Revolut [Money Management Made Easy]


Revolut is an online financial tool that makes it simple to do international business and exchange currencies at a reasonable rate. It is a UK-based business that first launched in 2015 primarily as a travel card that offered foreign currency exchanges at the current market rate. Revolut is not a bank, even though it may appear to be a digital bank. It’s a fintech startup that provides some incredible features at incredibly affordable costs. Brilliant online bank Revolut provides accounts in GBP and EUR with a prepaid bank card connected. No physical infrastructure is required to set up and manage a bank account on a smartphone. Only UK current accounts or Euro IBAN accounts may be opened, and you will also receive a physical bank card. This card can be used to make purchases anywhere that accepts bank cards, including ATMs. You can learn everything you need to know about the system in this Revolut review. Easily transferring money at the interbank rate of up to 5,000 GBP/mo and avoiding transfer fees is a big advantage of using it. Within the app, they provide real-time currency exchange at the interbank rate in 30 different currencies. They provide well-designed, user-friendly mobile programs for Google Play and iOS that allow you to trade equities and cryptocurrencies (on higher plans), conduct peer-to-peer rapid payments, and do all of these things at once. Revolut’s goal is to be a flexible bank that makes it simple to conduct regular banking activities, accept payments, convert currencies, etc. Revolut can help you save a tonne of money on transaction costs if you travel because you get the interbank rate and there are no foreign transaction fees. Revolut was created by two East European immigrants who now reside in the UK. Before forming this start-up, they were both employed in the finance industry. They decided to act after observing the banks’ slow adoption of technology. Consequently, a virtual bank designed for young people and people from other countries was created. Since its launch in 2015, the app’s popularity has exploded. For a five-year-old business, the usage and reach have been astounding. The company claims that since its creation, it has served as the foundation for over 350 million transactions totaling over 40 billion pounds.


Revolut was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in the UK. Likewise, it’s a privately owned business. People can use their money transfer services to send money to other Revolut account holders and bank accounts.

Using a Revolut card, you can access virtual cards and bitcoin trading in addition to making purchases of products and services. The company’s main customer base is busy travelers and those who conduct business internationally. With the Revolut multi-currency card, users may transfer money and swap currency fast and at a reasonable cost. While making purchases with your card or withdrawing cash from an ATM, you can exchange money on the Revolut app. Revolut makes it easy to send money to bank accounts. Most transfers from one Revolut account to another just take a few minutes at most. After opening a Revolut account, you’ll be sent a prepaid debit card or virtual Visa or MasterCard card. In more than 120 different countries, you can withdraw cash or pay account charge-offs using your card. For direct transfers in 26 different foreign currencies, utilize the Revolut app. Similar to a regular bank account, Revolut even offers a sort code and an account number. You can get money with the help of this information. You can add money to your Revolut account via Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers, regular credit or debit cards, and Apple Pay. Revolut accounts can only be opened by citizens of the EEA, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, the United States, Canada, and Canada. Revolut Business accounts can be opened by companies that are currently registered and physically present in the EEA and Switzerland.

How does Revolut work?

  • It’s effectively a bank on your phone with a connected prepaid debit card, and Revolut is a great digital bank (MasterCard or Visa). You may quickly open a GBP or EUR bank account through them.
  •  A valid account number and sort code are provided with the UK bank account. They also give you a Euro IBAN account so you can send and receive money from other European countries. Either account could serve as your primary bank account for receiving payments from your employer and paying bills. 
  • There are various ways to add money to your account, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 
  • You may make payments and cash withdrawals in 130 countries when you join Revolut, and you can swap 30 currencies in-app in real time. A higher plan (premium or metal) will give you access to stock and cryptocurrency offerings. 
  • It works exceptionally well while you are traveling as well as for daily banking. They allow you to use your card without any transaction fees, and they also provide travel insurance and seamless real-time currency exchange (30 currencies). Naturally, you can use their superb mobile apps to perform all of the standard banking functions including blocking your card, checking balances, and reviewing transactions.
  • You must add money to your Revolut account using a credit card or any other bank card, for that matter if you want money in it. It will cost you just 1% more to transfer money if you top it off using a credit card. Additionally, a lot of credit cards consider your Revolut top-up to be a purchase. 
  • You can use this to accumulate credit card points. Some people do, though, treat it like a cash advance that doesn’t earn you any points. If you travel frequently, Revolut is highly appealing since, if you use a credit card that offers rewards, you may quickly accrue flying miles. You can use a tonne of other points from other credit cards to offset the 1% service fee you have to pay. 
  • Your account will have the money once you have topped it off. How you use it is now up to you. You can transfer money between different currencies and do so as often as you like without worrying because there is no fee for 30 different sorts of currencies. 
  • But what if your desired currency is not one of those 30? Then, a SWIFT transaction will be used to transfer money. You can be charged for an international wire transfer if you use  this. Additionally, the bank you are sending money to may impose its fees. However, if you use your Revolut card to make an ATM withdrawal when traveling between several nations, there won’t be any fees to pay.

Features of Revolut

With a Revolut bank account you will be able to:-

Get An EU and UK Current Account

You receive a UK and an EU current account, just like with any other bank. You additionally receive a sort code with it. It works precisely like any other bank account, allowing you to request recurring payments, withdraw cash from an ATM, make contactless payments, and use other cutting-edge features like Google Pay.

Worldwide Payments

International payments are relatively simple to make with Revolut. You can transfer it to 29 countries with the support of 16 different currencies. No payment will be required. Only the interbank exchange rate will be used to determine your charges. There is no better price available and this is required.

Use many currencies at once

As we’ve already mentioned, you may use the app’s currency converter to convert any currency to one that is supported at the moment’s exchange rate. There is a cap of 5000 pounds every month, though. More valuable currencies cannot be converted without incurring fees.

Cards that are disposable and virtual (premium plans only)

For Revolut, the capacity to generate virtual or disposable cards is a HUGE bonus. You can do this to produce cards on demand that you can either retain (virtual) or only use once (virtual disposable). The virtual disposable card, on the other hand, is destroyed after usage, making it impossible for a charge to be placed on it. Revolut makes it feasible for refunds to virtual cards that have been destroyed, thus the answer to your question is yes. You will receive your money back with no issues.

Split the bill and pay your friends easily.

Within the app itself, you can send money to your friends. You can also pay multiple persons at once using a special function called split billing. When you go out with friends and in other similar situations, this is helpful.

Analyze Your Spending Habits 

Revolut’s app provides you with automatic expenditure data that are automatically categorized. You can do this to keep track of your spending. It will provide a day-by-day and month-by-month examination of your spending patterns. You can create a budget and monitor your progress in adhering to it.

Freeze Cards and set Spending Limits 

You can immediately freeze your card using the app in an emergency if you misplace it or it is stolen. The card will thereafter cease to function. On the other hand, you may instantly accomplish that if you wish to place a cap on your expenditure.

Save Your Money in the Vault

If you have regular payments to make, like monthly ones, this function will come in handy. Additionally, you can reserve the amount you wish to store in the vault if you want to prevent yourself from spending money.

Insurance offerings

Revolut provides travel insurance as well as insurance for mobile devices. They offer quite extensive insurance, and you may select a time frame of a week, a month, or a year. You receive free insurance with the Metal card, which is a fantastic value addition.

Purchase Cryptocurrency

Yes, you may purchase a wide variety of cryptocurrencies using the Revolut app. We are all aware of the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. You can follow the crowd and purchase them using the funds in your Revolut account.

Is it safe to use Revolut?

  • The good news is that as long as you exercise the same caution you would with any other financial service platform, Revolt is a secure method to manage your money. First, it’s important to realize that Revolut is a financial technology business and not a bank.
  • Revolut’s services are, nevertheless, provided in the US in conjunction with several banks and service providers, including Commercial Metropolitan Bank and Sutton Bank.
  • In general, this implies that your funds are safeguarded in the same manner as they would be if they were maintained in a traditional bank account. The main distinction is that Revolut frequently provides reduced costs and greater freedom when compared to a traditional bank.
  • Second, as a software firm, Revolut has a focus on creating and executing clever methods to safeguard clients and their accounts. They, therefore, employ cutting-edge technologies, including automated and manual procedures, to thwart fraud and safeguard client assets.

What security measures is Revolut using?

Let’s go over some of Revolut’s most important security features so you can feel confident that your account and your money are secure with Revolut.

Verification of accounts

You must go through a verification step 3 to open an account with Revolut. This is typical of most financial service providers and is done to guard against account theft and fraud.

You must upload a photo of your face and an ID card issued by the US government to verify your account with Revolut in the US. This is essentially a selfie in which you are holding an ID card, such as a passport or driver’s license. 

Safe spending

You’ll receive immediate notification in the Revolut app whenever you use your Revolut account to make a chip-and-PIN, contactless, or magstripe payment with your card, withdraw cash, or conduct transactions through online shopping. As a result, you can always check on the status of your account. If you’re unsure or concerned about a transaction, you may immediately freeze your Revolut card in the app. You can then unfreeze it whenever you’re ready.

Limitations on transactions

There will be pre-set limits on your Revolut account for certain transaction categories, such as online purchases and ATM withdrawals. These are automatically set to a default value, but you can use the Revolut app to change them inside your account. Due to this feature, there is a cap on how much money a criminal can take from your account even if you are a victim of a crime, such as having your Revolut card stolen.

Gambling block

The option to enable a gaming block, which would result in an immediate decline of any transaction involving a gambling company, is another useful feature of Revolut’s accounts. Although it may be turned on in the app, this function is not automatically deployed to Revolut accounts.

Junior accounts

The Revolut app will allow you to examine all transactions and account balances if you opt to create a Revolut Junior account for a child.

These accounts can be created for kids by parents and legal guardians, who may even add a co-parent if necessary.

Are personal details secure on Revolut?

  • Revolut requires certain of your personal information, like any financial institution, to offer you account and transaction services. Among other things, personal data is used for practical objectives including transaction processing, legal compliance, and marketing. 
  • You will have the option to request that Revolut not use your data for marketing purposes, but certain data gathering is mandated by law, so you cannot completely opt-out. Revolut saves customer information following industry standards and regulatory regulations, which means that it is kept secure, shared only as permitted by Revolut’s privacy policy, and encrypted if necessary.

How does Revolut generate revenue?

Revolut offers a free core banking account, but it also offers a wide range of additional goods and services that allow customers to earn money. Let’s take a closer look at Revolut’s numerous revenue sources.

Subscription Revenue

For customers, Revolut offers three distinct options. Standard, Premium, and Metal are some of these. The Standard plan is cost-free, but customers must pay for the other two. The premium plans include more features and services a high-end card with a sophisticated design (a metal card is given out for the Metal plan, duh)

Exchange Charge

Revolut (and MasterCard) will deduct a portion of each successful physical card transaction (called Interchange Fees). The commission should be in line with typical MasterCard fees, although not being made public. MasterCard and Revolut would then split the commission.

Transferring Money Internationally

Customers can send up to £5,000 abroad for free each month. A fee of 0.5 percent is added to the transaction for any amount over this.

Customers who choose the paid plans have a greater monthly cap.


If a customer logs 10 successful transactions using their Revolut card at one of the approved partners, they will receive a discount. Even though this program is currently in beta testing, it is already known that partners will come from businesses in the hospitality, eating, retail, and entertainment sectors. Revolut will very likely receive a portion of each payment made using its card, depending on the terms of the deal.

Loans & Overdraft

Customers may also choose to take out loans. The amount of these loans ranges from £500 to £25,000, with repayment terms of 12 to 60 months. Revolut generates revenue by charging interest on each loan. The amount and term of the loan, as well as the customer’s credit score, all influence the interest rate. An extra overdraft fee is charged as a penalty if a consumer is late with their payment.

Interest On Cash

Like any other bank, Revolut uses the funds in user accounts to make loans to other organizations like other banks. They then charge these organizations interest (also called Net Interest Margin). The net interest margin for all U.S. banks in 2019 was 3.35 percent, according to Statista.

Product of Revolut

Revolut Business

  • The business section of the ordinary Revolut account is called Revolut Business. It is specifically intended for people wishing to use typical business account services, as the name would imply. Revolut Business is accessible through a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices, much like the basic account.
  • The Revolut Business account’s main selling point is that it is perfect for businesses that have a modestly global presence. Revolut Business is probably the best option for you if you need to invoice or pay suppliers in different countries and currencies or if you’re a contractor traveling from one state to another. 
  • You may access a UK and European bank account by opening a Revolut Business account. But because you can take payments in more than just GBP and EUR, you may use the SWIFT network to receive and send payments to and from almost any nation. Revolut is one of the most economical ways to transmit and receive rival currencies, in terms of cost.
  •  In reality, you can trade 28 different currencies at the time of writing without paying any account fees. Revolut Business offers a wide range of extra features in addition to the essentials. These extra features include the ability to add more team members to the account, the provision of virtual and prepaid debit cards, 24/7 priority customer support, and the ability to integrate the account with different business software platforms. 
  • So that you have a better grasp of what Revolut Business is, we will now break down some of the key features in greater detail in the following section of our review.

Revolut Business: Features

It is crucial to keep in mind that some of the features listed below may or may not be part of your plan, depending on the precise price plan you choose. If not, or if your monthly allotment is exceeded, you will be required to pay on a per-use basis. 

Several Account Access

If your company has a large crew, you could be required to give some of your employee’s access to your business account. This may be an employee who needs to pay for travel expenditures or a company accountant who needs to view transactions. Revolut Business lets you designate who has access to your account in any case. Distributing business debit cards is another option you have if you add team members to your business account.

Local Accounts

You can open a local account with Revolut in the UK and the EU. Since your account number is special, sending and receiving local payments is simple. The platform makes use of the Faster Payments network for sending money from one UK account to another. Instead, transfers between EU members occur via the SEPA network. Anything that falls beyond such restrictions must use the global SWIFT network.

Foreign Exchange Dealings at Real Market Rate

Revolut Business gives you the option to exchange 28 different currencies at the real market rate, which is a pretty novel option. However, the number of free FX transfers will be restricted based on the specific pricing plan you are on. For instance, the Enterprise account offers an unlimited number of transfers while the Free plan offers none. If your monthly allowance is exceeded, you will be charged an additional 0.4% over the real market rate. This is a great deal in and of itself, especially when you consider that traditional banks can charge up to 5% for currency transfers.

Virtual and Prepaid Debit Cards

You can get a prepaid debit card when you open a Revolut Business account. If you need a team member to conduct a commercial transaction, you can apply for multiple cards. The prepaid debit card functions similarly to a regular card in that it may be used to make purchases both online and offline and to get cash from an ATM. You can instead create virtual cards using your Revolut Business account if you need to handle transactions that don’t call for the issuance of a specific debit card.

24-hour customer service

Although regular Revolut account holders have access to 24-hour in-app customer assistance, it’s generally agreed that wait times are frequently longer than expected. Revolut Business account holders receive priority customer care to deliver a more effective service. This suggests that, theoretically, you ought to get a quicker response time than users of free accounts. Even if you pay the outrageous £1,000 monthly charge for an Enterprise account, there is still no telephone support assistance.

Organizational Software Integration

Owners of Revolut Business accounts can also connect their accounts to outside software companies. This now includes products like Slack, Xero, and FreeAgent. Revolut will upload your incoming and outgoing transactions to Xero every few hours if you use the link-up, which is fantastic if you need to streamline your accounting system.

How to register with Revolut for trade?

Revolut is a fantastic place to start if you want to start trading Bitcoin, so we highly recommend setting up an account there. We chose to create a step-by-step guide to assist you to get started on the cryptocurrency exchange because we particularly like the app for its banking offerings, including its crypto side.

Step 1: Sign up for a Revolut account.

To begin, go here to register for a Revolut account. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices to download. Revolut can only be accessed using approved mobile devices; desktop computers are not supported. You’ll need to sign up for an account, which is required. You’ll have to give Revolut some personal information, just as when you open an account with a conventional bank. These details will consist of your entire legal name, home address, birth date, citizenship and place of residence, email address, and phone number.

Step 2: Verify your identification in step two.

You must prove your identification because you are essentially requesting to open an account with a company that provides financial services. You must upload a scan of your government-issued ID after taking a selfie. Either a passport or a driver’s license may be used. Revolut uses state-of-the-art technology to verify identities, so the procedure typically takes only a few minutes.

3. Add money to your account

You can start depositing money as soon as your identity has been confirmed. You can do this with a debit/credit card or a bank transfer (UK Faster Payments, SWIFT, or SEPA). We advise using a debit or credit card because the transaction is immediate. This will enable you to immediately begin purchasing cryptocurrency.

4. Purchase or sell cryptocurrency

By this point in the tutorial, your Revolut account should be financed and fully verified. You may now use the Revolut app to invest in cryptocurrencies. The next step is to choose the cryptocurrency you want to invest in as well as your desired fiat money from the drop-down list. To complete the transaction, enter the quantity you wish to buy.

Revolut Card

One of the company’s main items is the Revolut card. It can be used to buy things in many different nations throughout the world. You can spend money in several currencies and receive automatic currency conversion at rates that are close to the benchmark rate. This facilitates and expedites global transactions. Only citizens of the following countries can now open personal Revolut accounts: the United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, and the European Economic Area (EEA). Organizations in Switzerland and the EEA that are registered and have a physical location in one or more of those regions are eligible for Revolut Business accounts.

Revolut Account

  • Up to three active physical cards and five connected virtual cards are allowed for Revolut accounts. The number of disposable virtual cards is not included in this cap.
  • Virtual cards can only be accessed through the Revolut app. These cards function similarly to regular bank cards and can be used immediately after being generated. They enable payments over the phone and online. Your virtual cards can be used for contactless phone payments once they’ve been connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Additionally, the program can produce throwaway cards. They are a safe choice for transactions carried out on unidentified or dubious websites. Disposable cards are meant to be used only once. The card’s information will be immediately blocked once it has been used.
  • You can upgrade to a Metal or Premium account, in which case you will get two extra cards sent for free. Additionally, Revolut Plus users are entitled to two free additional cards via standard delivery.
  • You can manage both your actual and virtual debit cards using the Revolut app. Your cards can be canceled, replaced, unblocked, and blocked as necessary

The Revolut Card 

  • Both a person’s virtual and actual Revolut cards are linked to their Revolut accounts. It costs nothing to use virtual cards. It only takes a few seconds to put them up. Your virtual card won’t have a PIN and won’t be able to be used to make cash withdrawals at ATMs, which is the main difference between physical and virtual cards. Virtual cards cannot use all the functionality that actual cards can, such as making payments at physical stores.
  • Revolut does acknowledge that using virtual cards can lessen the risk of online card fraud. Every few months, virtual cards can be erased and replaced with fresh ones. The disposable virtual card feature is available to premium subscribers. Disposable card numbers are automatically replaced each time a payment is made to protect customers from fraud.
  • Depending on the account you have, you will receive a specific type of card. Revolut cards come in four different varieties: Customers with Standard free accounts receive Standard plastic cards. For £2.99 every month, Plus customers receive the Revolut Plus card.

Premium card

  • The Premium Revolut card is given to Revolut Premium subscribers. Members of Revolut Metal receive a Revolut Metal card. Any location that accepts MasterCard and Visa will accept all Revolut cards. There is no choice between Visa and Mastercard. Cards are given based on the nation in which you reside.
  • In more than 140 countries, card payments and ATM cash withdrawals are supported. All physical Revolut cards support contactless transactions
  • For various needs, Revolut offers subscription programs. To take advantage of the additional protection and insurance options, you might want to consider opening a Revolut Premium account. All Revolut accounts have essentially the same functions, however subscription levels also offer discounted access to extra features like purchase protection and device insurance.
  • Travel insurance is not available on Revolut Standard cards like it is on premium accounts. You can use premium subscriptions to get free access to more ATM withdrawals. If you frequently travel and lack alternative insurance, the premium card may be worth the money. Emergency assistance may be provided via the insurance that Revolut subscriptions provide. It’s wonderful to have more ATM withdrawal options. However, it only helps people who desperately need money.
  • If you don’t exceed the £5,000 / €6,000 free currency exchange limit or the free monthly ATM withdrawal limit, you don’t need to subscribe to Revolut Premium. If you already have travel insurance, you don’t need it, though it might be helpful for those who want to buy and sell bitcoins.

Metal Revolut Card

  • Revolut Metal is another choice worth considering if Revolut Premium isn’t exactly what you’re searching for. The cashback feature, which will reimburse you for purchases made with the card, is what sets Revolut Premium and Metal accounts apart.
  • Revolut Metal is a practical option for anyone who resides in Europe and plans to travel extensively beyond the continent. The monthly cost of a Revolut Metal subscription is about 13 GBP. Depending on the nation in which you reside, this amount may change.
  • The decision between metal and premium is, in my opinion, rather straightforward. Determine the amount of payback you anticipate receiving. Create a Revolut Metal account if this sum exceeds the monthly fee difference between Premium and Metal. You can always use Revolut Premium if it doesn’t.
  • Of course, if you can’t resist the allure of a Revolut card made of metal, you should still choose it.
  • The Metal account won’t have much financial worth for many of us. If you don’t spend a lot of money outside of Europe, you won’t be able to receive your subscription cost as cashback.

Pros and Cons of Revolut Card

The following are some benefits and drawbacks of using a Revolut card:


  • You can simultaneously hold money in several different currencies.
  • Withdrawing cash is simple, as is using the card to make purchases.
  • They have quite powerful tools for preventing fraud.
  • Built-in tools for budgeting.
  • Topping up the card allows for pay-as-you-go.
  • You can view your transactions and account balances using the Revolut app.
  • Most international money transfers are quick, cost-free, and easy.


  • You will have to pay shipping fees to receive your card if you don’t have a Metal or Premium subscription. If you use a debit card issued outside of the US, there are additional fees for replacing and loading your card.
  • Revolut can require you to confirm your funding sources. They have anti-money laundering processes, and this is one of them. Documents such as bank statements and pay stubs could be sought. Revolut may cancel your account if they are unable to verify your fund sources.
  • A 24-hour temporary deposit cap may be placed on new Revolut cards. Even though the business claims there are no specific deposit restrictions, this is nevertheless possible. Additionally, certain customers could have a daily deposit that is gradually raised.


The Revolut Card’s main attributes are:

  • The card functions exactly like a bank card and is accepted at more than 3 million establishments worldwide. For ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies, you will only be charged the standard cost of 1.5%, which is typically waived without charge by the bank.
  • Regardless of where you are in the globe, Revolut does not impose any fees for international transactions or cash withdrawals. This makes it simple to avoid expensive banking fees that would otherwise reduce your ability to spend locally. Due to its availability as a VISA and Mastercard, the card can also be used as a substitute for travel cards.
  • Because transactions are real-time, you won’t ever have to be concerned about the bank settling accounts after your business trip has ended. If access is simple, you won’t have to wait in line at international ATMs or for long periods to withdraw money.
  • To guarantee that any unlucky event does not interfere with your trip plans, the company will provide a new card if you lose your original one without any bank charges or taxes. Revolut can also be notified if your card is lost or stolen so that it can be locked from usage in case someone tries to use it.

How to Apply for a Revolut card? 

It is simple and fully online to apply for a Revolut card.

  • Simply visit the Revolut website to get started and, if you don’t already have one, register for an account.
  • You can start the application procedure for your card once you’ve signed up and logged into your account. You must first decide whether a physical or virtual card or both is what you want.
  • Next, provide them with some basic details about yourself, including your name and address, so they can send your card to the right place.
  • You will next be prompted to provide your bank information so that Revolut can confirm your identification.
  • Choosing a delivery method for your card is the last step. Revolut will assess your application after receiving everything and issue your card in a few days.

How to Get a Revolut Virtual Card? 

As the name suggests, a Revolut Virtual card is a virtual card that you may use to make purchases online or with your smartphone. Here’s how to make a virtual Revolut card:

  • Log in to the Revolut app first.
  • Then, from the main menu, choose “virtual cards.”
  • Next, decide if you want to create a virtual Visa or Mastercard card.
  • Name, address, and phone number should be entered.
  • Choose how much money you want to load onto your card, then create a PIN code for it. I’m done now!
  • Virtual cards come in two varieties: single-use and multi-use.

Following a purchase, the one-time use cards are destroyed. This is a fantastic option, for instance, if you’re making a single purchase from an online provider. You must destroy the multiple-use virtual card on your own; it does not do so automatically.

How to Make Your Revolut Card Active

Your Revolut card can be activated as soon as you receive it by making a chip-and-pin payment at a physical terminal. You don’t need to do anything to activate virtual cards because they do it automatically after they are produced.

Alternatives of Revolut

Although Revolut offers a variety of exciting account options, not everyone should use them. The good news is that if you’re searching for a simple and affordable way to manage your money online and using mobile apps, there are a few solid Revolut competitors available. Depending on how you want to use your account, you may choose which Revolut rival is ideal for you. Each of the services we’ve covered has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose one, you must consider the frequent transactions you plan to do and search for a supplier that provides these services efficiently and at low or no cost.


A mobile wallet called Skrill has been accessible since 2001. You can shop online, send money to Skrill accounts or conventional bank accounts worldwide, get a linked Visa card for in-person purchases, and receive payments to your Skrill account. Additionally, Skrill offers a loyalty program that rewards users for using and spending their Skrill accounts. Gain points for each transaction, and exchange them for gift cards or cash. Skrill can be a useful tool for managing your money, accepting and sending payments, and conducting offline and online shopping. However, some costs can be somewhat hefty for some international transactions, and you’ll have to pay a 5 USD inactivity fee3 if you don’t use your account at least once per year.


The Wise account can be the best option for you if you’re seeking an alternative to Revolut, which provides inexpensive, quick, and simple international payments. Wise payments frequently arrive promptly and can be up to 6 times less expensive than traditional banking. You can save more than 50 different currencies in your Wise account, and you can receive a connected card that you can use to make purchases anywhere in the world. You can also access local account information to receive payments for free from 30 different countries. Customers of Revolut who select a free standard account are entitled to a certain number of free currency conversions and transactions; however, costs apply if you use your account frequently. No matter how frequently you use your account, all Wise accounts are free and have modest, transparent costs for currency exchange and transactions.


Chime offers accounts for regular spending and savings that include a linked debit card for convenient purchases and free in-network withdrawals at 60,000 ATMs. To protect consumers’ money, Chime does not have its banking license but instead provides services through top-tier banking partners. If you want to save money or raise your credit score, Chime might be the ideal Revolut substitute for you. At the time of research, Chime’s high-yield accounts offered 0.5% APY, which is 8 times the national average. In addition, Chime offers specialized services, such as a secured credit card and fee-free overdrafts to cover modest payments, help customers manage their money, and develop credit.


In terms of rivals to Revolut, PayPal is a major player. There’s a good probability that you already have a PayPal account if you ever shop online. But did you know that you can also access a wide range of account services, such as cash back on purchases, direct transfers, savings tools, and credit? PayPal offers the buy-now, pay-later option in addition to their account services, dividing the expenses of qualified payments into 4 equal installments. 

If you follow the payment plan, there is no interest to pay and your credit score is unaffected. A PayPal debit, prepaid, or credit card is additionally available. PayPal allows you to send convenient transfers, much like Revolut, but its primary drawback may be the costs. Although you can use your PayPal balance or a linked bank account to send a domestic personal payment within the US for free, most card transfers have a 2.9% fee. Additionally, there are currency conversion fees6 and an even higher 5% fee for international payments.


The Berlin-based company once provided free online and mobile accounts for US citizens with connected debit cards, fee-free ATM withdrawals inside its network, and no foreign transaction fees. N26 was a well-liked service provider, mainly for its reasonable pricing policy and practical offerings. The bad news for N26 enthusiasts is that the company ended its US service on January 18, 2022, to concentrate on expanding its European operations. If you live in the US, N26 is no longer a Revolut alternate choice. However, if you’re in continental Europe and looking for a supplier with a local banking license who uses a low-fee business strategy, they might be a viable choice.


Is Revolut less expensive than Transferwise?

Revolut doesn’t charge a fee for transfers, unlike Transferwise, even though your account type may have a maximum amount. Overall, Revolut is less expensive and provides more features than Transferwise.

How soon can you expect to receive your Revolut card?

Currently, the standard delivery time is 9 working days. It takes roughly 3 business days to send an express package to the US, UK, Australia, or Canada. International express delivery takes 4 business days to complete. Within the app, in the area of the card, you can also view the expected arrival time.

Who owns Revolut?

Revolut is owned by its founders, and staff, as well as several investors and investment funds that have made contributions to support the company’s debut and expansion. 

Who can use Revolut? 

Revolut is ideal for consumers who require a reliable banking app for daily use and is a fantastic fit for frequent travelers. You can instantly convert between currencies with this software without having to pay a fee. Additionally, opening a bank account is a pretty simple process. You won’t need to have excellent credit or any sort of address evidence. It is also fantastic for customers who require additional services, such as the ability to pay for or purchase insurance, quickly split a bill, trade stocks, cryptocurrency, etc.

Who is Revolut not for?

Revolut still has time to develop into a full-fledged bank with regular business operations. Revolut is not for you if you anticipate using standard banking services like credit cards, savings accounts, overdrafts, etc. Additionally, you won’t receive interest on the money you put in. Last but not least, it won’t be possible for you to interact with your banker in person.

How does revolut make money?

Customers that subscribe to Revolut’s monthly premium services provide the company with the majority of its revenue. Additionally, they have revenue sources that are comparable to those of typical banking companies, such as interchange fees (charged every time the Revolut card is used to make a purchase), currency transfers, etc.

How is the Customer assistance of revolut? 

Our analysis revealed that the Revolut app also provides good customer support services. Through the live chat feature, you can contact a staff member, and from our experience, they are friendly and helpful. The wait time for a response was typically one to two hours, and the responses we got were always very kind and expert. The live chat has substitutes as well. You can send an email to [email protected] to get in touch with customer service, or you can message them on Twitter.


One of the greatest solutions if you wish to travel without paying fees is Revolut. You have the option to exchange 29 different currencies at 0% markups and no additional costs over market rates. It is a strong competitor to established banks and widely used credit cards worldwide. You should have Revolut in addition to your standard bank account and credit cards. Since I’m certain that each of them has advantages. However, a standard card should be obtained by every passenger first. purely because using it will enable you to travel for considerably less money. When you shop online or travel, you can save money by avoiding hidden fees and currency exchange costs by spending your money on exciting activities instead of high fees. In conclusion, Revolut is a great app if you want to access banking products and services while you’re on the road. You can send and receive money with a single click, just like you would with a regular bank account. Additionally, since you also receive a Visa or MasterCard, you can make online purchases and even withdraw money from an ATM. We enjoyed the Revolut app’s section on cryptocurrencies. We do believe in the services that the exchange has to offer and in the efforts, it appears to be made to help users, even though just five cryptocurrencies to pick from may not be diverse enough. The only thing we advise remembering is that when you invest in an asset, you do not actually own it, thus you cannot withdraw the coins to a private wallet. Instead, you’re gambling on the value of the cryptocurrency you purchase.