Trainline [Book Your Train Tickets With Ease Across Europe]


Trainline is the name of the most well-known independent digital railway platform. They sell tickets internationally on behalf of 86 train companies, enabling our clients to travel to more than 125,000 destinations daily. Therefore, the question is with more than 270 train and coach operators from 45 countries all in one location, where will the Trainline app take you next? In addition to selling train tickets and railcards, Trainline describes itself as a “global digital rail and coach technology platform that offers free access to real-time train timetables and station information through its website and mobile app.” Almost all the information you require regarding taking trains is provided here. For comparing a variety of prices and departure times for all British rail companies, it is one of the most popular websites in the UK. You can find all the information you need to plan your trip on Trainline and find the best deals right here. Trainline advertises itself as “Europe’s leading train and bus app,” serving as a one-stop shop for travel for more than 270 rail and coach operators in 45 nations. The Virgin Group founded it about 25 years ago, and it is now traded on the London Stock Exchange.


The free Trainline app can be used to plan your journey along the iron highway. It cannot, however, provide live departure information, unlike the National Rail app, which includes a feature that is quite helpful while you’re at the station and trying to find the right platform. The Trainline app is the first to let you buy train tickets right from the app, unlike the Raileasy app, which lets you find a route and then use the browser to do it on a mobile-friendly website. There are mobile-friendly websites for other railroad companies as well. In our tests, the Trainline app proved quite useful for streamlining and accelerating the ticket purchase procedure. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to carry out even challenging operations, including entering credit card information. Having an app is more practical than using a website because even mobile-friendly web pages can be clumsy and immune to typos and dropped data connections. Rail industry expert Train Line has rebranded all of its booking portals as Platform One in an effort to appeal to more corporate customers. Platform One, which handles ticket sales for several train operators, is currently home to Trainline’s own retail channels. The new system will be linked to TMC partners as well. The new platform includes more than 270 train and bus companies from 45 different countries, accounting for more than 80% of European rail routes. It will be able to handle 78 million visits per month across all platforms. Trainline employs over 400 engineers, data specialists, and technology specialists. On Platform One, they manage more than 600 system releases each week.

What is Trainline?

  • The independent rail and bus ticketing website are They simplify the process of purchasing train and bus tickets in the UK and around Europe by collecting them from 270 different ticket sellers.
  • Previously, Trainline had two distinct divisions: Trainline UK and Trainline Europe (also known as Trainline EU or To better the user experience for customers, they combined their websites in 2018. It’s all the same if you’ve read about Trainline EU or Trainline Europe anywhere online. Unlike many other affiliate travel websites out there, when you book a ticket with Trainline, you won’t be directed to an external or third-party website. 
  • You may book both your morning commute into central London and your travel from Paris to Milan in the same app or website because they combine all of the carriers’ tickets. Because of this, commuters, explorers, tourists, and business travelers all use the Trainline app.

What else does Trainline sell?

  • In addition to purchasing rail tickets throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond, another alternative is to book bus (coach) travel within the United Kingdom, from the U.K. over to Continental Europe, and within Europe.
  • A coach excursion is probably less expensive than train travel over the same route because it will take a lot longer. The time difference might not be too noticeable if traveling a small distance, such as from London to an airport in the London region.
  • Even without traffic delays, a trip from London to, say, Vienna in Austria, might take more than two hours by coach if you decide to take a 26+ hour bus instead of a two-hour nonstop aircraft or a 17-hour train.
  • Most coach trips will also involve a few quick breaks here and there for pickups and rest stops.
  • Additionally, Trainline sells railcards directly, which can be used to purchase tickets at a huge discount.

Is Trainline legitimate?

  • If you’re wondering whether tickets purchased through Trainline are real, the answer is that they are always valid for travel. Trainline doesn’t purchase tickets in advance and resell them; instead, they use some clever technology they developed to connect directly to the train company’s ticketing system and handle everything for you to make the booking process as simple as possible so you don’t have to visit multiple websites.
  • You can choose between using a mobile ticket, which is saved on the Trainline app, and an e-ticket, which is sent to you via email along with your booking confirmation, for a selection of routes. E-tickets can be printed at home, or you can use your phone to display or scan the barcode at the ticket barriers. 
  • While being prepared and printing all of your tickets in advance for your vacation is fine, remember to take the environment into account! The use of mobile tickets is an excellent way to reduce paper usage.
  • Trainline may occasionally need to connect through one of its distribution partners to get the tickets to you with specific regional train or bus operators. The ticket will nevertheless remain valid.

What to do with my tickets on the day of travel? 

  • After purchasing your tickets, you will get an email with a confirmation and an electronic ticket. The majority of rail operators will permit you to bypass the departure ticket gate and any onboard ticket inspections by using the QR code on the electronic ticket.
  • With this simple and paperless mode of transportation, you won’t need to dig around in your pockets for a piece of paper or a printed ticket.You might still be required to print a printed ticket at your departure station before boarding if the provider or some older regional train stations in the UK are involved. This should be crystal clear on the e-ticket.
  • If so, you should aim to arrive at the station at least 15 minutes earlier than expected to allow for potential waits at the ticket machines and the time required for the machine to print the ticket.
  • Additionally, keep in mind to carry the credit card you used to buy the tickets in case you need to print them out. You may be given the option to choose between collecting e-tickets and printing printed tickets for a small additional fee. When there is a choice, using an electronic ticket is much more practical than having to deal with the trouble of printing the ticket.
  • The Trainline app, which is available for iOS and Android, will make this much simpler for both booking and ticket administration.

Which ticket types, refund policies, and change fees are there on the Trainline?

Trainline offers three different types of tickets for trips to the UK:

Advance – These tickets are frequently nonrefundable and are only valid for the specific train and time selected at the time of purchase. Usually, they are sold 12 to 24 weeks in advance. Anytime tickets frequently sell out quickly. They are usually the most affordable alternative for tickets and perfect for making reservations early.

Anytime: If you desire flexibility, you can spend extra money on an Anytime train, which is broken down into Anytime Day Single, Anytime Day Return, Anytime Single, and Anytime Return. You have the option to select the trip dates you want, and some of these tickets even let you select the travel days. These are great for extra flexibility if, for instance, you’re going away for the weekend and are unsure of what time you’ll want to return.

Off-Peak/Super Off-Peak: Peak times are between 4.30 and 7 p.m. and 6.30 to 9.30 in the morning. If you want to save money, choose an off-peak itinerary if you know you won’t want to travel at peak times.  The trains will likely be quieter because there won’t be as many daily commuters to deal with. They typically offer the flexibility of Anytime tickets. Unfortunately, because they combine tickets from so many other rail and coach operators, the options for refunds and modifications vary from operator to operator.


  • One of Trainline’s biggest features is the range of ticket choices they provide. The same app provides access to single trips, round trips, open return tickets, and season tickets, something that many competitors do not always do.
  •  The process of buying tickets can be sped up by people downloading a mobile app. You can also keep your tickets on the app so you have them with you when you arrive at the station. Only their mobile app, though, lets you search for split tickets on their website.
  • In contrast to most retailers, they offer season tickets for frequent visitors to all stations along the national route. 
  • Their season ticket calculator allows you to decide whether to purchase a weekly, monthly, or annual season ticket.
  • They can be used by businesses to make bookings for events. Employees have the option of sharing receipts and self-reserving. If your task takes longer than anticipated, you will be informed of the following alternate trains departing from your station.
  • Additionally, you can purchase a railcard directly through the app, and all common railcards are accepted. Both adult and child tickets are available for purchase. We found it to be quite helpful to have the option to search not just by arrival time but also by departure time.
  • This is especially helpful if you’re traveling a lengthier, less simple, and easy route that can involve a number of changes and a variety of train types and speeds.
  • Additionally, you may follow trains using their smartphone app in real-time to see where they are on their course.
  • You can also select the seats you like, and the trainline will do its best to accommodate you if it can; if not, it will merely reserve a spot for you. Trainline, which was first made accessible in the app and can help you save more money, now supports split tickets for UK-based trains. 
  • Trainline offers two choices for picking up your tickets, just like its competitors. 
  • You will receive a QR code as your ticket if you purchase one of the initial types of tickets, which are electronic. The other way is “Collect at the station.” Trainline will provide you with a code for your reservation if you choose this option.
  • When you arrive at the station, head to the ticket vending machine, input the card you used to make the reservation, and enter your Trainline details to receive the ticket. More than 1,000 stations provide this service in the UK.
  • If it’s also important to you, you can provide a route that passes through a particular station, or you can even specify a route that omits a particular station.
  • If trains aren’t really your thing or you’re just trying to save some money, you can easily go from the search results page to the coaches/buses area if you’d prefer.


Trainline has a number of advantages.

Price and Fees

Trainline, regrettably, charges a 3% booking fee for each transaction. When this price is added, we found that Trainline frequently charges more than its competitors. However, the price difference was minuscule—generally less than a pound. On rare occasions, using the SplitSave split ticketing option can save a lot of money, however, this will depend on the route and other competitors are also offering this.


Trainline has an amazing reputation. Their dominance of the market and the lackluster competitive climate often encourage this. Although it has already been mentioned, you should only need to contact them in really odd cases, this is where they fall short.

Customer Support

Trainline makes it quite difficult to find their contact details on both their website and mobile app. They do, however, include both domestic and international phone numbers, and if you search around for a while, you can find a form on their website that enables you to send them an email. They advise you to contact them when you have a pressing need rather than complaining to the rail operators directly. There shouldn’t much need to contact them because the majority of the capabilities that the majority of users will need, like cancellation, can be done directly from within their platform.

Electronic tickets

For safe, contactless travel, buy an e-ticket or Mobile Ticket using their app. When you make a reservation, they will provide you with the best option for your route; there is no need to print paper tickets or wait in line at the station. Scan them from your phone or hand them to station staff to proceed directly to the platform. If you frequently come, you don’t need to carry about a stack of paper tickets in your wallet; all you need is your phone. Once they are downloaded, you won’t even need a connection to the internet to use them. The majority of routes in the UK provide digital tickets, and we’re constantly introducing new ones.


In terms of railroads, the continent has unparalleled and very good coverage. Almost any train you could possibly need, from those in the UK and France to those in Poland and Sweden, may be found on Trainline. The Trainline service is largely aimed at UK clients because they are based in the UK, while reservations across the continent are surely supported.


Trainline’s services include a desktop website, a mobile website, and a smartphone app for booking reservations for trains (available for both Android and iOS). You’re out of luck if you want it in another language, like an Asian language. There are 11 distinct European languages available. They clearly target locals with their wares rather than foreign tourists.

Payment Methods

Trainline accepts all of the popular credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, and Diners. They also seem to be able to process some of the smaller cards, including UnionPay, JCB, or Discover. Depending on your device, you can also use PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay if using credit cards isn’t your thing.

Tickets for flexible seasons

Days spent at work and a desire to just be charged for days spent commuting! Download the Trainline app to get a Flexi Season ticket, a new UK ticket type designed for more flexible commutes that offers savings for commuters travelling during Peak periods, 2-3 days a week. A Flexi Season is a set of 8-Day Passes that you can use as you need them over the course of 28 days and allows you unlimited travel between your two selected stations. You can decide right away which days you want to take the train using our app. Ideal for those who divide their time between work and home and have flexible schedules.


Are you still looking for inexpensive train tickets? To split your rail tickets, use SplitSave, a new function of the Trainline app. If you’re on a long journey, this may be far more cost-effective than purchasing a single ticket. Simply look for the SplitSave symbol when you search for your route to find out how we cleverly combine tickets to save you money. You only need to present different tickets along the journey, and they will calculate your potential savings and give you a thorough analysis. Tickets for SplitSave can be kept in your Trainline app or added to your Apple Wallet.

Live times and route information are available on demand

The Trainline app can assist you in minute-by-minute planning of your travel when you have important locations to go to. Search for your itinerary, then select “Track” to see all of the stations along the way and the whereabouts of your train. If you are taking more than one train on the journey, you may also find out when your next change is and which station you need to go to. Additionally, we’ll let you know via our live disruption notifications if anything unexpected occurs while you’re traveling. Download the Trainline app right away to start traveling more economically.

Simple reservations

Who has the time to review each operator to find the best offer and route? No, you! Every UK Rail, Eurostar, SNCF, Trenitalia, Deutsche Bahn, and Renfe are just a few of the more than 270 European carriers for which you can quickly purchase tickets using the Trainline app. Up to 15 minutes prior to departure, book travels on the go, and pay quickly and securely with Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, Visa, and more. If your plans change, you can also modify your reservation on the app. You have the option to change the time or date of your trip or ask for a refund. Download the Trainline app right away to start traveling more economically.

Price Prediction

Do you appreciate saving money because, let’s face it, who doesn’t? Price prediction could become your new best friend! This helpful in-app tool helps you choose the most affordable tickets for your trip by flagging potential cost increases based on historical price trends. The key is to start looking early; a year should be enough. If data is available for your route, Price Prediction will appear in your search results and you’ll be able to get a detailed breakdown of ticket costs.

Storing your tickets on your mobile phone

Nothing is more annoying than boarding a train only to realize halfway through the journey that your tickets are missing, leaving you with no choice but to sob to the ticket inspector and hope they don’t find you. Thankfully, the Trainline app allows you to store your tickets on your phone, so you no longer have to be concerned about that orange card falling out of your pocket and leaving you stranded. Simply download your reserved tickets to the app so you can access them whenever you need to. You don’t even need to be online to access your tickets, as long as you remember to activate them first.

Enabling beneficial notifications

With the Trainline app, you can enable pop-up alerts to alert you to items as soon as you reach the reservation page if you tend to get easily sidetracked while making reservations and frequently forget to check for discounts and other information. These notifications ensure that everything you need is always within reach by keeping you informed of route changes, delays, and booking fees in addition to giving you practical guidance on how to use the app.

What are the main benefits of the TheTrainline Business Account?

The Trainline Business Service became accessible online and over a dedicated phone center in October 2001. The Corporate Service gained a substantial subscriber base after a successful launch, eventually reaching 9,000 corporate customers.

Additional Extras:

  • Every business is free to establish its requirements for online management data.
  • A Fast Ticket machine can be used in person or by mail to fulfill tickets, among other options.
  • Options for sending money. through credit card or bill account.
  • Real-time availability and instant trip confirmation – All stated fares are available, and an email confirmation of the reservation is sent to the user and the business administration manager.

What is the operation of the multi-currency feature?

  • Trainline accepts the following ten currencies: US Dollar ($), Australian Dollar ($), Canadian Dollar ($), Swiss Franc ($), Swedish Krona ($), and Euro ($) are all accepted as payment methods. Danish Krone (DKK) Norwegian Krone (NOK) In Japan, yen (JPY)
  • They always display the currency that we think is most relevant to you, but you may change to your preferred one by selecting it in the account settings on the mobile website or using the currency switcher option at the top of the homepage on our apps. – From the menu at the top of the homepage, select the relevant currency.
  • If you are qualified for a refund and made your payment in a currency other than the operator’s currency, any costs that are associated with it will be calculated in that currency (and at the exchange rate that applied at the time of purchase).
  • If you decide to pay with a credit or debit card linked to a bank account with a currency other than the one you want to use, you might be responsible for any charges your bank might make (like commissions), and if you decide to ask for a refund, you might be subject to exchange rate changes between when you bought the tickets and when you get the refund.
  • When you use their “save for later” function, the price that appears is based on the most recent exchange rate, which might have changed between the time the ticket was locked and the time you went back to make your purchase. Payment is made for the entire amount, including any exchange rate adjustments.

What if there is a problem getting my tickets picked up?

Never wait until the last minute to complete a task. So, if it’s possible, try to purchase your tickets in advance. You have 15 minutes to pick them up after making a reservation. Also bear in mind that since you must take your tickets with you when traveling, you must print them before getting on the train.

Problems with debit/credit cards:

  • It’s possible that you’ll need to use the same card you used to make your reservations to pick up your tickets. If this card has been lost, stolen, or canceled, you must contact them so that we can change your delivery method.
  • If the necessary card is held by someone else, you will need to ask them to pick up the tickets on your behalf. If they are unable to do so, you will need to buy a new ticket using your own credit card before boarding the train. Learn more about buying tickets for other people.
  • If you purchased tickets using a virtual card and are unable to pick them up using a physical debit/credit card, please contact them.

Check that you’re using the correct reference before continuing if you’re having difficulties with a collection reference; if you have a lot of bookings, it’s easy to mix them up.

  • Your collection reference has eight digits and is made up of both numbers and letters. Your booking confirmation number is a 10 or 12-digit number that cannot be used to pick up tickets. Check your emails or our app to find your collection reference.
  • The best person to talk to about any further issues is a station employee. If you decide to have your ticket refunded, the only way to change how you wish to receive it is. Visit our refund support page to see if this is possible.

How can I exchange my ticket for a refund?

  • If you have a reservation but do not yet have a Trainline Europe account, go to the booking confirmation page (via the link provided in your confirmation email).
  • Go to the Tickets section after signing into your Trainline Europe account. Please choose the ticket you wish to cancel and click Cancel.
  • The option to cancel the entire trip or only a portion of it depends on the type of ticket you have. For some tickets, you can even take away specific individuals from your reservation. Simply select the proper passenger if you wish to achieve this (s).
  • Your refund amount is now visible. To proceed, select Calculate Refund.
  • When you click on “calculate refund,” the amount of your return will be shown. If you are positive that you want to cancel, only click confirm. As a reminder that cancellations are final and irreversible, we have added a second confirmation screen.

Why did my ticket search come up empty?

You’ve just looked for a ticket, and then suddenly, after a little loading period, you see: Why does this happen? There are a few reasons why we didn’t get any hits, though:

For this route, no tickets are offered.

They now provide a thorough examination of the rail infrastructure throughout Europe. Please click here to see their network coverage in detail. However, there are some routes and tickets that they cannot yet sell.

These tickets are not sold by us.

There are some tickets that we are unable to sell. For instance, we can’t yet offer tickets for groups or automatic trains. Please go here to learn more about the specific tickets you 

Online sales of these tickets are not permitted.

It may be necessary to buy the tickets at the train station, at a counter, or by using a ticket machine if you are attempting to reserve regional train or public tickets. If that’s the case, we’ll typically warn you. Alternatively, you can look for the tickets on the website of the relevant rail operator.

The reservation system for the rail company is undergoing maintenance.

In the middle of the night (European time zone), this typically occurs and doesn’t stay very long. Retry a little later.

The fare is not accessible 

This occasionally occurs with specific return fares, such as a senior fare. As a result, it is conceivable that the chosen outbound journey’s fare does not apply to the return journey. Book your outbound and return travels separately to get around this problem.

There is no such train route.

At the very least, the rail operator’s reservation system is unable to give us any information. If you’re unsure, we advise checking the rail operator’s website or getting in touch with Trainline Europe.

Upkeep is scheduled for this route.

It’s possible that the train you wish to book won’t operate for a specific amount of time or that the schedule has simply been postponed for a few days or weeks. You can visit the website of the appropriate rail operator to learn more.

Am I able to earn miles and points with Trainline?

  • Trainline’s membership program, Complete Savings, provides members with the opportunity to obtain discounts and rebates at reputable retailers and service providers. By signing up, you can get a monthly bonus, 20% off gift cards, and up to 10% cash back at 1,250 retailers.
  • However, a different agreement between Trainline and British Airways Executive Club enables Executive Club members to accrue Avios when booking trains online through the online storefronts of the country’s flag carrier.
  • New customers may presently book their first flight through the BA eStore and earn 3 Avios for every £1 spent, though the offer is subject to change. Customers that spend £1 or more receive one Avios.
  • You can double these points by making the transaction with a credit card that also earns Avios.
  • Another option to get Virgin points in the past was through Trainline. That option, however, is no longer available since Virgin Trains Ticketing, the company’s own ticketing system, was introduced in 2021.
  • As indicated before, you can earn points and miles by using the proper credit card when making transactions. On the website, every major credit and debit card is accepted.

Which ticket types does Trainline provide?

Point-to-point tickets to several different European destinations. Tickets for all routes served by the SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, Thello, Trenitalia, Italo, OUIGO, and OUIBUS are available. Discounted tickets for elders and young children are also included in this.

Reservations for bikes on all SNCF trains that have space for them. Here is a thorough description of how to bring your bike on the train.

Night train tickets for Thello trains as well as SNCF night trains (Intercités de Nuit). Please click here for more details on how to make this reservation.

A holder of a discount or frequent traveler railcard may purchase railcard tickets (not pass). Please read this article to learn more about the rail cards we accept.

Discount or promotional rates offered by any of the rail companies mentioned above will undoubtedly also be accessible on Trainline and are always made available at the same time. We are unable to offer certain pricing for SNCB, SBB, and BB tickets at this time.

SNCF train tickets for animals. Please go here for further details on how to purchase a ticket for your canine companion.

Tickets that are now unavailable for you

Reservations for rail passes. Although you can purchase train passes through our website, reservations must be made directly at the station or with the rail operator as we are unable to help pass holders with this.

The rail operator is the sole place to purchase auto-train tickets. They are trying to integrate these tickets into our booking system in order to provide them as soon as possible in the future.

Tickets for wheelchair-assist seats or for people with a handicapped transport card issued by France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, or Spain. Sadly, we are unable to sell these tickets at this time. They sincerely hope that this will be feasible soon. For the time being, you can discover some solutions and additional details about this here.

Group bookings They regret not being able to sell group tickets (e.g. for groups of 10 to 30 persons). We sincerely hope that this will be feasible soon. We advise splitting your party of travelers for the time being in order to adhere to the maximum reservation limit. As group reservations must be arranged directly with the rail operator, they also advise getting in touch with them. Furthermore, you might be qualified for group airfare discounts!


How many people can I book a room for? Do you offer discounts to groups?

You are able to add up to 9 more passengers per booking when your Trainline account is linked. If you don’t already have a Trainline account or aren’t connected to your Trainline account, you can only add up to 5 passengers per booking. There is a 5-passenger maximum on trains operated by Deutsche Bahn and Trenitalia, even if you make your reservation using a Trainline account.

Two reservations have been made for me. Do individual tickets have a big price difference from group tickets?

You may have noticed that when booking for two or more persons, the price of a single ticket occasionally seems to increase. This is because there will usually only be one seat available at a lower price point. Therefore, while making a reservation for just one person, you are charged this cost. However, if a reservation is made for two, the rail company will immediately upgrade all passengers to a higher pricing group (or more). You can avoid this by making separate reservations. However, please be advised that they cannot guarantee that you will be seated next to one another.

Where can I get my ticket exchanged?

If there is a problem with your exchange and it does not function, you can simply cancel your ticket and book a new one. Please check your fare conditions to ensure that the exchange and refund terms are the same. Please contact them if they are not identical so that they can exchange your tickets.

Can we cancel the Trainline reservation? 

Yes. In an emergency, you can cancel your ticket by contacting the rail company directly. Make sure you have your booking reference and name ready because you will need to be able to offer it to them. You have to ask for a refund by writing to us here when they cancel your tickets.

How safe is Trainline?

Trainline and its apps offer totally secure payment processing. Trainline protects your money from fraud by utilizing sophisticated payment protection mechanisms. Trainline accepts payments in ten different currencies and supports a variety of payment methods, including Apple Pay, PayPal, SOFORT, and iDEAL, so customers can pay with total confidence.

Are dogs allowed on trains?

Despite the fact that most trains allow dogs, there are some special rules that must be followed to protect everyone’s security and comfort. If you have more than two dogs travelling with you, an additional charge might be necessary. Keep your dog on a lead the entire time you are travelling.

What happens when a senior railcard costs?

What savings can I expect from the Senior Railcard? The Senior Railcard only costs £30, so it will pay for itself after a few travels (or, if you purchase annually, £2.50 each month). Alternatively, you may save £20 by purchasing a 3-year Railcard for just £70 instead of three 1-year Railcards.

Can I cancel my rail ticket and obtain a refund?

If the ticket is cancelled within three days of the train’s scheduled departure and the train is designated as “CANCELLED” in PRS owing to breaches, floods, accidents, etc., a full refund is allowed. In the event of e-tickets, the consumer may make such cancellations online.

Which nations does Trainline service?

Train tickets for the following nations* are available from us: Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway.

What is an open rail ticket?

A flexible ticket called an “Open Return” allows you to return at any time and on any day. From the date of the departure, they are valid for one calendar month. Open tickets come in the following varieties: Anytime: tickets that are completely flexible and can be used for both peak and off-peak services.

Is Trainline trustworthy?

The website and app are maintained by a staff of approximately 600 devoted personnel at Trainline who are based in offices in London, Edinburgh, and Paris. If you ever run into problems, you may contact customer support here. The customer care staff provides a mix of phone, email, and online chat support and has a collection of useful troubleshooting tools in the Help Centre.

Is Trainline a real company?

Trainline is a real company, yes. Every ticket you purchase through Trainline is valid for travel because their app and website are directly connected to the ticketing platforms of rail and coach carriers. Millions of rail and coach/bus passengers around the world put their trust in them because they have been in business since 1997 and sell tickets for 270 train and bus companies in the UK and Europe.


No other rival in the world offers such a comprehensive rail booking experience. You’d be crazy not to consider using Trainline to book your next rail ticket when you consider that they also provide coach bookings, that you can book things like open-return and reasons tickets, and that they support mobile payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Given the cost of the National Rail app, the Trainline app is well worth having just for trip planning. However, the ability to purchase a ticket immediately from the app makes it even more useful in cases where you have little time to travel to the station or need to schedule your journeys on the move. However, keep an eye out for surcharges when purchasing a ticket. Remember to use a debit card to avoid the high credit-card fee, and keep in mind that each travel incurs a £1 booking fee. By offering our customers real-time, personalized travel information on the move through our amazing app, they keep one step ahead so they don’t have to. This makes it easier for them to find the finest ticket for their trip. Our consumers can select from a variety of travel options, and we also give them special, AI-driven data to help them make decisions.