including video and music. Instead of having to purchase several memberships, it is simpler to locate everything you need for a new website, graphic, or movie thanks to the variety of options. Here are some of your options as a subscription for a more thorough Envato Elements assessment. 


You may access more than 900,000 downloadable digital resources for your projects with Envato Elements, a subscription service. Envato Elements only provides two yearly and month-to-month evaluation plans, both of which allow for unlimited downloads, to keep things simple. The two options now include access to the 900+ WordPress topics and modules available from Envato Elements (rather than only the yearly plan), thanks to a recent adjustment to their pricing scheme. You won’t have to worry about download restrictions or credits, in contrast to some other premium image and computer resource administrations. This approach from Envato Elements is exceptional since it enables you to experiment with multiple documents before deciding which one to utilize for your project. The Envato Elements resources are provided in terms of content generation by a neighborhood of independent planners. The compensation for these architects’ work is distributed according to their income. According to legend, the content creators who provide the materials for Envato Elements receive half of the net income. The world’s top online gallery for designers and artists is Envato Elements. The website has approximately 400,000 designs available. Users can view other users’ designs in addition to uploading their own. These Envato Elements shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for well-known content creation tools like WordPress or Blogger. Instead, they provide a platform for content producers to share and market their creations. Envato Elements is a subscription-based service for a wide range of designers that offers unrestricted access to products like photo assets, typefaces, topics, templates, educational resources, and business management tools for download. Since its introduction in August 2006, it has rapidly expanded, and as of right now, there are more than 7 million network users. This market is updated every week with new features and resources that help you create digital projects more quickly and effectively.

What are Envato Elements?

Envato is visited by millions of people every day who want to buy and sell creative goods, employ clever design templates, develop their creative abilities, or even hire freelancers. Envato helps creatives like you complete projects more quickly with an industry-leading marketplace and an unlimited subscription service. From a café logo to a Hollywood title sequence, there’s a good chance you’ll see something from Envato today whether it’s graphic designs, website themes, pictures, video, or audio. Anyone with access to this user-friendly service, from aspiring designers to seasoned specialists, can explore the mishmash of their varied equipment and broaden their skill set. Themeforest, one of Envato’s best marketplaces, houses a collection of high-caliber items and templates developed by international designers of elegance. They’re fantastically user-friendly, and visually appealing, and provide you the power to bring your ideas to life.


For its new Individual and Student plans, Envato Elements provides a risk-free trial period. All the benefits of having an Envato Elements account are free for the first seven days for new users. The free templates and components offered by Envato have no download limitations, and any downloads made during your trial period come with a lifetime commercial license. There is no requirement to continue with the free trial, so you can do so whenever you choose. Remember to cancel it before the trial period ends to prevent being charged.

Follow these steps to start your free Envato Elements trial right away:

Step 1: Go to the Envato Elements official website.

Step 2: Select “Start 7-day Free Trial” on step two.

Step 3: If you are on the homepage, click Get unlimited downloads in the upper right corner. Your browser will open the Trial page.

Step 4: Create an account and enter your billing and personal information in Step 4.

Step 6: Enjoy the free Envato Elements at the end.

However, once the trial period is up, it’s time to purchase the subscription. To find out how much it will cost to sign up, let’s have a look at the subscription pricing.

Pricing for Envato Elements

Presently, Evanto Elements offers three levels of subscription:

Free Plan: A free plan that grants you access to the whole Envato Market, including all of its services, content, and market presence.

Individual Plan: There is an individual month plan available starting at $16.50 for people who want to become regular users. The plan’s advantages include exclusive access to more than 20,000 digital design items, priority support for any issues, and additional exposure for your work in our showcase galleries. Your membership will always be active until you decide to terminate it, even though you always have the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade.

Team and Enterprise Plan: For those who want to succeed professionally, there is a team and enterprise plan that starts at $10.50 per month and is comparatively less expensive than the individual plan as the team member count increases. In this planning, teams can save up to 35% and change members and scale at any time. You may access all downloads from one location.

Student price discounts

Students may receive a 30% discount on Envato Elements subscriptions, bringing the price down to just $11.50 per month and significant savings.

Why Should You Choose Envato Elements?

  • You’ll be astonished to see how large Envato Elements’ archive is once you log in and start browsing. Over 1.6 million assets are already accessible for download, but the collection is expanding swiftly; more than 22,000 new items have been added just in the previous week. 
  • The front page displays free downloads as well as the most recent additions to the collection and a hand-curated list of what they deem to be top-quality assets.
  • Envato Elements allows you to get fonts, templates, and stock photos. You will have access to more than with the Envato Elements membership:
  • If you are looking to add some high-quality videos to your content Browse 820,000+ Stock Videos on Envato elements
  • Numerous HD and 4K stock films, logo stings, motion graphics, broadcast packages, and other items are available from Envato Elements.
  • More than 19,000 video templates If you Want to create a video introduction that people will watch, Look no further; these templates will take care of everything.
  • 26,000+ Music: Do you need captivating background music for your video? The Envato Elements collection contains a huge selection of high-quality royalty-free music tracks from different genres, making it simple to choose the ideal audio clip.
  • More than 167,000 Sound Effects for Videos: Do you aspire to be the best Artist in the future? This desire can come true with the aid of Envato Elements.
  • More than 63,000 graphic templates: If you are looking for marketing templates for your upcoming resume design then you can utilize one of these templates to stand out.
  • 28,000+ Graphics: Envato Elements offers a sizable selection of graphics that can help you spread the word about your brand.
  • More than 33,000 Presentation Templates: Creating engaging presentations is possible! With the least amount of stress, you can produce a fantastic, confident presentation with these templates.
  • 1,000,000+ Photos (and an additional 50,000,000+ till 2022): Sometimes all you need to make a blog post interesting is a lovely picture to go with it. Use high-quality images from the Envato Elements library to give your website a pleasing visual appearance.
  • 1,700+ WordPress Themes & Plugins: Use one of Theme Forest’s premium themes or plugins to quickly and easily build a professional website.
  • Plus a lot more! Members also have access to tutorials and classes on TutsPlus as well as email templates, image backgrounds, and infographics.
  • I advise installing the Envato Elements WordPress plugin if you have a WordPress website. This enables you to directly put media into your posts and pages while browsing the archive from the WordPress admin area. Within the Envato Elements WordPress plugin, you can also browse 80 template kits and more than 1,400-page layouts. Using Beaver Builder or Elementor, you may add these to your website. It costs nothing to download either of these drag-and-drop page builders.
  • WordPress Theme Kits from Envato Elements Are also provided. The Envato Elements subscription has something for everyone. If you’re a blogger, you’ll have access to a sizable collection of stock photos that you may use in your articles. YouTubers will adore the accessible motion graphics, audio files, and video templates.
  • Website designs can make use of countless typefaces, graphics, icons, and other elements. Of course, 1.9 million products are meaningless if they are of poor quality. That is thankfully not the case. Envato has adopted a tight policy about which products are archived in their Elements section and which are not. No items that were only included to increase their catalog numbers for marketing objectives were that I came across.
  • It’s also vital to keep in mind that a lot of popular things sold on Envato marketplaces cannot be downloaded for free as part of an Elements subscription. In other words, you cannot download any files from any Envato marketplace if you have a subscription to Envato Elements.

How to Purchase a Subscription to Envato Elements?

  • To browse Envato Elements, you are not required to be logged in. Visitors can view the same materials as members do by browsing the whole digital archive. The main difference is that item pages now have a download option in place of a banner asking you to sign up.
  • The item page provides a thorough description of the item and its capabilities. Along with other important data, it shows the files that are included, the file kinds, the apps that may be used with the item, the item’s dimensions, the included color variations, and other relevant data. Keep in mind that signing up and browsing Envato Elements is free of charge. Users can browse the website for free.
  • You have access to the whole digital archive just like a regular member. Here, instead of a sign urging users to sign up, the item page offers members the opportunity to download the item.
  • You can read a thorough description of the element and its purpose on the item page. Additionally, it shows the file types that can be utilized with these components, their dimensions, and the files that will be included with the programs. Examples of these dimensions include the choice of color and other relevant information.
  • It records what you have looked at even if you are only browsing and investigating the website to work on your assignment. By classifying your products into collections and adding bookmarks to them, you may achieve this. If you choose to use Envato Elements to complete your project, you can go over each of these afterward.
  • You will forfeit your license if you stop using Envato Elements. If you have paid for access to the Envato elements library, you are permitted to use any of the items there for business reasons. If you end your subscription, you won’t be able to download any more content.
  • However, you can still use any things you downloaded and registered for a project before the subscription was terminated. It also gives consent to do so. Simply add the project’s title, then connect a file to the project that was already added. Now you can download the file once more. If you choose, you can download a file without having to purchase a license.
  • To allow you to watch the video files before downloading them, previews of the videos are presented. Envato provides thorough details on the looping, frame rate, file size, and resolution of each movie.
  • The finest part of the entire procedure is how simple it is. To download the assets you want, you don’t need to travel from page to page. To download an item, all you need to do is choose it, give it a project, and then download it.
  • High clarity and excellent quality can be found in all of the video files and stock photos. The paragraphs that were looked at have a 5,000-pixel width resolution. Similarly, 4k or 1080p files have the maximum resolution.


Envato Elements is a subscription-based service for a wide range of designers that offers unrestricted access to products like photo assets, typefaces, topics, templates, educational resources, and business management tools for download. Since its introduction in August 2006, it has rapidly expanded, and as of right now, there are more than 7 million network users. This market is updated every week with new features and resources that help you create digital projects more quickly and effectively. Anyone with access to this user-friendly service, from aspiring designers to seasoned specialists, can explore the mishmash of their varied equipment and broaden their skill set. 

Themeforest, one of Envato’s best marketplaces, houses a collection of high-caliber items and templates developed by international designers of elegance. They’re fantastically user-friendly, and visually appealing, and provide you the power to bring your ideas to life. You might choose the ideal topic that aligns with the purpose of your project from a wide range of options, which include

1) WordPress Topics: This brand-new entry in the ThemeForest gives you access to more than 2000 WordPress topics and template kits, with numerous modification options and a responsive grid structure. In addition to creative pursuits, the available topics cover a variety of activities such as e-commerce, business operations, portfolio building, and so forth.

2) Video templates – Whether you want to create a slideshow of your life’s best moments or product promotion, you may choose an appropriate template based on the style and scene types of your video, with all plug-ins built-in.

3. Picture Templates – Comprises images for a variety of products, including business cards, trademarks, websites, invitations, gift cards, etc. as per your design requirements.

4) Presentation Templates – offers high-resolution Google, Keynote, and PowerPoint presentation templates that can be used for a variety of purposes, including studio, art, startup, businesses, and initiatives. They also feature amazing infographics and unique layouts. They are completely customizable and easy to customize.

5) Internet Templates – Contains versatile templates compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Vivari. These templates can be used for email, administration, landing pages, and websites.

6) CMS Templates – Provides user-friendly designs for a variety of platforms, including Drupal, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Muse, Unbounce, and Tumblr. A lot of them serve several purposes, including PSD files and animations, and can be effectively used to advertise your business. Additionally, each week their skilled community of designers hand-picks a few of the unique new website issues from their entire series, which is quite endearing and can turn attention.

7) Add-ons

A tonne of brushes, layer styles, and actions are available as add-ons to improve your ability to produce graphics. They are simple to import for use in your projects and are supported by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Lightroom. These extras can significantly improve your graphics, give them a competitive edge, and help them stand out from the ordinary. The range of available features is endless and includes retro tools, wave effects, blur effects, winter activities, watercolor looks, light leaks, drawings, and much more. currently 1,824 additions.

8) Web templates

Envato Elements offers over 2,166 pre-built site templates if using WordPress or another CMS is too complicated for a straightforward website. There are templates for admin pages, websites, emails, and landing pages. I’ve utilized the one-page site templates for a few straightforward sites that lacked WordPress and only required a little amount of corporate information. The templates are fantastic, and responsive, and include all the files and graphics needed to build a stunning website. The templates are retina-ready and responsive for mobile browsing. ready for a high-quality photograph.

9) User Experience

Envato has one of the easiest-to-use user interfaces we’ve seen for digital asset libraries. Because of how simple and intuitive the layout is, you won’t need a lengthy onboarding procedure. You have two options when looking for certain assets: you can either start by looking for a category or choose one of the category tabs at the top of the page. Following that, you can use a thorough filter to swiftly focus your search and find what you’re looking for. I found the filters in the music/audio area to be extremely helpful because you can select everything from the voice to the sort of instruments, as well as the mood of the song. Overall, I thought the Envato Elements UI was simple to use and intuitive.

10) Stock Videos

This platform offers a whopping 1.3 million+ stock video clips and motion graphics. Additionally, the filter choices are excellent! Alpha Channel, looped video footage, resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K, frame rates, video length, and more can all be used to filter the results. The simplest way to preview a video is to simply move the mouse pointer over it! So, Envato Elements is excellent for only the video collection if you’re only seeking royalty-free videos. I use these stock videos for my videos.

How can I locate a necessary item in Envato Elements?

  • You might need to focus your search because there are so many possibilities to find the best digital materials for your requirements. 
  • Thankfully, Envato makes this procedure easy. By enabling users to search categories using filters, Envato made it simple. By doing this, you can be sure that your search results will be more focused and pertinent.
  • The search field at the top of every page will very probably be used if you are certain of what you need. As a result, focusing your search on a certain category will enable you to obtain a better and more precise outcome.
  • You can search for the item in the “all items” tab by clicking the “browse” button at the top of the page. There is a list of categories at the top of the page. Below this list is a selection window with all of the categories. 
  • Customers will have a great time shopping. Your clients may access Envato elements from every other page thanks to this menu. Using a filter is another significant and effective way to get a desired digital asset. A list of filters is displayed on the left side of the page when you choose a category.
  • The restricted items from the chosen and particular subcategory with the most directly pertinent tags are displayed in this list to improve your search. If you choose Adobe Photoshop, for instance, certain items may be prohibited.
  • For a digital library with thousands of items, effective search capabilities are particularly crucial. If you select the appropriate terms, the search box can help you locate the most pertinent products in a matter of seconds. 
  • Despite these obstacles, you can hone your search by consistently choosing categories and reducing the scope of your terms with filters.
  • Items connected to the items listed under related items are always presented after the main description box.

What to expect as an Envato Elements user?

You will value being able to obtain numerous downloads for a project from the same website as an Envato Elements subscriber. Using the range and caliber of materials provided, you will be pleased with the results. The website is simple to use, and you can use the search function to locate content that is pertinent to a particular subject. Before enrolling, peruse the library’s collection if you’re not sure. This will allow you to consider your possibilities without committing.

 The process of signing up for membership is quick and easy. You can choose to pay the price every month and cancel at any moment. Additionally, you can save money by making your annual payment in full. Pro Tip* I began working on a month-to-month basis and completed a few projects using the resources I now had at my disposal. More projects completed meant more work, allowing me to switch to the yearly plan and significantly reduce costs.

As you look through the materials, certain things will catch your eye. You can view additional information about them by clicking on them. With these, you can examine everything Envato Elements has to offer and see all the parts before deciding whether to download it or not. Click the download button if you want rapid access. Make online folders for your downloaded files so you can organize them and find them easily later.

What’s the Process for the Envato Elements License?

Licensing is kept simple with Envato Elements. All downloaded assets are covered under a commercial license. Here are more details regarding this license. This enables you to use those resources in both your work and your work with clients.

One commercial license only

The same license conditions apply to every item available in Envato Elements. You receive extensive commercial rights to utilize the products in client and private projects.

Every time an item is used, register it.

When you download something, you get a perpetual license for one use. All you need to do to reuse an item is go to your downloads and register it once more for different use.

Certain obvious restrictions apply: Items cannot be used in on-demand services, nor may they be distributed or sold again. The majority of the time, you cannot use the downloaded products as the foundation for your merchandise. For instance, printing a piece from Envato Elements onto a T-shirt is not permitted. Any item in the Envato Elements library may be used for commercial projects if you have paid for access to it. You cannot download any more things if you decide to terminate your subscription. On the contrary, you may still use any materials that you have downloaded and registered for a project before the subscription was terminated.


Limitless Downloads: 

With limitless downloads, you may focus on gorgeous design rather than maintaining download restrictions or adding credits. When you have unlimited downloads, you can explore and use your imagination to the fullest extent possible.

Designers Community

A designer community supports Envato Elements. We are aware that you demand dependable, distinctive material for your campaigns. Reaching out to a network of outstanding designers who are passionate about their job is the simplest way to do that.

Effective Plan: At just $198/year, Envato Elements’ pricing is fairly affordable when compared to other similar services, including unlimited downloads and a tonne of training courses.

Excellent Selection: Thanks to their large collection of millions of stock images, videos, songs, graphic elements, 3D objects, and more, you will never run out of original creations!

Simple Search & Filter: The search and filtering options make it much simpler to find the precise item we’re looking for. The filter feature has been built individually for each category.

Single business license: 

To make moral behavior easy for you. To cover everything and give you broad commercial rights, we created a single, simple commercial license for all materials. so that you may confidently use the pieces in all of your projects.

An approach to income sharing that is more equitable: Envato is a company that is persuaded that when the community prospers, so do we. Since Evanto Element takes great delight in providing independent designers with a way to make a living doing what they love, it is a more equal approach to income sharing. Evanto Element is introducing subscriber shares for Elements and dividing net income by 50%.

Get first access to the content, which is always of the highest capacity, with high-quality photos. Special discounts are offered through Envato Elements Deals on thousands of images, videos, and audio tracks as well as on premium creative tools and services.

Verified Resources: Each asset is carefully examined by the Envato team to make sure it conforms with all necessary licensing laws.

Free Instruction: The Envato Elements Subscription comes with access to Envato Tuts+, a website that provides free courses, lessons, ebooks, and instructional manuals.

Basic Licensing: Easily add a business license to any download you make, then continue using it even after your membership has ended!


Quality is inconsistent.

A large range of themes, images, stock films and photos, website assets, fonts, sound effects, music, 3D elements, and other items are available from Envato Elements. However, occasionally when you peruse the photo selection, it could look like some of the pictures are a little out of date and that the collection is made up of pictures that didn’t sell.

Re-registration Is Required: 

You must re-register your assets before using them on any upcoming projects. The asset cannot be utilized once more without re-registration. Finding the proper visual might be difficult. You’ll need to spend more time sorting through a lot of stock photos to pick the ones that are most suited to your needs. You could download photos occasionally only to discover that they fall short of your expectations for quality. But despite the overwhelming number of stuff to sift through, you will undoubtedly find useful, pertinent information. Everything is contained in Envato Elements. However, occasionally you might need to conduct a comprehensive search for the ideal photographs and still end up empty-handed.

The same files are accessible to everyone

The fact that all users can access the same files is another disadvantage. That implies that you might notice or hear about the same things being employed by other businesses, blogs, or podcasters. This is the main justification for why particular businesses want to only use unique content. They can use the content as they like because they own it all in this way. Keep in mind that even when you pay for stock content, you don’t own it. Simply purchasing a license from another party will allow you to use it. There are no premium assets present. Envato Elements does not contain the costly, extensively used components from the Envato Market. Despite this, the collection is good value for the money!

No item support or notification of updates

Sadly, Envato Elements doesn’t provide any sort of technical assistance. Due to the unrestricted nature of the subscription and the fact that all material is produced independently, Envato is unable to do this. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t be a problem. For web developers searching for site templates, WordPress plugins, and themes to buy, it may be a source of concern. Notifications of item updates or upgrades are absent as well. You will need to actively search for updates if you’re using a current item and want to know if it’s been updated.

Lack of support for WordPress plugins and themes: Envato Elements does not offer automatic upgrades for WordPress themes or plugins. Because of this, many individuals don’t suggest using themes and plugins from here.

A smaller repertoire compared to typical stock exchanges

More comprehensive digital libraries than Envato Elements can be found on other, comparable creative stock marketplaces like Adobe Stock, Pond5, and Shutterstock. One of the key distinctions between these businesses and others is that they either offer a restricted membership plan or demand that you pay separately for each item you consume.  This can get quite pricey, especially if they also cap the number of downloads you are permitted to have each day, week, or month. Unlimited downloads are available with each Envato Elements subscription. Just keep in mind that their Stock Footage and Video Template collections are rather recent. The business is probably working to expand these areas.


What is the procedure for adding graphic items to Envato Elements?

Contrary to the other content kinds (as stated above), graphics products can be added to Envato Elements without first being submitted through Envato Market. You can post your graphic products to sell on Envato Elements through the Elements Contributor App if you have been invited to contribute to Envato Elements. See the Graphics section of Upload Methods for all the information on how to upload your graphic elements to the Elements Contributor App.

How can I change the items?

Maintaining your item’s accuracy is crucial, and having an accurate item can boost sales. You can upload your file and resubmit an item by going to the edit tab for your item and selecting the Update Item & Tags option. In the notes to the reviewer area, it’s crucial to be clear about what the update provides, such as bug fixes, compatibility with a new platform release, feature additions, etc. This will be made available to customers after being approved.

Is it acceptable to obtain and edit website templates for my clients?

Yes, provided that your finished product uses the website template in a customized manner. Following Clauses 5 and 6 of the Elements License, you must register your use of the item to grant your client a sublicense for its customized implementation. Please be aware that you cannot sell the template separately to your customers or incorporate it into a program that would let a customer alter it to suit their requirements (such as an “on-demand,” “made to order,” or “build it yourself” application).

Is it possible to combine two Envato Elements website templates?

The items you download from Elements can be changed to build a unique implementation. The license is only valid if you finish the End Product while your subscription is ongoing. The license commences when you Register your use of the item. the license remains in effect for the duration of the finished product (even if your subscription ends).

Can I use Envato Elements products for work I finish for a customer?

You can, indeed. Professionals make up a large portion of their customers who use their subscriptions for client tasks. When creating an End Product for a client, you are allowed to provide them with the whole End Product (with a limited sublicense of the Item rights as part of this process). To achieve this, your subscription must be active at the time of transfer. Make sure the item cannot be removed from the finished product, and inform the client of their responsibilities.



In terms of video and audio content, Artgrid is among the top Envato Elements alternatives. As it includes high-quality films and audio tracks that can be used with video editing tools like Premiere Pro, Artgrid is a website that sells stock footage that is only targeted for video creators. Videos depicting a range of subjects, including nature, people, current issue trends, animals, and more, can be found in the Artgrid footage database. Users of the site have access to both free and paid services. Paid members have unrestricted access to the best creative video content as well as access to more than twice as many video clips as free members.

Artgrid provides video producers with a resource where they can rely on and locate original materials for their work. For customers looking for more alternatives with Stock Photos, Video Templates, or even WordPress themes, the fact that Art grid is primarily focused on video content can be a drawback. However, the caliber of the content on Artgrid makes it one of the top online platforms with great video content.

Stock Adobe

One of the innovators of these kinds of technologies is referred to when we discuss this platform. In addition to the fact that there are already several professional photographers working together in Adobe Stock, it is highly recommended by many graphic design specialists. Due to its effective quality and membership in a group of tools that are equally as good, Adobe Stock really ranks among the digital resource tools with the highest fees. You must visit the Adobe Stock page and then proceed to the registration section in order to utilize Adobe Stock.

You must access your credit card after you confirm your email address in order to select which plan you want to purchase. Depending on the price of the plan, you can then see how many resources you are permitted to download. You can be sure of the quality and the turnaround time with Adobe Stock. In addition, it is estimated that it offers close to 40 million resources, each of which is organized according to its themes, length of time on the platform, and author.


The online marketplace MonsterOne was introduced by TemplateMonster. Its objective is to assist in the design of web pages and content so that users can view them in accordance with the creator’s preferences and find them when searching.

It is expanding in this manner day by day. At the same time that Americans make up the majority of site visitors, Americans also make up the majority of the site’s clientele. Payments can be made with a credit card or debit card, and translation services are also offered. It provides many website templates, including themes for Shopify and WordPress. It also has programs at various pricing points that offer advantages for either merely creating content or creating websites. The creation of content can be supported by the hundreds of digital assets that MonsterOne provides, including images, graphic designs, and stock videos. Additionally, MonsterOne comes with additional resources like plugins.


You can obtain resources for the design of photos, documents, and many visual projects from the website Freepik. The platform is available both for free and for a fee, though obviously, the benefits of using the Premium version can be considerably greater. The vast number of vectors that may be used for projects being carried out in any software or application is what Freepik is most notable for. 

That is to say, we can use whatever type of resource we obtain in the software of our choice. 

An essential fact is that Freepik is highly regarded by those beginning their studies in graphic design or advertising since they use the vast array of free materials made available by this page to create their first flyers. Freepik maintains a circular robot-like logo and the colors white and navy blue in its design. Numerous individuals have found this page easily because of its straightforward design. That is, it has become the top option when it comes to acquiring resources for the construction of the material because of how straightforward it is and the many advantages it provides. It’s also very crucial to note that Freepik users can sell any form of production, including vectors, drawings, and other kinds of projects.

 Freepik offers a system that makes this process easier and encourages individuals who are committed to it, assisting industry experts and enhancing its catalog and quality in the process. Even more noteworthy is the fact that many people start off using Freepik to complete the projects they are given in their design programs before coming back to sell their finished products. As they say, quality is a key component of a winning proposal, and fortunately, Freepik manages to balance quality and simplicity.


Despite certain quality difficulties and a shortage of creative materials for less popular platforms like Joomla and Drupal, Envato Elements is still a good option if you frequently need access to royalty-free creative elements. The platform is simple to use and provides a vast array of valuable creative assets for designers. Given that this is a subscription service, it’s critical to consider how frequently you will require these kinds of data. You might not receive your money’s worth from the site if you occasionally only require one or two photos. Envato Elements might be a better option, though, if you work as a professional designer or frequently produce content.  The blogging process is tremendously aided by the availability of a tool like Envato Elements, which offers a huge selection of ready-to-use digital assets. There are so many reused images accessible in Envato Elements that I am never at a loss for choices, unlike when I used to rummage through Google images and struggle to find images that were of great quality and appropriate for the material. Envato Elements is my go-to source for anything requiring graphics because I rely on visual templates for logos and infographics so frequently. Envato Elements is undoubtedly our top choice among the available creative subscription packages. If you frequently need several digital files on a weekly or monthly basis, it may be worthwhile to make this investment to help your workflow. It’s simple to uncover a tonne of useful assets for your projects thanks to its enormous library and sophisticated search criteria. For a professional content developer, the membership plans’ low prices and unrestricted access to digital assets make it the perfect choice. In conclusion, because of its large collection and reasonable subscription costs, we certainly suggest Envato Elements over other digital asset libraries in the market today. Use this link to save 70% on your first month of Envato Elements if you think it could be helpful for you. Additionally, a free 7-day trial with total access to their library can be started here. Envato Market might be a better choice if a subscription service at this point seems like too much of a commitment for you. It enables you to buy specific items from Envato’s entire library without being tied down to a long-term contract.