Vooglam [Stylish Prescription Glasses at Your Doorstep]

The best place to buy glasses online is VOOGLAM. The Operation of Vooglam commenced in 2017. When fashion designer Susan Chan grew frustrated and weary of always needing to wear glasses, she launched Vooglam. She created the Vooglam mission with the help of other top designers and optical experts with the specific goal of becoming the go-to destination for superbly designed frames that perfectly fit you. Vooglam combines fashion with utility. They changed the company’s name from Voogueme to Vooglam in April 2022. Additionally, they offer a range of colors free and designs to suit any personality. The company offers a wide range of lens kinds and designs, including digital, single-vision, progressive, and driving lenses. There is a style out there for everyone, whether you’re a scientist or an artist. There is a need for stylish prescription glasses. Choose a pair online instead, complete the prescription form, and have it delivered to your house. The company was founded to make it simple for everyone to buy fashionable prescription eyewear. The opticians are skilled in determining prescriptions and creating various types of lenses, and they have their own manufacturing lines with top-notch equipment. Vooglam continually works to deliver top-notch goods and considerate service to you, its valued customer. Since time immemorial, Vooglam sunglasses and frames have astounded many people with their impeccable style and grace. One of the most unusual and original fashion statements now on the market. In actuality, almost all fashion-conscious and aware people around the world who prefer to get eyeglasses online now utilize this excellent pair of sunglasses. It’s interesting to note that both men and women adore this outstanding style of eyewear. It provides eye protection from direct sunlight in addition to offering people wonderful looks and aesthetics. You should read frank reviews of Vooglam given the many advantages that have been linked to this style of eyewear.


Vooglam is far simpler to remember, identify, and pronounce than the previous term Voogueme, even while the change from “me” to “glam” denotes the transition from “personal options” to a “unique sense of fashion.” Additionally, it’s a necessary step for maximizing brand potential and paving the path for future development. Vooglam.com, one of the most popular online retailers today, offers a wide selection of premium frames with a range of shapes and lens choices, including single-vision lenses, progressive lenses, RX sunglasses, driving lenses, digital protection, anti-reflective coatings, and more. Making an appointment, driving to the store to try on numerous pairs of glasses, and paying excessive prices are no longer essential. With the assistance of Vooglam, customers should select prescription glasses that match their style and price range. One of the top online stores for fashionable prescription sunglasses and eyewear is Vooglam. In addition to the pricing advantage, the business offers its clients the highest quality services from a terrific lab with some of the most remarkable optical equipment available. Since the beginning of time, vooglam frames and sunglasses have astounded many people with their impeccable style and beauty. Currently being presented is one of the most original and inventive fashion statements. In reality, these amazing sunglasses are worn by almost everyone who is stylish today in the world. It’s interesting to note that people of both sexes appreciate these excellent glasses. It shields people’s eyes from direct sunlight while also giving them wonderful beauty and elegance. Vooglam, also known as Voogueme, was established by fashionista Susan Chan after she grew frustrated and weary of wearing glasses for so long. She created the Vooglam quest with the clear goal of becoming the go-to destination for beautifully crafted frames that perfectly complement you, and she did so with the help of many exceptional designers and optical professionals. One of the top sellers of fashionable prescription sunglasses and eyewear is Vooglam. Aside from the price advantage, the business provides its clients with the highest caliber services from a cutting-edge lab that has some of the most advanced optical technology available. Almost everyone who has purchased Vooglam’s product has provided good feedback and reviews since the company’s beginning. Therefore, it’s crucial that you review Vooglam Inc. on US-Reviews.


Ordering is simple and quick with Vooglam. Simply adhere to the instructions below. Let’s now get going!

STEP 1: 

Choose the frame and color of your choice in step 1. Click ADD LENS if you require corrective lenses.

STEP 2: 

Choose your prescription type and lenses in this step.

STEP 3: 

Before you fill out the prescription and send it in, you must decide on the type of prescription. Your doctor or optometrist may be able to provide you with information regarding your prescription. The typical prescription includes the following information:

SPH: The terms sphere, cylinder, SPH, or RX SPH refer to the horizontal curvature of your eye’s lens. Between -10 and +10, the sphere is given a positive (+) or negative (-) value. Between -10 and +10, the sphere is given a positive (+) or negative (-) value. And sphere is the quantity of lens power required to correctly focus an image on your retina. A single-vision prescription for astigmatism-free glasses includes SPH.

Cylinder or cylinder astigmatism correction fine-tuning is referred to as CYL. When an eye has astigmatism, its vertical curvature resembles a football rather than a sphere. Astigmatism is rather typical. A cylinder is a number between -6 and +6, either positive (+) or negative (-). (-). A CYL number may or may not be present on your prescription.

AXIS: Astigmatism’s axis and intensity are abbreviated as AXIS. You will also get an AXIS measurement if your prescription has a CYL number. It’s a positive (+) number between 0 and 180, occasionally with an “x” before it. For astigmatic glasses, a single-vision prescription includes the SPH, CYL, and AXIS values.

Next, pick one of the suggested lenses or a different one.


Select a coating type from the list or another that appeals to you, and then put it in your shopping cart.


After you’ve gone over your order’s details and added the discount code, click “Proceed to Checkout” to choose a payment option.


Finish filling out the order by choosing your shipping method, providing your postal code, and choosing your preferred delivery method before clicking “Place Order” and submitting it. They will send you an email to confirm your order details after they have received your payment. The processing of orders will start as soon as the necessary payments are obtained. You will receive an email with a tracking number and links to the email address you have on file once your items have been sent.


If you want to purchase glasses from Vooglam, you need the following things:

Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal Account

They now accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Debit Card payments, making payments quick and secure. You can make a purchase with a credit or debit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. Checks or cash are not currently accepted by them.

Shipping information

Your name, home or postal address, and contact number must be included in the shipment information. If you select Express Service, do keep in mind not to provide your PO. a box with your address.

PD and prescriptions

To process your prescription glasses, you will need an eyeglass prescription. You can choose non-prescription lenses if you don’t need them and don’t have any vision issues. Your eye doctor will compile all the necessary numbers and symbols on a pad and give it to you after an eye exam so that they may use it to construct your glasses. In order to properly fit your lenses and attain visual acuity, your Pupillary Distance, often known as PD, or the distance between your pupils, must be measured in millimeters. You can create your own PD value if your prescription paper doesn’t have one. How to Measure the Spatial Relationship of Your Eyes You should talk to your doctor, it is advised.

Dimensions and design of the frame

For more details on face shape and frame options, see Glasses That Fit Your Face Shape. Simply use the try-on method when it comes to style. The proportions of the frame must be taken into account. 

Selecting the proper size is essential for a good fit. You can measure your present frame or check the size of your current frame to choose an appropriate size.

Frame size

Measure the rear of the frame horizontally. Include hinge parts with outwardly projecting sides.

Visual Width

The horizontal width of each lens should be determined at its widest point.

Lens Length

It is important to gauge the lens’ vertical height at its highest point. The lens height of the frame must be at least 33 millimeters if you wish to purchase progressive lenses. Measure the smallest distance between your two lenses in bridge width millimeters.

Temple Size

Measure the distance between the point of your temple and the curve of your ear.

Dimensions of the Vooglam Standard Frame

Size and Frame Width (mm)

S = 130, 131, and 139 millimeters

M = 140 mm, L = 40 mm, M = 140 mm, L => 40 mm

L= 141mm – 149mm

XL= ≥150mm

The measurements recorded on the interior of the temple arm may differ from those displayed on the internet due to the various measuring methods. To guarantee that your new glasses fit comfortably, we advise that you take measurements of the frame’s dimensions.

After selecting your preferred delivery method, click “Place Order.”

Characteristics of Shade Lenses


The amber lens lessens the impact of glare. Its special molecules also absorb higher-frequency colors like blue in addition to UV radiation. Although these glasses enhance visual contrast and clarity, they may somewhat distort colors. They are appropriate for use in smoggy or highly polluted environments. Typically, it is able to block the light that is reflected off of smooth, bright surfaces. The wearer can still make out the fine details. This set of glasses can provide an exceptionally clear view when worn on a foggy day, but it should not be used in direct sunlight.

Dark Lens

The viewing environment will only become darker since the grey lens evenly absorbs every color spectrum. 

When worn, there won’t be any noticeable color differences, and it may effectively minimize light intensity, softening the image and improving the viewing experience. Additionally, it is appropriate to wear in environments with intense sunshine. It is therefore cozy and appropriate for a variety of uses.

Blue Lens

If you want to wear blue sunglasses while having fun on the beach, you can. The light blue of the sea and sky may be efficiently blocked by the blue lens, making it ideal for use during water sports and at the beach. Driving shouldn’t be done while wearing blue lenses because they make it difficult to tell what color the traffic lights are.

Anti-blue lenses

The improvement in image quality brought about by many forms of led light-emitting display devices, including TVs, PCs, and mobile phones, among others, tends to enhance the intensity of blue light produced by led backlights. The likelihood of each individual being exposed to blue light has greatly grown due to the popularity of these technological goods and their integration into all facets of life. The best approach for regular people to minimize harm is to avoid prolonged exposure to blue light, and anti-blue light glasses are an excellent solution to this issue. The anti-blue light lens shields the eyes from blue light’s irritant effects. The innovative anti-blue lens can effectively block blue light and ultraviolet radiation, making it perfect for persons who frequently use their phones, computer, or TV. Blue light damage risks for the eyes include the shrinkage and even death of retinal pigment epithelium cells due to the exceptionally high energy of harmful blue light, which can pass through the lens and reach the retina. Reduced vision or possibly total blindness will ensue from the irreversible death of light-sensitive cells. Maculopathy may also result from blue light.

Visual fatigue: The focus is not in the center of the retina but rather farther forward due to the shorter wavelength of blue light. The eyeball is under constant tension to see clearly, which leads to eye strain.

Long-term visual tiredness can result in symptoms like worsening myopia, double vision, reading comprehension problems, and an inability to focus, which can impair learning and productivity.

Poor Sleep Quality: Melatonin, a key hormone that impacts sleep and controls jet lag, is inhibited by blue light. This is why using your phone or tablet just before bed might result in restless nights or even make it harder to fall asleep.

The Benefits of Anti-Blue Light Lenses

Anti-blue light eyewear can significantly lessen the long-term harm that blue light causes to the eyes. The intensity of blue light emitted by a mobile phone screen is efficiently reduced after wearing anti-blue light glasses thanks to comparable detection from a portable spectrum analyzer, lowering the harmful blue light to the eyes. To create a barrier against harmful blue light and safeguard the eyes, they primarily coat the lens surface to reflect harmful blue light or add an anti-blue light component to the lens substrate to absorb harmful blue light.

Lenses: Yellow/Orange

The yellow or orange lens is a high-contrast, natural-looking lens that works best for regular street walking and other situations where the light changes suddenly. Lenses that are yellow or orange allow more light spectrums to get through while reducing blue light. Blue light can provide a dazzling appearance since it can scatter and bounce a lot of light. Yellow really blocks out the blue part of the spectrum, giving everything a bright, clear appearance. Because of this, snow-resistant sunglasses are typically yellow. Sunglasses of this color are inappropriate for activities that call for precise color recognition because they cause a little distortion in color perception.

Green Lens

The dazzling effect can be lessened by the green lens’ ability to filter out some of the blue light. Green lenses are the most popular because they provide the best contrast and sharpest focus of any color lens. The green lens maximizes the amount of green light that reaches the eyes while absorbing light, making it feel cool and comfortable. Although occasionally the color of the surroundings will change after looking through the green lens, it is excellent for those who are prone to eye fatigue.

Black Lens

A high-density mirror is applied to the silver lens’ surface. The lens is appropriate for outdoor sports since it reflects and absorbs more visible light. Silver lenses are also useful for a variety of applications. They can improve color perception and lessen eye strain.

Purple Lens

The purple lens can lessen the overall light intensity and is better at absorbing ultraviolet light, making the wearer feel more at ease. Its color is fairly deep, which appeals to older women more. The best object contrast on a green or blue background is achieved with a purple lens. As a result, they are suitable for both hunting and water skiing.



It is not necessary to drive, arrange an appointment in advance, or pay extra expenses. Simply wait patiently for your next pair while completing your prescription at home. It’s amazing, easy, and safe.


Online glasses shopping is not new, but Vooglam stands out thanks to its fantastic fashion designs. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, glasses can serve a practical purpose. If you wear glasses, they will complement your outfit and bring attention to your eyes while also ensuring that you don’t miss anything.


Quality is a key component of Vooglam. They are aware of the value of wearing glasses properly and how crucial they are to daily life. They offer solutions regardless of whether you require straightforward or complex bifocals, or perhaps just want your sunglasses to be prescribed. It should be simple for everyone to find their ideal partner.


Vooglam is a one-stop online shop that offers convenient payment options while purchasing and delivering eyeglasses and eyewear accessories to your home. For both men and women, a wide variety of styles and modern colour schemes are offered in eyeglasses and sunglasses.

What can I do if import taxes or customs duties are due?

Customs duty is a charge that a country’s customs authorities impose on imports (and, occasionally, exports) in order to generate money for the government and/or to defend home industries from predatory or more efficient foreign competitors.

In several nations, customs duty is occasionally necessary.

  • Upon being instructed to pay the duty fee (and if it is less than $30 USD), kindly do so. 
  • Send a copy of the invoice to [email protected] or [email protected] for the UK, and we’ll repay you.

b. Please get in touch with us right away if the duty price exceeds US$30 or your purchase total so that we can send you a fresh box including the items you had bought.

How do I keep track of my Order?

  • You must adhere to the easy instructions listed below to maintain track of your order:
  • The “Track Order” option. You can also keep track of your order by entering your tracking number or email address in the TRACK ORDER box in the top right corner of our website.
  • After your glasses have been delivered, the tracking number or email address you used to place your order.
  • Log into your account to view the status and details of your order.
  • Please contact our online customer service or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] if you are unable to track your order using the methods mentioned above (Customer Care Department).
  • Call (302) 309-7808 from 4:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday. (PST).
  • Speak to a representative from them online.

When will I get the return money back?

  • The original payment method that was used for the purchase will get a credit for the refund.
  • The refund will be applied to your PayPal account if you paid using a PayPal account for the purchase within 3 business days.
  • If you paid for the order with a credit card or debit card, the refund will be applied to that card for approximately 30 days. The maximum time frame is 30 days, and depending on your bank’s processing period, the refund will typically be on your account in about a week.
  • Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you don’t get your refund within the specified timeframe.


  • Vooglam makes an effort to offer premium eyewear at affordable prices. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them. Within 365 days after purchase, if your glasses break due to a natural quality problem, they will be replaced once for free. 
  • They offer a 365-day quality guarantee that kicks off the moment you receive your product. If not, you can be given a discount ticket for a purchase you make after the warranty expires. For any unforeseen issues brought on by the consumers, such as incorrectly entering the prescription, choosing the wrong size, or just not liking the glasses, etc., there will be a special voucher or partial refund. 
  • Please be aware that in the event of a return, they will not cover the shipping costs. They would offer a free replacement or a complete refund once it was established that they were to blame for the issue, such as a quality issue or damage sustained during delivery. If a return is required, we’ll give you a free mailing label.


Refunds are typically handled and returned to the original payment method three to five business days following the issue date. We’ll use the same payment method you initially used to process all refunds. You’ll receive your refund in the currency you originally chose. They will give you a refund in US dollars if they are unable to return you in your original currency or your preferred one (USD).


After placing your purchase, you have 24 hours to make any changes. Orders may be altered by being canceled, having their addresses or prescriptions changed, having an item or product added, deleted, or updated, having their delivery options changed, or by combining shipments. These requests will all be handled as quickly as feasible over the 24-hour timeframe. The wrong order that results from a change request that is submitted more than 24 hours after the initial purchase is made is not the responsibility of Vooglam. To help staff handle your request as quickly as possible, please provide your order number or the relevant email address in the email subject line. If you reside in the United Kingdom, send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

Finding Eyeglasses in Your Proper Size

Using your present glasses as a guide will help you find the proper size glasses for you in the quickest and easiest method possible. 

You can use the size of your present glasses as a frame of reference for a new pair once you know their dimensions. Let’s use this as an example and pretend that your glasses are this size: 50-20-145. Now that the Advanced Search feature is available, you can look for eyeglasses of comparable size. When conducting the search, focus on the bridge size range of 18, not the temple size, and the eye size range of 48 to 52. Except in extremely rare circumstances, temple size is basically of no significance. Searching over a range of sizes is crucial since it greatly expands the number of results you will receive and also makes the size difference virtually invisible in comparison to your current spectacles.

How should I wear my glasses?

1. Use both hands to hold your glasses

Gently drop the frame onto your nose while sliding the arms over your ears. Always use two hands to hold your glasses to lessen stress on the hinges. Put the eyewear on your nose lightly. The bridge of your nose may develop a long-lasting indentation if you apply too much pressure.

2. Position your spectacles above your nose.

When wearing your spectacles, place your fingertip on the nose bridge and push it up until the frames are snugly positioned on your upper nostril. Your glasses should lie comfortably between your eyes at the top of your forehead unless your optometrist has specifically told you to wear them in a different position. 

Don’t make them too long. Avoid resting your glasses on top of your head as this can cause them to become stretched out of shape.

3. Make sure they are not too loose or tight.

Maintain a suitable distance between the arms of your glasses, and keep them appropriately bent. Twelve millimeters is not too far from the standard when it comes to the distance between the lens and the eye. If not, the prism effect will force the user to squint over time while experiencing dizziness, distortion, weariness, and other occurrences.

4. Maintain lens cleanliness

Use a microfiber cloth, to clean the glass. Use mild soap and water to routinely clean the frames. Keep your lenses spotless. Otherwise, it will make it harder to recognize the glasses, increasing the chance that myopia may worsen.

5. The glasses should be stored in the box when not in use.

Glasses should always be stored in a habitual manner that involves first wrapping the lens with flannel, then gathering the left lens frame, and finally gathering the right lens frame. If necessary, we can store the glasses in a protective case to protect them from extreme pressure. Make sure to properly fold your glasses whenever you put them down, even for a brief period of time. Instead of the lenses, place them by the arms.


  • Vooglam combines fashion and practicality. Making an appointment, driving to the store to try on many pairs of glasses, and paying exorbitant prices are no longer necessary. Choose a pair online instead, fill out your prescription, and have it delivered to your door. Vooglam is a reputable website for cheap eyeglasses, according to reviews found all over the internet. 
  • Many reviews state that this is their third, ninth, or even twenty-fifth pair of spectacles they have ordered from this manufacturer, demonstrating its cult status. The majority of critics concur with the hoopla and laud the accessibility, fashionable options, and practicality. Numerous reviews praised the glasses’ affordability as well. Some, however, complained about poor customer service and stated they had trouble obtaining the appropriate prescription issued.
  • Customers generally concurred that the prices were reasonable. However, some said that prices were going up. One client claimed that rates used to range from $30 to $40. Typically, the cost of a pair of glasses ranges from $7 to $50. In my opinion, $7 is a great price! Many claimed that shipping was quick and dependable. Typically, shipping costs $6 and takes 14 to 20 working days. While some customers wished shipping was free, the majority expressed satisfaction with the speed and reasonable price. 
  • The quality of the spectacles is outstanding, with the exception of a few incorrect prescription matches. The cost is undoubtedly considerably less than that of a regular pair of spectacles. Nevertheless, reports indicate that the glasses’ quality is unaffected. Additionally, the business provides a one-year warranty, which means that if your glasses break due to a quality problem, they will send you a replacement.
  • Overall, it’s a welcome assurance. Many clients complained about the brand’s customer service. Vooglam had some issues responding to and addressing these issues, whether it was processing a refund, receiving the right prescription, or just maintaining in touch with the person handling your issue. It’s not a deal breaker, but the brand might do more in this area.


How can I choose frames?

They regularly update and add to their inventory thousands of different frame kinds. These frames are private-label generic eyeglasses frames that are competitively priced, stylish, and of high quality. Most of their frames are made of titanium, memory metal, polycarbonate, and another lightweight, aesthetically pleasing materials. Your choice of the best frames for you depends totally on your personal likes and dislikes. There are many things to take into account before determining which frame is appropriate for you, despite the fact that it is a challenging issue to answer.

If the frame is too small for me, what should I do?

When you receive the glasses, please get in touch with them within the first 30 days. If there are any problems with the frame, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. When you return the glasses, they may also send you a replacement pair or give you a refund. And they’ll politely give you advice on how to make sure the next pair of frames you buy fits you perfectly.

How do I get a coupon?

If it’s your first time using our website to make purchases, we’ll give you a US$5 coupon. After registering, you can find the coupon code in your account. We also email our clients with promotional content.

Additionally, if your order totals a specific amount, you can receive a unique coupon code from https://www.vooglam.com/coupons. On our Facebook page, you can become a follower, which will take you to a hub of opportunities and events.

How can I make my lens thinner?

You’ll be offered a suggested option after filling out your prescription. The lens’s refractive index rises as the lens’ edge thickness decreases. If you have a strong prescription or want to make your lenses thinner, a higher lens index number will give you a lens that is thinner.

Why didn’t I get a shipment notification or purchase confirmation email?

On occasion, the emails are labeled as ads. You can check your spam folder or trash for the email. Please make sure your email address matches the one on your order by double-checking. Please get in touch with our Customer Service Center so they can send you a new email if you’re still having trouble finding it.

What exactly separates progressive lenses from single-vision lenses?

Single vision lenses serve a single purpose, such as seeing distant objects, seeing objects in the middle like a computer or phone, or seeing close-up objects for reading (reading glasses). Conversely, progressives are a type of prescription eyewear that can be used to treat both nearsightedness and farsightedness. This indicates that you can see everything in your field of vision without changing glasses.

What to do if I Lost my password?

Your email address would serve as your password by default if you didn’t register. If you’ve already signed up but can’t remember your password, you can click “forgot your password” to change it or get assistance from our Customer Service Center. If you want our Customer Service Center to assist you with changing your password, you can provide us with a password you want to use before we assist you, or we can assist you in changing your password first and then provide you with the new password if you prefer. 

Can I buy glasses with my prescription for contact lenses?

Prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses are different. To put it simply, contact lenses are worn on the eyes, whereas eyeglasses are held in front of the eyes. Despite having a similar appearance, the prescriptions have different potencies and cannot be used interchangeably. It is advised that you use your prescription to order glasses online.

Where can I get the dimensions of my frame?

There are a few numbers printed on the inside of the temple arm of every pair of our frames (and the majority of glasses from other brands). These describe the dimensions of your eyewear’s lens, bridge, and temple arms. The frame measurements are displayed as three integers under MEASUREMENTS on each product page. To get a sense of how a pair will fit you, we suggest comparing the dimensions of your present glasses to the frame specifications listed on our website.


Vooglam works hard to make it simple for customers to get prescription glasses that match their style and price range. The company offers driving lenses, prescription sunglasses, single-vision lenses, progressive lenses, digital protection, and anti-reflective coatings. No longer are appointments necessary, trips to the store to try on many different pairs of glasses, and exorbitant pricing necessary. Vooglam strives to make it simple for customers to get prescription eyewear that matches their style and price range. The company provides many different lens types and shapes. The quality is warranted for a year, and the pricing is great. There is no risk in investigating this brand, but make sure you choose a pair you like because Vooglam sunglasses cannot be returned for a full refund.